17 Good Comebacks For Someone Mocking You

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Stop moaning over mocking! Even ignoring them won’t work, either!

Well, there are many ways to deal with the mocking or mockery. 

But, nothing works better than the quick comebacks you share on the spot. 

In this article, we have the ultimate list of the best comebacks to throw at the mocker who tries to insult you with their nonsense.

Here, you will find clever, sarcastic, and funny responses to share as per your mood and need.


How To Respond When Someone Is Mocking You?

You can’t let that mocker win over you again and again.

If timeless fun gets insulting and doesn’t seem fun anymore, be honest and tell your friend to stop.

Your friend, classmate, or coworker should know their limit.

Don’t tolerate such behavior. It keeps you frustrated and uncomfortable all the time.  

How To Respond When Someone Is Mocking You

When someone keeps mocking you and also targeting you intentionally, you should respond to it confidently and directly.  

You can just simply tell them to stop saying that. 

Else, have some funny and clever comebacks to guard yourself against the mockery. 

Here we have prepared some good comebacks that you can use when someone mocks you and their intention is to break your confidence. 

1. “Oh, were you talking to me? I didn’t catch that, actually.”

Ignoring the mocker is the best thing to do. 

And with this response, you show that you have nothing to react to them. 

As you weren’t paying attention to them. 

2. “That’s the best you can do, I know that.”

To mock you someone needs a higher level of sarcasm. 

But this person actually fails at it. 

This sarcastic response shows they aren’t good at what they are doing.  

3. “I highly suggest you do some work, this mockery isn’t a good career option.” 

When someone thinks they are funny, tell them they aren’t. 

You find nothing laughable in what they share. 

With this funny response, you make them think about doing something else. 

4. “Now I know why you have no real friends.”

They try to mock you, but you mock them back harder. 

This person always has to mock someone, and as they target you this time, this reaction will shut them up. 

5. “If you have time for all of these, that means you have nothing else to do.”

What they say to you, nothing feels important to you. 

Maybe they are jealous or it’s just natural to mock everyone. 

This sarcastic comeback will put a mocker into an embarrassment. 

Sarcastic response to someone who mocks you

6. “Nice try, I must say. But not enough.” 

A mocker puts the effort to put you down. 

And it didn’t work as they thought. 

Share this reply as if you’re saying ‘Better luck next time’. 

7. “I’m feeling so sorry for your parents and your family.”

Because they have no idea that they have been raising a mocker. 

If someone crosses the limit while mocking you, this response is enough. 

8. “Okay, that’s fine. Do you have anything else to add?”

What they just told you, has no impact on you.

Or nobody cares about it. 

So you ask them what else they have got for you sarcastically.  

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9. “Sorry, but I don’t have time to waste on you.” 

You are wise enough to know that dealing with a mocker is a waste of time. 

There’s nothing you can do about them. 

But you have many things to do for yourself, as you value your time. 

10. “Haha, that’s a good joke. Thanks for making me laugh.”

Take their mockery as a joke. 

There’s nothing to take personally. 

Share this funny comeback when someone tries to mock you but fails. 

Funny comeback for someone mocking you

11. “You keep mocking or whatever you do, I’m not interested.”

Lately, you noticed that this person tries to mock you. 

But none of their comments actually works. 

So to make them stop doing that further, you share this honest response.  

12. “I truly appreciate your efforts to come up with this. But, I have something important to do.”

They might have something insulting or rude to say about you. 

But that’s not your priority right now. 

You’ve something important to do, that is worth your time than reacting to their nonsense mockery.  

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13. “So, you have decided that you will never change, Right?”

Maybe earlier you have given them hints to change their behavior. 

But as they keep mocking you again, you just ask this direct question. 

14. “If that makes you happy, then I don’t mind at all.”

You treat a mocker as a kid who just wants to have some fun. 

So, you take nothing seriously from them. 

You let them enjoy however they want to, you just never mind it.  

15. “Keep doing it, you’re popular because of the same.” 

With this clever reply, you tell that this person is quite popular. 

But for the wrong reason.

Clever reply to mockery or mocking

16. “Can you please save it for some time? I’m busy right now.”

You politely tell your coworker that you have no time for mocking now. 

As you’re busy working on something. 

But they can say it later or try the same mockery on someone else.  

17. “Honestly, I never even understand what you say to me. Nor do I even interested to know that.”

While a mocker expects that they will get your reaction, you give this good comeback. 

To make them feel weak, you can say this. 

It will hurt their confidence and never dare to mock you again. 

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What To Say When Someone Mocks You?

No matter how someone mocks you, if that makes you upset, they need to stop. 

Your friends, classmates, coworkers, or cousins often mock you in a fun manner. 

Make sure, they intend to have just timeless fun and not to hurt your feelings or confidence. 

Here you can take it lightly. Respond hilariously, because you just take it as a joke. 

What to say when Someone Mocks You

But when you feel that they are trying to put you down and you don’t like what they say about you, this isn’t a joke. 

They mock you intentionally. 

Here you need to stand up for yourself and say something firmly. 

So they will know they shouldn’t have to say that to you. 

Tell them to not cross their limits and keep things within a limit as you don’t expect such mockery against you. 

Whereas, the better approach than being direct is to try some sarcastic, clever, and funny comebacks toward someone mocking you on purpose. 

Such a way you express how confident you are. 

With such a quick response they will know that their words have no effect on you.


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