(26 Better Replies) When You Don’t Know What To Say In Text

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You enjoy texting with someone, sometimes though, you don’t know what to say back.

Well, you couldn’t say anything to keep the conversation going.

They will eventually realize that you’re not interested, but being nice to them. 

It might hurt your developing connection. 

So, you want something to say that not only keeps the conversation but also the connection alive. 

And that, also without sounding too nice, forced or bored. 

Don’t worry, in this article, we have prepared some clever responses you can try while texting with someone you love texting but just don’t know how to respond to. 


How To Reply To A Text When You Don’t Know What To Say?

Your connection is in a growing stage, and you don’t want to leave any bad or boring impression.

It happens sometimes that you’ve nothing to text back.

But you are interested in having a conversation with them. 

You don’t want to lose their attention with a forced reply or no response at all. 

So, you need something to say to keep the chat lively.

How To Reply To A Text When You Don't Know What To Say

Whether you want them to keep the conversation going, show that you want to know more or just want to continue the conversation later, here are good options for you. 

Such examples you want to have on hand while texting someone you like to text, just you don’t know what to say at the time. 

1. “That’s great to know. Thanks for letting me know about it.”

When someone shares something which excites them, this one is something good to text back. 

Don’t break their heart by saying IDK (I don’t know) or I’m bored.

2. “I’ve to go now. Something urgent comes up. Talk to you later.” 

This one is the safe way to end the conversation when you don’t know how to keep on the chat. 

3. “It’s already late, let’s continue our chat tomorrow.” 

So instead of forcing the conversation, you can take a break for now. 

You can always text back later or discuss something new the other day.

4. “Sorry I can’t talk. I’m at work, my boss gave me extra work.” 

Work and a bad boss could be a better excuse than anything else. 

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5. “I think it would be better if we discuss this in person than in text.” 

Some things are better understood in person than over messaging. 

6. “Someone is calling me, Can I text you later?” 

You’re getting some time to research what they just said. 

So that you can text right and better. 

7. “It’s always nice to talk with you, see you tomorrow.” 

Certainly, you can’t risk just ending the conversation with a dead response. 

Show that you’re interested to chat with them, but tomorrow would be a good time to talk.

It’s just a topic and time isn’t right for you.

8. “Do you have any topic of discussion, because I don’t.” 

You were just talking about the usual stuff like how’s it going and all.

So to make this chat meaningful you ask them to share something interesting or funny.

What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say In A Chat

9. “I’m so excited to meet you in person, When are you available?”

In text, there’s a chance that your crush might have misunderstood what you say. 

You don’t want to risk anything. 

So better if you talk in person or get her on a coffee date.

10. “So what’s the most amazing thing that happened to you today?

Because you’ve nothing to talk about in your text, you want them to say something. 

11. “Why don’t we discuss this over-call?”

The call conversation is better than exchanging the text when you’ve time. 

Also, good reply when you’re good on the phone and not a texter.

12. “So, What’s your plan for the weekend?” 

Ask them about their weekend plan and you could set up a meeting or a date.

13. “If you could have any superpower, what would you like to have? 

Maybe you don’t have any topic to discuss here, but you’re not going to let this chat die. 

14. “It’s really good to meet you, I mean it.” 

Right now you’ve no idea how to keep this conversation going as you don’t know what to text back. 

This response is to share with your new match or crush you just began chatting with.

15. “Tell me something that I don’t know about you.” 

You want to know more about them, but not sure what question would be appropriate. 

So better let them share what they feel comfortable with. 

16. “What do you do in your free time?” 

When you want to chat but are not sure what to say over text, ask someone about their hobbies and interests. 

And, you also want to have these funny answers to ‘What do you do’ question.

17. “You can ask if you have some question on your mind.” 

This one is a clever way to keep the chat going rather than hoping for the perfect text to share back. 

How To Respond When You Don't Know What To text back

18. “How’s the work going? We never talked about work before, right?”  

Enough talk about each other’s interests and hobbies, not discuss business. 

You can also ask them how’s work going and all.

19. “Sorry to interrupt you but this topic is completely out of my syllabus.” 

When someone is trying to involve you in something, but you’re not into this matter, say it clearly. 

Make it clear how you feel it.

20. “Thanks for sharing this information, I learned something new today.” 

You don’t want to sound like you’re bored, it will insult their passion. 

So you could appreciate them for educating you about new topics. 

21. “I’m kind of developing interest in this topic, can you please share more?” 

You’ve nothing to say in your text, so you want them to keep continuing the story.

22. “I didn’t get it. Can you please make it clearer?”

If you say anything just for the sake of a response, you would consider you as dumb

So clearly tell them to make their message quite understandable.

23. “I know this is completely off-topic, but you’re cute, though.” 

This one is a flirty response to share while your crush is talking about something. 

You might not have an interest in this topic but in this person. 

24. “I’m very much impressed by how you get all this info.” 

You don’t know what to say, but you could still compliment someone for their knowledge. 

25. “If I have to know more about this, which book or source would you recommend?”

Because now you want to know more about this subject. 

To engage well in the conversation with your crush, you are ready to learn anything. 

So you can understand it better and know what to reply from then on.  

26. “That’s enough for today’s chat. We will talk tomorrow, goodbye.”

This one is a smart escape to end the boring chat.

Because you don’t want to keep it going or you also have no idea what to reply next.

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When You Don’t Know What To Text Back

Well, if you don’t know what to say back while texting with someone, better ask something about it than share your reaction.  

This will allow them to talk more, while you can just listen.

Some might say that you shouldn’t say anything, in the same case. 

But it’s a text and your dry or late response might turn this person away. 

Especially when it’s your crush, you can’t risk your connection. 

So, when you are chatting with your crush and have no clue how to keep the conversation going, you want to respond perfectly. 

But saying anything is risky, avoid that at all costs. 

These suggested replies are also safe options to say when you don’t know what to say, it will give you some time to think about what to text back.  

Another one is to end the conversation with some excuse or good reason. 

You can always continue the chat the next day with some new topic of your interest. 


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