9 Funny Answers To “Why Would You Do This?”

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Well, it was all your fault only.

You didn’t have to tell them what you’re about to do. 

It might be a wild plan. But you want to do it anyway. 

And, when someone asks you ‘Why would you do this?’, this hurts your motivation to do that thing. 

Most probably, later you regret talking about it with others. 

Well, if you want to be free from explaining further, we have prepared funny answers to give when someone asks Why you will do or did something.  will 


How To Respond To “Why Would You Do This”?

By asking this, the person just wants an explanation of why you would do something. 

They find it’s too crazy, hard, or unnecessary to do so. 

As long as you want to do it or you did it for yourself, you don’t need to explain it to others.  

How To Respond To Why Would You Do This

You can either ignore them or prefer not to explain anything more. 

But, that’s not easy.  

So it’s better if you have good reasons or responses to share regarding why you do something. 

Here are the smart replies you can share, when someone asks ‘Why would you do this?’ when you really have no reason to share or you don’t want to. 

1. “I need to do it because I’ve decided to learn it the hard way.” 

What you’re about to do is insane. 

You don’t want someone’s doubt to affect your confidence. 

So, you tell them that whatever it is, you’re ready for the consequences.  

2. “Who told you that I’m about to do this?” 

You never told this person what you are going to do or what you did. 

Maybe they have heard it from someone, you don’t know. 

Especially when you want to avoid the discussion, this one is a clever answer to share on asking ‘Why would you do that?’. 

3. “Did you think that I’m going to do that?” 

This person asking this question like you’re crazy to do something.

You want to shut them down, so there’ll be no more discussion. 

To prevent any suggestion or discussion, tell them that you were just kidding, you know this thing isn’t possible. 

4. “Because I have no control over my intrusive thoughts.” 

What you are about to do is weird, it’s insane.

But as it comes to your mind, you want to do it, anyhow. 

When you talk about it with your friends, they ask why you even do it. 

To make it a fun response, this is what you can say. 

Funny Response To Why Would You Do That

5. “What’s it matter to you, I did it for myself.” 

There’s always a friend who stops you from doing something good. 

If somehow they get to know your plan or what you are about to do, they may ask ‘Why would you do that?’. 

You have a good reason for it. And, they are about to spoil your mood anyway. 

So this is the way you say ‘It’s none of your business’ to them. 

6. “Why do this?? Well, Why not?” 

You have all the good or ridiculous reasons to do it. 

And, you’re not going to let anyone’s opinion stop you. 

You believe it and you’re going to do it for sure. 

7. “Because that’s what I’m known for.”

What you did or are about to do, is not a normal thing.

If you’re about to do something beyond someone’s limit, they might call you a crazy person for even thinking about that. 

This one is a fun response to you being proud of being different and being like that.  

8. “It’s a bad idea, Right?” 

The way this friend asks Why you would do this, he seems shocked. 

In response, you can ask this question to check what they think of it. 

You’re ready to hear their opinion and can withdraw this plan. 

9. “Because I’m built differently, You know!”

There’s nothing you can do. 

You do what others do not even think of. 

What you do or are about to do, makes you a different person from the rest. 

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What’s The Meaning Of “Why Would You Do This”?

There’s confusion over ‘Why would you do this?’ or ‘Why did you do that?’. 

Well, both sentences look similar but have different purposes and meanings. 

When someone asks ‘Why did you do that?’ they ask for the right reason regarding what you just did. 

Maybe they are not happy with it or just want to know it.

Whereas, by asking ‘Why would you do that?’, they think what you are about to do is not right or reasonable.  

What’s The Meaning Of Why Would You Do This

This question expresses someone’s main confusion rather than surprise in your plan. 

When someone asks ‘Why would you do this?’ and you have no other reason to share, (or you don’t want to explain them), you can share these witty responses instead. 

Maybe it’s too crazy for them to believe you, but you don’t have to explain everything to anyone.  

What you think, you’re going to do it, for yourself and not for anyone. 


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