15 Formal Replies To A Compliment At Work

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Receiving compliments at work is indeed encouraging. 

But how to respond to it genuinely and formally is sometimes challenging. 

Well, if you want to say something meaningful than just thanks, this post will help you with what to say when someone compliments you at work. 

In this article, we are sharing the professional responses you can share with your boss, coworker, client, or customer.


How To Reply To A Compliment Formally?

Well, you could just respond with ‘Thank you’ like you normally do.

But depending on who is saying this and under which circumstances, you need to update how you respond to someone’s compliment. 

Of course, a simple ‘Thanks’ at work sounds too general. 

But don’t worry, to express your genuine acknowledgement, we have prepared some formal ways to respond to compliments at work. 

How To Reply To A Compliment Formally

1. “I appreciate your compliments.”

A better alternative to a simple thank-you response to work compliments. 

You can share this with your seniors or colleagues.

2. “Thank you for your valuable feedback.” 

It seems your client or customer is very happy with your services. 

This response is to express that you value their words of appreciation.

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3. “Thanks but I couldn’t do this without you.” 

Your boss or manager compliments your work and is happy with the performance. 

In this case, you can also acknowledge the training or support they provided you. 

4. “I like to give you full credit for this.” 

A positive response to give your teammates or coworkers. 

When they appreciate you for your skills or success, you show that you value the help or encouragement they provided.

5. “Without your encouragement this won’t be possible.” 

If your seniors or mentors compliment you on your good performance, this response is a better one. 

Their support helped you to reach your potential. 

Tell them you can do it, just because of them.

6. “I’m glad that you are happy with our product and services.” 

A good response to give for a better connection with your customer or client. 

This expresses that you aim to achieve client satisfaction. 

7. “That’s good to hear. I feel more confident now.” 

After getting compliments from your seniors, your confidence increases. 

With this response, you express gratitude towards a formal setting. 

8. “Thank you for your kind words.” 

Well, this one is a classic response and works well with your coworkers and manager.

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9. “It was a challenging task, but I’m glad I completed it on time.” 

You could say I have worked hard to achieve this. 

But if that feels like bragging, you can give this response while responding to compliments at work. 

10. “Your positive feedback means a lot to me. Thanks for your time.” 

A professional reply to give a client complimenting you on your work. 

This response expresses your customer-centric approach.

That you also give them respect for taking the time to share their feedback.

11. “This could be possible with great teamwork. I have talented people with me.” 

A client is impressed with project success and compliments you on performance.

Well, as a team leader or manager, this response expresses your confidence in your team. 

12. “Your appreciation means a lot to us. Thank you for believing in us.”  

Without your manager giving you this opportunity, you won’t be able to achieve this. 

So as they compliment your performance you express gratitude for the trust they have shown in you.

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13. “We appreciate that. It’s our goal to deliver the best service as we promised.” 

This is a new client and they seem happy with the first-time project success. 

To keep a sound business relationship, this is a formal reply to clients’ first-time compliments. 

14. “So glad to hear that you have a satisfactory experience with our services.”

With their compliments, your client showed they’re happy with overall services. 

To keep a sound professional connection, this is a perfect response that says client satisfaction is your goal. 

15. “Thank you for your support. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.” 

It is the end of the contract and your client compliments you for your work. 

This professional response is ideal to express your positive experience working with the client.

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What To Say When Someone Compliments You At Work?

On doing your job well, completing a project successfully, or even sharing an effective plan, when you get compliments at work, you should respond to it formally. 

You may receive such words of appreciation from your client, customer, boss, or coworkers.

And, each situation and context are different.  

What To Say When Someone Compliments You At Work

To maintain professionalism and maintain a sound connection, it’s important to acknowledge the compliments at work properly. 

Sometimes, you feel that thank you isn’t enough.

Then, you could always try the above-shared responses to your formal connection who is complimenting you for your work or skills. 

Such a positive and professional approach like this helps keep better connections.


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