31 Flirty Responses To “I Wish You Were Here” Text

  • February 26, 2024

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When you are away, you get a ‘I wish you were here’ message from your partner. 

This shows they are missing you at a particular time or some event. 

They might have others around, but they feel lonely because you’re not with them there. 

Well, this is a simple, but sweet and sad text at the same time. 

Sweet because your partner is thinking of you.

And, it’s sad, because you can’t be with them. 

Considering your connection and how you feel, you could respond playfully or flirty when you hear ‘Wish you were here’ from someone. 

In your funny or flirty response, you can express that you, too want to be with them (or not). 

Yet, you don’t want them to be sad or feel lonely without you.  


How To Respond To “Wish You Were Here” Text?

Well, the feeling is special when someone tells you that they wish you to be with them. 

This shows this person misses you and thinks about you when you’re not around. 

Your friends miss you and say this to show that if you were together, there would be more fun. 

How To Respond To Wish You Were Here Text

In response, you can just reply with ‘Maybe next time’ to your friends. 

So, with your crush or someone close, there are cute and flirty ways you can respond. 

By saying ‘Wish you were here’ they show that they miss you and want you with them so bad

In response, you could tell them that you miss them, and wait for them to come back, too. 

Based on your connection, here we have prepared funny and flirty responses to share when you get ‘I wish you were here’ text from your friend, crush, or partner. 


Flirty Responses To “I Wish You Were Here” Text

Your partner misses you so much when you aren’t with them on some event or trip. 

As you hear them saying ‘I wish you were here’, it makes you feel special and sad at the same time. 

Maybe you’re not with them, but you want them to have fun.  

To make them feel valued, here are the flirty replies to share when your crush or partner says ‘Wish you were here’ over text or in a call. 

Flirty Responses To I Wish You Were Here Text

1. “Say it one more time, and I will be there at any minute.” 

2. “Hey hun, you better enjoy, okay? I don’t want you to have a sad vacation.” 

3. “Maybe not right now, but in the next vacation for sure.” 

4. “Even I want to be there. But, only with you and not anyone else.”

5. “What if I told you that I’m just right behind you?” 

6. “Now you realize how I’m feeling when you’re away from me.” 

7. “Babe, I miss you so much. Please come back or I will be there any time.”

8. “Here it’s getting harder to spend even an hour without you.” 

9. “I wish I could be there but you know it’s not possible for me.” 

10. “While here I’m so eagerly waiting for you to come back to me.” 

11. “So, you miss me there, to do what? Just tell me.” 

12. “And, I wish you were here with me, lmao.” 

13. “I think we need this small break to miss each other more.” 

14. “Do you miss me? Then close your eyes and say my name.” 

15. “It’s been just eight hours and you miss me already?” 


Funny Replies To “I Wish You Were Here” Message

Your friend or crush really wishes that you were with them on this trip. 

Whether you regret your decision to go there or not, you want them to have fun without you. 

Because somehow you’re also having fun, too. 

Here are the funny ways to respond to ‘Wish you were here’ to show that you’re fine with where you are. 

Funny Replies To I Wish You Were Here Message

1. “Nah, man, I’m fine here. You and I both can have fun in our ways.” 

2. “Thanks for thinking of me. But, I’m not interested in being there.” 

3. “Stop making me jealous. I know why you’re saying it.” 

4. “And what if I don’t even want to be there with you particularly?”

5. “You enjoy it there. I have a better plan here for me.”

6. “Yeah, now I’m regretting so much why I didn’t join.” 

7. “But why, you’re feeling bored with whom you’re with right now?”

8. “Why do you want me there? Are your new friends boring now?” 

9. “Then you should send me tickets, so I can get there.” 

10. “I’m glad that I said no, I’m having more fun here.” 

11. “Turn back, I’m already there. Got you, I’m just joking.”

12. “I also wish to be there. But not with you, with someone else.” 

13.I can’t wait to hear your stories when you’re back.”

14. “If you had paid for my trip, I would be there, too.” 

15. “Well, it was only your choice to go on a separate vacation.” 

16. “So, I hope that now you had some break time, Right?” 

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What Does “Wish You Were Here” Mean? 

When someone says ‘I wish you were here”, they mean your absence makes them sad. 

If they’re on a vacation, they express that it would be more fun, when you are also there. 

If this is regarding some event, they express, your presence there matters. 

Because this is a special event and they want you to be with them as you’re their favorite person.

What Does Wish You Were Here Mean

Your friend, crush, or partner who expresses a wish that you would be with them, shows that they might have a good time there.

But if you were together, they would enjoy it even more.   

But right now, they think of you and maybe can’t enjoy it without you. 

Depending on your connection, either friendship or relationship, you better respond to “I wish you were here” with either funny or flirty responses. 

This way you tell them to not think much but enjoy the time. 

It’s fine if you’re not there, but you don’t want them to just feel sad in your presence. 


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