16 Best Responses To A Blank Text Message

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It’s confusing when someone sends you a blank text message on social media or WhatsApp. 

Maybe, they sent it mistakenly.

Or their message didn’t reach you properly. 

Because you don’t know what’s this message about, another confusion is what to reply to it.

Well, based on your connection with the sender, you could respond many ways. 

In this article, we will discuss the better responses to a blank message to lead it to an interesting conversation.


How To Respond To A Blank Text Message?

Normally, you don’t respond to an empty message from someone. 

But if it’s from your friend or crush in particular, you can have fun with the situation. 

It’s fine to say something funny or playful. 

If you are not sure how to start a good conversation over a blank message, here are the best replies you can share:

How To Respond To A Blank Text Message

1. “Not sure, If Is it a text glitch or some sort of hint for me.”

You want to hear something from them this time. 

Because this silence creates suspense and that’s dreadful. 

2. “I know there’s something you want to say to me. But you can’t.”

A flirty response to share when you get a blank text from your crush.

You can sense those unspoken words through this empty message.

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3. “I’m sure you wrote this message with an invisible pen.” 

This funny response expresses your struggle to decode their message. 

You have been trying to read but there’s nothing but an empty text box.

4. “Oh dear, that’s how my life is without you.”

Let your partner know how you feel when they are away. 

Such a witty response that expresses your feelings and emotions. 

5. “Fine, if you don’t want to talk to me, I don’t want to talk to you either.”

So this is the tit for tat. 

You’re not going to say anything until they say something. 

6. “It seems that my beauty has left you speechless!” 

When a guy texts you a blank text, this is a playful response to share.

7. “Lol, that’s by far the funniest text you ever sent to me.” 

Give this sarcastic response from your boring friend. 

Because they always share cheesy or unfunny jokes to make you laugh.

Tell them this time it works. 

8. “This is my mind during our exam.”


That’s what going on while you are writing on the paper. 

A funny response on receiving an empty text from your college friend. 

Funny Response To A Blank Text Message

9. “Oh my god, even your blank message turned me on.” 

Grab the chance to impress your new date with your wit.

You tell her/him that seeing their name on the screen could make your day.

10. “Are you playing a prank with blank text? I’m not in the game.” 

No matter what they are up to with this empty texting. 

But you prefer to stay away from it.

11. “So, do you want me to play mind games with you, Alright?” 

So this is ‘The Mind Game – A Blank Message Edition’. 

You’re ready to play games, only if there are some rules. 

Or at least some hints. 

12. “Please say something, I’m not good at guessing.” 

Maybe this friend is asking ‘Guess what I wrote to you?’. 

A humorous response to tell them you have no idea what this is regarding. 

13. “A blank message! The first original message you ever sent.” 

Share this savage reply to someone who always forwards others’ messages. 

But now they sent you a blank message. 

14. “Thank you for making my day with this empty text.” 

Not just good morning wishes, they can make your day with a blank message. 

You can share this cute response with your crush or lover when they text you nothing.

15. “So thought-provoking. Such a meaningful message.” 

There’s some meaning in the message they just sent. 

You respond sarcastically to someone’s well-formatted ‘empty’ text message.

16. “The feeling is mutual, I also feel empty without you.”

Ah, this emptiness without someone’s presence.

It is so hard to pass the time when they are not around. 

This empty message shows how you feel right now.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Texts You A Blank Message?

Well, you get the blank text from someone for many reasons. Or not any at all. 

This person may have no idea that they have sent you an empty text message. 

It could be a mistake or accidental text. 

Whereas, some empty text also means that someone wants to talk to you, but they have no idea what. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Texts You A Blank Message

So they send you a blank text message to get your attention. 

There’s nothing to get annoyed with an empty text. 

It’s fine if you don’t respond to it. 

But, if it’s from your friend, crush, or special someone, your funny or flirty responses to a blank text can open up an interesting chat.

When you have a chance or mood, have fun even if it’s just a blank message.


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