9 Best Answers To “Why?” Question

  • February 14, 2024

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Are you thinking about, what could be the better ways to answer ‘Why’ questions?

Well, this question shows someone’s interest (or desire) to know something that you do or say. 

Those genius kids always wonder and ask ‘But, Why?’ question most of the time. 

And that’s not just kids, even adults constantly asking, ‘Why (are you doing this or that)?’ 

They ask because they’re either confused by your method or doubt what you do. 

Also, they don’t believe it. And, they’ve to know about it. 

But, when you want to avoid this question, handle it smartly.


How To Respond To “Why” Question?

While, ‘Why not?’ is the most immediate response to the most ‘why’ questions, you want even effective answers.

Sometimes, you just don’t know how to explain or just don’t want to give them a reason. 

But this person will not leave you without any reason. 

So you’ve to respond with something. 

That is why, we have prepared these creative and unique answers to ‘Why’- if this question annoys you. 

So, they won’t bother you anymore with this question or explanation. 

How To Respond To Why Question

1. “I really want to tell you in detail. But first, you tell me why you ask.” 

You first have to be sure what their secret purpose of asking such questions to you. 

Check if they’re interested to learn about something you do. 

Or, they just want to prove you’re different from normal. 

2. “I’ve no time to explain everything. Either do something or don’t ask anything.” 

It’s annoying when you ask for someone’s help and instead of providing support, they keep asking ‘why’ questions on repeat.

You’ve to do something on time, but they make it even harder for you. 

3. “To be honest, I don’t know. But when I know, I’ll first inform you.” 

When you don’t want to answer ‘why’ from someone, saying ‘I don’t know’ will save you.  

You can also convince them that they’ll have an answer if you know it.

Because habitually, they might further ask ‘why you don’t know’.

4. “You will know it when you fully grow up like your sister.” 

Your kid is curious about some topic that he or she is too young for.  

You’re not sure whether you say them or not, but you don’t want their curiosity to die. 

So try this clever reply to skip the question for now. 

5. “Because you do nothing important. So, I have to do it all.” 

When someone asks ‘why’ you have to do it or that, this makes you go crazy

You’ve no option but to be sarcastic and give this honest answer.

6. “I could explain this a hundred times, but you still won’t ever understand me. “

Because every time they ask, it’s for no reason. 

They just have to talk about something. 

You already know they don’t want to learn, but it’s just for gossiping.  

7. “Please don’t ask why. Accept it, because I said it.”

This one is not the perfect answer to every case.

But when someone asks too many questions, and you’ve no time to explain, this response helps.

Saying ‘Because I said so‘ sounds a bit proudy.

So be careful with that.

8. “Maybe because someone has to earn money for the family.”  

Your adult child who feels ashamed of the work you do, keeps asking why you’re doing this work. 

To make it clear to them, you have to respond savagely.  

Hope, they will stop asking you for money and start working then after. 

9. “Why do you have to know about everything?”

The amount of ‘why’ you get from this person, now starts to frustrate you. 

You don’t want to hear any such question from them. 

So you must give this ultimate response to their ‘why’ question for the final time.  

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When Someone Asks ‘Why’ (Constantly)

The ‘why’ question means that he or she wants to know something from you. 

And, they expect the proper reasons behind that. 

Normally, you want to give them concise and satisfying answers, to make things clear. 

Because this person has a curiosity to learn about this. 

But you also want to check if they are asking really for knowledge or if it’s their habit to ask so constantly. 

When someone asks why constantly

When someone has to ask you WHY on everything, after some time, this frustrates you.

In that case, you need to take care of your time (and mood).

Because even though you explain, you will waste your time doing so.

So, it’s better first you know the context of the ‘Why’ question and then decide how to answer it.

Also, if it is worth giving them any reason or explanation.


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