9 Witty Replies To A Funny Text Or Joke

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Someone just shared a funny text with you and you find it amusing. 

By nature, you could respond to it with ‘LOL’ or ‘smiley emoji’. 

That’s your immediate reaction.

But, when the joke is too good or it’s from someone close, look for better ways to respond to funny messages. 

In this article, you will find the best responses to share when someone texts something funny.


How To Respond To A Funny Text?

That ‘joke’ is really good, it makes your day and gives you a good laugh. 

When a friend, crush, or special someone shares a funny text with you, they hope to see a better reaction from you.

Well, you can respond with the regular ‘OMG, that’s so funny’ or Lmao, nice one’ or else. 

But if you want to appreciate someone for making you laugh, try new responses. 

Not sure what that might be?

Well, here are some possible responses to give to funny messages, jokes, or one-liners, you got while texting. 

How To Respond To A Funny Text

1. “Thanks for making my day. I can’t tell how much I need this.” 

Your partner or crush sends you something funny in the morning. 

Maybe they knew that you were having a rough day.

So, they thought this message would cheer you up. And it did.

If this joke makes you smile, you can give this good response.

2. “I have no idea how you came up with this. You’re good at it.” 

This is creative humor. 

You don’t get to see such a type of joke from anyone. 

But this person is different. 

To make them feel appreciated, you can share this sweet reply to their funny text. 

3. “You know what? I want to hang out with you. You seem fun.” 

This funny text is from your online friend, crush, or someone from a dating site. 

Well, you’re impressed with their humorous nature. 

This person seems like an interesting person to go out with. 

And, this is a clever response to show that you don’t mind if he asks you out

Clever response to A Funny Text

4. “This joke deserves more than just ‘Lol’, I mean it.” 

To a joke that is too basic or lame, the LOL response is enough. 

But when the humor is so pure and the timing of their funny text is perfect, make sure to give a better reaction.

You could say something like ‘ROFL‘ or some laughing emoji. 

Because you appreciate their humor.   

5. “I think you’re in the wrong career. You should be a comedian, Bro!”

This friend is too good with their sense of humor and comic timing. 

You tell them that they are perfect for the standup comedy or related field. 

You might share it as a joke or when you’re seriously suggesting it. 

6. “Well, this didn’t work on me. But, I’m glad that you want to make me smile.” 

It happens when you don’t get their joke or you see nothing funny there. 

Well, saying ‘that’s not funny’ could be disheartening. 

You value this person because they want to put a smile on your face. 

But you can share this honest and cute response with someone who won’t take it personally. 

Honest Response to a funny text or meme

7. “Now you can call it the funniest joke. I loved it.” 

When their joke didn’t work, you said that without any hesitation. 

So when their joke is good and it gets you a good laugh, don’t forget to mention that, too. 

This is a good reaction to show that their joke is successful. Finally. 

8. “Let me tell you a better joke than this.”

This person thinks they are funny with their humor.

But it just is not good or that’s not your type. 

So, you tell them how to do it right, because your humor is better.

And, you are confident about that. 

9. “You know that’s something I like the most about you.” 

Some people are just too good with their comebacks and one-liners. 

You’re having a fun conversation with your friend or anyone. 

And they always come up with something interesting and creative, which amazes you.

This nice response shows that you enjoy texting with them. 

Because they are interesting and funny. 

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What To Say When Someone Texts Something Funny?

Well, there is nothing to say but to laugh at something funny. 

But obviously!

Your genuine laughter is the ultimate reaction to any joke or text that is funny. 

That’s the perfect reaction.

This person finds something funny or comes up with some joke. 

So, they shared it with you, just to make you laugh. 

What To Say When Someone Texts Something Funny

In your response, you can tell them that their message made you laugh or how it made your mood for that day. 

As it was that great joke.

Based on who shares this funny text or joke and how you feel about the joke, you can choose to respond likewise. 

Whereas, if you want to express that you really like their joke, you can respond to a funny text like we have suggested here. 

It’s that simple. 

If you like the joke, respond humorously. 

If you don’t like jokes, tell them to stop. Honestly. 


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