9 Funny Replies To “You Know What I’m Saying”

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We all have that friend who keeps saying ‘You know what I’m saying’, literally after every sentence.

Maybe they try to look ‘cool’.

But, that’s an ‘annoying’ habit now.  

You didn’t pay much attention to it, you just nod at it anyway.  

As if you know or understand exactly what they mean to say. 

Well sometimes, you can give honest responses to friends keep saying ‘You know what (I mean or am saying)’ if you get a chance to say something.  


What To Reply To “You Know What I’m Saying”?

Normally, you get the phrase “You know” in many forms. And, from a different person. 

So, it’s important to have an idea of the context and connection first, before you decide how to respond to this phrase. 

People have the habit of saying ‘You know what I’m saying’ or ‘You know what I mean’. 

These both mean the same thing: they ask if you understand what they tell you. 

What To Reply to You Know What I’m Saying

Based on whether you know something well (or not), you can nod your head likewise. 

But, If this comes from your friend, you can poke fun at them. 

And if it’s your crush’s catchphrase, you can share flirty responses to tell that you know what they mean by something. 

I think ‘You don’t know what I’m saying’. I know, Right

Let me clear it to you. 

You can just use these (flirty and) funny replies to “You know what i mean” from (your crush or) friend you feel comfortable with. 

1. “I don’t understand any words that come out of that mouth.” 

When you say it point your finger at them to make it a sarcastic reaction. 

Because this person talks too fast like a rapper, it’s hard to understand anything. 

You make it clear that you don’t know what they’re saying or mean. 

2. “Nope, I want to understand it all. Please enlighten me.”

This friend uses ‘You know what I’m saying’ when they don’t know how to explain something. 

So, they leave it to you to make a guess what they are actually trying to say. 

But you want to understand all. 

So you make them talk about everything and not leave you on a cliffhanger. 

This further put this friend in a hilarious situation. 

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3. “Yeah, yeah, yea. I know everything what you mean, Bro. I even know what you’re going to say next.” 

Well, it’s the same stories this friend has shared thousands of times. 

So, you know what they are about to say next. 

They have been talking nonstop. 

And as you get a chance to speak after’ You know what’, you share this clever response. 

Funny Response To You Know What

4. “No I don’t. Because you are very creative with your ‘double meanings’.” 

Here, you want them to explain something as you don’t know this.

You tease this friend who shares some jokes or memes with you. 

But they are not comfortable talking more about that. 

You know this friend’s imagination is way beyond. 

5. “I might not hear you, but I know what you mean to say. Keep going.” 

By saying ‘You know what I’m saying’ your talkative friend ensures that you pay attention to them. 

So, you can inform them that you understand everything what they are saying to you.

Actually, you just want this conversation to end anyway. 

6. “I know exactly what you’re saying to me. Also, what you mean with it, Okay!”  

This is your crush or new match, you slowly getting close to. 

You’re interested and paying attention to what he is saying. 

In the talk, he gave some hints about his next move.  

So you share this flirty reply that you know what he means. 

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7. “Nope, I don’t know. But, I like the way you say it.” 

Even when you don’t have any clue about it, you let them keep saying. 

Because you love to see them talking about anything. 

This is the cute reply to share with your partner or crush who says ‘You know what I’m saying’ to check if you understand them.

Flirty Replies To You Know What I Mean

8. “There are many meanings of what you’re saying, which one is yours, exactly?” 

You mock this friend’s habit of making simple talk a complex one.

First, they keep you in conversation and then annoy you by constantly asking ‘You know what’ after every sentence. 

So now you want to know exactly what they are trying to explain to you. 

9. “You know what I’m listening to you.”

They keep saying ‘You know what I’m saying’ and you give them this funny reaction. 

One speaks and another listens that’s how the conversation works. 

And, this one is the honest and hilarious response to share, because you’re informing them that you’re listening to them. 

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What Does “You Know What I’m Saying” Mean?

When someone explains something, they use the phrase ‘You know what I’m saying’ to get the idea that the listeners can relate with them.

They want to know that they’re understood well.  

Same way, the phrase ‘You know what I mean’ is also to assure that listeners know what this talk is about and are aware of what they hear. 

It’s no surprise but most rappers use this ‘You know’ phrase quite often in their interviews. 

What Does You Know What I’m Saying Mean

Sometimes, inspired by them, you find someone uses such phrases to look and feel cool like that.

Normally, you just nod your head in response as there’s nothing to reply. 

You just let them finish their story, talk, or whatever it is. 

But if you don’t even understand them or want to make fun of their habits, you can give some funny replies to ‘You know what I’m saying’ to your friend or someone who thinks it makes them cool.

But eventually, it just gets annoying. 


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