12 Meaningful Replies To “Never Mind”

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After seeing, that you’re not interested in their story, (But you act nice, still), someone says ‘Never mind’ to you.

This makes you feel sorry.

You really don’t want to be so careless. 

Relax. That’s alright. 

Now you may try to look interested. But your expression says,  ‘I don’t care about whatever someone talks about. 

Well, you don’t have to please everyone.

Like they said, just don’t mind at all. 


So, How To Reply To “Never Mind”? 

Sometimes, you don’t understand something and need further explanation.

Your friend is smart enough to realize that you weren’t paying attention the entire time. 

Instead of repeating everything again, he may say not to mind as if they aren’t interested in continuing either. 

Maybe this friend takes it personally or they think you won’t understand them anyway. 

Anyway, here are the best comebacks to ‘never mind’ to respond with for many situations. 

How To Reply To Never Mind

1. “I think you could do this better.”

Your friend or colleague is there waiting for you to say ‘yes’ to what they are asking. 

They wait for 18 seconds before they tell you to ‘Never mind’ and leave. 

Don’t make them feel ignored, tell them you aren’t the right person for help.

2. “You don’t need to say this.”

Because you already never mind whatever this friend says to you. 

This reply means you don’t need their advice on what to do. 

You know what to do when and to whom. 

3. “Sorry, this has been a long ‘boring’ day.”

A busy day or a bad day at work is the same thing. 

You can’t help this colleague who looks up to you right now. 

Seeing your sad emotion, someone says ‘Never mind, I’ll arrange it.’ with anger. 

In response, you inform them that you want to help, but can’t. 

4. “What makes you believe that I ever mind you?”

This friend says ‘NVM’ which sounds quite insulting to you. 

You just want to clarify that you never take this person seriously, nor do you ever take it. 

5. “Oh please, don’t make me remind you what you do to me.”

After expecting a favor from you and getting no response, your friend is angry at you.  

Maybe this person forgets how they also put you in the same situation earlier. 

You’re giving back what they deserve.

6. “Excuse me, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

 While explaining some picnic plan or strategy, you get lost for a moment. 

You weren’t present in the conversation.

Knowing that, your friend said to not mind it at all.

Well, you accept that you’re not fully aware, but you politely ask them to rewind, if they can. 

But, this time in an understandable way.

7. “But, I do mind, okay.”

When your crush texts ‘never mind’, she doesn’t want to talk about something further. 

Or your boyfriend at work says ‘NVM’, as he has no time to get into detail. 

Tell them you’re interested, agree that it seems you miss an important part, but you do care when it’s anything about them. 

8. “That would be perfect, thank you so much.”

Finally, this person realizes that you don’t want to hear their story. 

Either this is so boring or too long that you’ve no time for it. 

With this reply to ‘Never mind’ you’re thanking someone for valuing your time. 

9. “Okay, Fine. Bye, then.”

For the last two hours, this person has been pitching something that you don’t want at all. 

On your ask question, they say ‘never mind’, because they know you’re not listening.

Then, you could just leave with such a savage comeback.

10. “Yeah, I’d rather mind my own damn business.”

Well, you already were minding your own business and a friend came and started gossiping. 

You’re busy with something or bored with what they say. 

The moment they realize, they tell you to never mind clearly.  

Now, you’re free and replying honestly. 

11. “Are you sure? Thank you so much.”

You want to confirm before ignoring this person who says ‘never mind’ to you.

Here you feel relaxed that finally, you can do what you have planned.  

12. “Sure, I won’t mind. And, maybe you should, too.”

This person might be saying ‘Never mind’ to you right now. 

But they seem frustrated with you, as you make them feel ignored. 

You’re fine to get on your way, but this person also needs to not mind your reaction.

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Why Does Someone Say “Never Mind”? 

On asking for some explanation or any question, when someone says ‘never mind’, they mean they don’t want to discuss it again or even further with you. 

They know you’re not interested, and never into the conversation. 

In frustration,  they tell you to ignore what they’re trying to inform you.

Why Does Someone Say Never Mind

This person could be your friend who doesn’t want to explain the joke again, a colleague who realizes you won’t help, or a teacher who has lost patience to repeat the concept. 

Noticing you’re not taking them seriously, someone has to tell you to not mind it. 

There is no need to force yourself to look exciting when you’re not. 

You can just reply with ‘Thanks’ and leave when you really ‘Never mind’ to whatever they plan to discuss with you.


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