8 (Sarcastic And) Funny Answers To “What Do You Do?”

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The question ‘What do you do?’ is an attempt to know about your work or profession. 

You could take this question seriously.

Also, better if you could answer it genuinely when you’re at an important meeting like a job interview or a formal gathering. 

But, you should handle it carefully when someone you barely know asks you ‘What do you do?’.  

Why are they interested to know that? 

And in that case, you certainly want to avoid such personal questions

It’s normal to feel hesitant to talk about what you do for a living to some people. 

Especially if you don’t want to share too much, we’ve prepared some better answers for ‘What do you do?’ question from a curious individual.


How To Answer “What Do You Do” Jokingly?

Before responding to ‘What do you do’ questions from someone, you better know their purpose to ask so. 

Also, if they really need to know all that or not. 

When you’re in formal meetings, you might find people who ask so in order to develop connections with you. 

There you need to be confident and positive while talking about what’s your work. 

But some just ask so for no reason. 

How To Answer What Do You Do Jokingly

Like your sneaky relatives or online connections with whom you have no active connection. 

Nor, you don’t expect to have any. 

In that case, you want to reply with anything but about what you do for a living. 

This means, you just don’t want to share such info with them. 

To your informal connection or someone you don’t want to continue this conversation with, you can reply to ‘What do you do’ in such a hilarious or sarcastic manner. 

1. “Who, Me? Nothing, I just mind my own business.” 

Some people just have to know everything about you. 

They have no other thing to do, but to sneak into others’ matters. 

If you know that they’re going to judge you based on your profession, this sarcastic response is nothing much but perfect.  

2. “Sorry, I can’t tell. I’m on a secret mission.” 

You’re just trying to avoid this question. 

It works best when you share this with your friend who feels more interested to know about what you do. 

This way you make them stop asking any further. 

3. “I don’t know what I do. But when I know I will let you know.” 

Maybe you’re right that you’ve no idea.

But this could be a clever way to avoid ‘What do you do’ questions from strangers. 

Funny Response To What Do You Do

4. “First you answer me, why are you interested to know that.” 

Well, you don’t mean to scare them away. 

Maybe they’re trying to be too personal and might collect information for some reason.

If you feel something suspicious, you ask the question you’ve. 

5. “I do the same thing that you’re doing here.” 

Your social media follower asks you what do you do. 

It clearly seems that they are just trying to develop a connection here, but you’re not interested already. 

So you just reply casually, and they will know that well. 

6. “Nothing new. I just do what my boss tells me to.” 

When you get to meet employees from the same company but in another department, replying this way can start a fun conversation. 

You take ‘What do you do’ as a funny question here.

So you handle it likewise. 

7. “Better ask how do you do?”  

This way you can respond to your former friend who just asks ‘What do you do?’ when you meet after months.  

You sarcastically tell them to check how are you doing after your friendship fell apart.

This sounds like a more logical question than What do you do, actually. 

Sarcastic Reply To What Do You Do

8. “I don’t do anything. My employees do everything for me.” 

Being a boss you share this reply more confidently. 

When your friend or follower asks about what do you do, this is the honest answer to share. 

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If your informal connection asks ‘What do you do?’, you can choose these sarcastic and funny answers just as an interesting reaction. 

Not only because you don’t want to talk about it, but they also don’t need to know. 

Also, they did not ask clearly ‘What do you do…- ‘either for living’ or ‘for fun?’.

That’s quite confusing to you.

You don’t get them right.

Well, for having some fun, to change the conversation to another topic, or to stop them from asking about work-related questions anymore, you have the right answers to share. 

Remember these are just for fun and so be mindful with these ideas. 


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