8 Funny Replies To “How Can I Help You?”

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You wish to share a crazy reaction when someone asks “How can I help you?”. 

But as they ask so politely you just control yourself.

And, you respond to it normally. 

Well, in case, there’s a friend or cousin who is being extra nice to you and it annoys you, here you can give funny replies.

In this article, we are sharing some interesting and unusual ways to respond when someone is offering you help. 


How To Reply To “How Can I Help You” Humorously? 

Normally, when someone says if they can help you, you just tell them whether you need their help or not. 

That’s how it works most of the time. 

But, when this is from your close one or you’re doing a prank call to your friend on the job, you can try some funny responses to “the How can I help you?” phrase.

Not in every case, but sometimes it’s fine to try such creative ways just for fun. 

You can try these sarcastic and funny responses to someone you have built a connection with. 

How To Reply To How Can I Help You Humorously

1. “Do you really want to help me? Then go and stand over there.” 

This one is a clever response to show that you just want them to stay away. 

You were just minding your own business. 

And someone approaches you asking if they can help you with something. 

You weren’t ready for it. Nor do they, with how you respond here. 

2. “No, please. Do nothing, that’s a big help to me.” 

This response you can share this with your friend or cousin who is interested in helping. 

But you prefer avoiding their help. 

Maybe you find it’s risky, as they are just not good enough to help you out. 

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3. “Do you think that I will ever take help from you?” 

It’s really insulting reply to give anyone.

But to a friend who often brags about how helpful they are, you can try this sarcastic response. 

This way you taunt them because they want to help just so they can tell it to others. 

Sarcastic Response To How Can I Help You

4. “Thanks, I’m just doing better without your help.”

You politely decline their help, and thank them for offering a hand. 

But you think what you do you can do the best than anyone else. 

So this one sounds like a confident response. 

5. “Nah, If I will take your help, I’ll have to pay you more.” 

This friend is always ready to help others, that’s a good thing. 

But they help on purpose. 

Later they take more than they give to anyone. How smart they are!

So, this time you tell them that you have learned a lesson and not going to take their help again. 

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6. “Okay, I need just 1 million, can you help with that?

And you also have a plan of what you’re going to do with that.

Such a funny response to share when someone you know well asks ‘How can I help you?’. 

No need to explain further, they will know you’re joking. 

Funny Reply To How Can I Help You

7. “Please don’t do anything for me. But for yourself.”

Everyone should help them first before they do to anyone else. 

It’s not like you insult them, you value that they are to help you out. 

And, because they are working too hard, you want them to take care.

Depending on the situation, this could be a sarcastic response.

8. “If you genuinely want to help me, you won’t ask me this.”

This is an obvious situation and anyone will know you need help.

It won’t take much time for adults to know how they can help you.

But a friend asks you this, it’s obvious that they are doing it as a formality.

And so, you have to give this response, savagely.



Well, if you’re in a fun mood, or too annoyed by the constant interruption from the sales executive, sometimes it’s fine to try some unique responses. 

Especially, when you’re making a prank call on your friend at the job, or your annoying sibling or cousins offering you help, such responses give you a moment to laugh. 

Just be mindful of whom you’re sharing these responses with.  

You don’t want to insult someone who is offering help, you just want to try out some funny responses for “How can I help you?” to lighten up the situation. 

When you share such an unusual reaction, make sure that person or friend takes it as a joke. 

Maybe they are doing their job, but with such small humor, you could make their day, as well.


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