17 Best Responses To A Cancelled Date (To Take It Easy)

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Obviously, you were so excited about this date. 

And then happened the unexpected. They cancelled the date at the last minute. 

Ahhh, that’s heartbreaking! Wish you knew it was coming. 

Well, that could happen to anyone. 

But here you should know, how you handle the situation and yourself right. 

Instead of getting emotional, you can try the best responses when someone cancels a date over text. 


How To Respond To A Cancelled Date?

Your frustration and anger are reasonable. 

Because canceling the date at the last moment isn’t good. 

But what else you can do? Nothing, right?

There’s no point in throwing your frustration at them. It might impact your developed connection adversely.

Instead, you better ask them for the reason, because they might have some. 

How To Respond To A Cancelled Date

Whether it’s a first date or a third, you should listen to the person first.

You want to avoid any drama here. 

It’s not easy, but you should respond to this date cancellation lightly and respectfully. 

In this section, you will find witty, funny, and respectful responses to a cancelled date over text. 

1. “That’s fine. I can understand there must be some reason.” 

To stay in their good book, you can share this polite response. 

You might be upset about the cancelled meeting, but you try to understand someone. 

That they might have some urgency or good reason. 

2. “Are you okay? I felt something off.” 

This response shows you already felt something is wrong here. 

You tell them that you don’t feel right. 

It shows your concern about them and your relationship. 

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3. “Don’t worry about me. Hope you’re fine, too.” 

This sweet response tells that you don’t want them to feel any bad. 

Because you’re not taking it personally. 

But know well that they do it for some reason. 

4. “What happened? Is there anything alright?” 

You have to ask it because they cancelled this date at the last minute. 

This is a normal but good reply as you care to ask if they are okay.

5. “Well, I don’t have any right on you. But, can I ask why.” 

You don’t want to sound controlling to your fresh date. 

But as they cancelled a date on you, you want to know the reason. 

And this is a polite way to ask it. 

6. “I don’t mind. But the food is delicious and I can’t eat it all.” 

You were waiting at the date table, but someone stood you up

And now it’s confirmed that they are not coming.

While this funny response shows them that you don’t think much about this cancelled date. 

Funny Response to a cancelled date

7. “But why? Did you lose your dog again? Let me help you find it.” 

Keep it a friendly response when your crush cancels a date with you. 

This way you share that you didn’t take anything personally. 

But keep it light and this won’t affect your connection. 

8. “As you wish. You just miss something special here. Let me tell you that.”

You have planned something special for them and prepared greatly. 

But as they cancel this date, they miss this golden chance. 

You just share this playful reply to make the situation light.  

9. “Are you sure? You were the one who excited the most about it.” 

This date cancellation message leaves you in shock. 

What’s the matter? Why they did do this? 

There must be something that they didn’t share with you. 

10. “Whatever. But we are going to split the bill. Just so, you don’t do it again.”

Having experienced several cancelled dates from her, you learned this lesson. 

You just want a girl to be aware that you’re not mad at them. 

But she can’t fool you either. 

11. “Something is going on there. Tell me what’s that?”

You sense that this person has something to say but they can’t.  

When you asked them out, they acted weird. 

This is a witty response to give someone who cancels a date on you, and you want them to say it honestly.

Witty Reply when someone cancels a date

12. “Do you also think that we planned our date too early?” 

Because that’s what you feel so. 

This way you tell them that it’s fine, you don’t want to pressure them for anything. 

You want them to take their time and go on a date when they feel comfortable. 

13. “Thanks, I wasn’t in the mood for a date, too.”

Maybe you also wanted to cancel this date, but avoid cancelling it because of their excitement and feelings. 

But as they cancel this date now, you give this honest response. 

14. “No problem, we will meet the next weekend. Okay?” 

This date is cancelled. Not your relationship. 

You understand that they might be busy or not in a perfect mood to date.

So you ask them if they are fine to reschedule this date and follow the same plan. 

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15. “Is there anything serious? You can tell me.” 

This is the first time you’re going to meet someone on the first date. 

But they cancel on you at the last moment. 

It seems that this person is in trouble or anything. 

So you tell them to worry about nothing and tell you honestly. 

16. “If you couldn’t come here then I can come there.”

Being choosy is not a good option if you’re just starting this relationship. 

Whereas, you can share this flirty response with your girlfriend or boyfriend who cancelling a date at the last minute. 

You believe they want to come but they couldn’t.

Flirty Response to a cancelled date

17. “Thank you, I was thinking about the same. But I could not cancel like you.” 

When a guy or girl cancels a date over text, you can say this. 

It shows that you care about someone’s feelings and time. 

But, this is actually a clever response to taunt their decision to cancel the date at the last minute. 

As they have no concern about you. 

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What To Say When Someone Cancels A Date With You?

The first thing you can do after getting cancelled by your potential date is to take a moment and think. 

Avoid saying anything right away. 

Your immediate response might be frustrated and it may hurt your relationship forever. 

So, better look from their side and ask what’s their reason for cancelling this date. 

What To Say When Someone Cancels A Date With You

Ask if there is anything serious, Show that you’re worried about them

There might be some priorities or other important plans, too. 

And, you should accept that without taking it personally. 

Your reaction to such a situation presents you as a respectful person, who can relate to others’ situation and don’t force someone to make you a priority. 

Well, there could be many situations. 

But, now you have the best responses to give when someone cancels a date, and you better know which situation applies to your case. 


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