17 Funny Answers To Serious Questions

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If you want to avoid the serious questions, you can try funny answers that they didn’t expect. 

Yes, this person seems so curious to know something personal. 

But, you’re not in the mood to talk about it.

You know that this person won’t leave you without getting an answer.  

Alright, you’re going to give them. (But, not what they were looking for!)

Whether you’re dealing with annoying people or in a relaxed mood but someone asks serious questions, you can give them some funny or sarcastic responses, instead.


Funny Answers To Serious Questions

You see no point in discussing a serious topic with someone. 

And, why are they even asking you that? 

When someone constantly annoys you with regular or serious questions, you can respond with something hilarious. 

Of course, that’s a better way to respond to their stupid question than to avoid it. 

So, if you don’t know how it’s possible, here are the sarcastic, witty, and funny answers to serious questions that you want to ignore, but can’t. 

Funny Answers To Serious Questions

1. “What would you do knowing this?”

You can answer this, you don’t mind it at all.

Just you need an answer to this question. 

2. “I will tell you everything when you are mature or trustworthy.” 

And, that’s never going to happen, you know that. 

This is a sarcastic response to someone who asks you a serious question. 

3. “What do you think?”

They are curious to know about something and ask questions about it. 

So, you just ask them what they think the answer would be. 

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4. “Sometimes, the less you know the better.”

It’s so stressful to know something serious about someone’s life.

With this clever response, you draw a line for them to not cross.  

5. “You don’t want to know that.” 

This is enough answer to make the person stop asking it again. 

6. “I’m not in the mood to gossip about that. Do you?”

To someone who is being so nosy in other matters, you can give this response. 

7. “Don’t you have anything to do today?” 

You tell them to focus on something important in their life. 

So, they will spare you and not ask such stupid questions again. 

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8. “How you’re so comfortable asking this, huh!”

This question is private and so personal that you don’t even ask yourself. 

A fun response to avoid talking about serious matters.

Sarcastic Replies To Serious Questions

9. “There’s not something fancy to discuss here.” 

You don’t know what’s going on in their mind when they bring up such a serious topic now. 

Here you’re on a vacation or in the mood to refresh. 

But, this person mentions something that you want to avoid talking about. 

10. “I will tell you everything when it’s the right time. Okay?”

And, you already know that this time is never going to come. 

11. “Are you writing my biography or what?” 

A funny answer to share with someone who asks a serious question about you. 

12. “What you need to know, you already know. Don’t ask much.”

It was your mistake that you shared such a thing with someone for the first time. 

To make a boundary clear, you have to give such witty answers when they want to know more. 

13. “I know where you are going with that.”

So, you’re not going to share any details with them. 

Because you don’t want to make yourself so vulnerable or with someone. 

You can give this answer to someone who takes an interest in your life. 

14. “Good to see that you worry about me. But you don’t have to.” 

Someone who asks serious questions to you is very serious about your relationship. 

Maybe they worried about you, and with this clever answer, you want to stop them.  

Tell them you have someone who cares about you, so it’s fine if they don’t. 

15. “Things are better now, you can stop asking me this.” 

Well, you have no issue in life or know how to handle it. 

But importantly, you don’t need any interruptions. 

16. “You spoiled my mood by mentioning this.” 

By asking serious questions about your happy mood, they did wrong. 

Say it loud and clear so everyone knows who to blame for spoiling the party mood. 

17. “I don’t think someone ever dared to ask me such question.”

And, this person is the first one who is asking so.

This is also hint for them that they are steeping out of their limit.

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Why Respond Funny To Serious Questions?

There are many cases when you want to avoid serious discussion, but can’t. 

At some event, based on time and situation, you don’t feel right to discuss something so private or serious. 

But some nosy people have to ask so.

You can clearly tell them that it’s not the right time. 

But they don’t leave you that easily. 

Why It’s Okay To Respond Funny To Serious Question

So better if you give them such sarcastic and funny answers to such serious questions, because you won’t let them spoil your mood or day.

Your fun reaction shows that you don’t care much about something or what they ask. 

Maybe you can use humor to avoid the conversation or make fun of this person’s wrong timing or immaturity. 

Whatever you choose, you have better answers to serious questions than just saying nothing. 

And, you keep enjoying the day like you planned and without having to feel bad at all. 


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