29 (Witty &) Flirty Responses To “I Want You So Badly”

  • February 20, 2024

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Your partner (or date) expresses their intense desire, when they text ‘I want you so badly’. 

This sounds like a romantic or thrilling situation for you. 

So, it’s not easy to decide how to respond to such a bold move for your developing relationship. 

Whatever you reply, you have to balance your boundaries and your emotions. 

So, whether you’re interested in the same, want to limit it to a playful chat, or want more time before taking the next step, have something to say. 

In this post, we’re discussing some witty, funny, and flirty responses to ‘I want you bad’ text from your partner. 


How To Respond To “I Want You So Badly”?

Well, by letting you know ‘I want you so bad’ in text, your partner shows an interest in having you with them. 

Based on how you trust and stage your relationship, decide which steps to take next. 

If you both feel the same about each other and you’re confident, go for it. 

How To Respond To I Want You So Badly

But if you’re not ready for your next move, you can limit it to flirty conversation alone. 

Whether you want to show your same desire or want to keep the conversation playful, you could respond to ‘I want you bad’ likewise. 

It’s very important to consider their intention to want you and your relationship stage.


Flirty Responses To “I Want You So Badly”

You might be ready to follow their plan, because you also want them badly, too. 

Else, you want to just have a spicy conversation with a partner, that’s it. 

In either case, here are flirty ways to respond to “I want you so bad” to express your desire back while chatting with your partner.

Flirty Responses To I Want You So Badly

1. So, what’s the plan, Huh? 

2. And, I want you so madly. What’s going on in your dirty mind? 

3,. What do you want to do with me? 

4.  Your papi won’t let you wait, babe. I’m coming. 

5. Finally, this is the day of action, Right?

6. And I’m all here to make you mine. 

7. I’m all ready to get bad together. 

8. Then why wait, let’s be together. 

9. Okay, so your place or my place? 

10. Don’t think only you feel the same. 


Funny Responses To “I Want You So Bad”

If you feel the same or not, you can have fun with your long-distance partner, though. 

You can tease his desires by acting innocent like you don’t understand what they actually want from you.

Of course, you’re interested but right now you’re in a fun mood. 

So, you can just share these hilarious responses to his ‘I want you so bad’ text from a guy or girl you started dating lately. 

Funny Responses To I Want You So Bad

1. Your intention doesn’t seem right to me.  

2. What’s going on in your dirty mind? 

3. You want me bad? I’m scared really. 

4. Woah, what are you up to tonight? I’m scared.

5. This certainly makes my day, sorry my night. 

6. I don’t want you right now. Maybe tomorrow. 

7. Are you mad that you really want me bad? 

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, tell me exactly how bad.

9. I got it. You want me to fix your fan, Right? 

10. Do you really want me? There won’t be any turnback. 


Witty Responses To “I Want You Badly”

You get a text from someone that they just want you so badly. 

It’s just the beginning of your relationship and you think it’s too early. 

Well, you are not sure how to respond back or don’t want to hurt their desires. 

You’ve your boundaries clear, which they need to know. 

Here are some clever ways to reply to ‘I want you so badly’ text from a guy, just so you know what they think about you.  

Witty Responses To I Want You Badly

1. I feel that already. I want you, but not right now. 

2. Sorry, I don’t want any trouble tonight. 

3. I know you’re in an action mood, but I’m not. 

4. And, I want you to slow down, please. 

5. Sorry, but I don’t think that you can’t handle me. 

6. Order me what I can do for you.

7. Before anything else, I want to know you more.

8. It’s only you who wants me. And, not me, I’m not ready for it. 

9. I think this isn’t the right time to want someone. 

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If you’re in a relationship, of course, you both need each other. 

And, wanting someone isn’t a problem. But the time must be right. 

It might be the right time for them, but if not for you, just tell them clearly that you’re not ready.

Instead, you can enjoy a fun and flirty conversation with them, when this isn’t time to make the next move. 

There’s no pressure to take, just make it clear that right now you’re not interested.

Here, shared flirty, funny, and witty responses to ‘I want you so badly’ serve a different purpose and you can use it based on the situation and connection you’re in. 


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