12 Perfect Replies To “Feel Better”

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Someone is going through a rough time in life. Or they are recovering from the illness.

To check their condition, you asked them “How are you feeling now?”.

And, they said, “I feel better now”. 

Whether they are actually better or just saying, but it seems they are improving. 

Here, your positive and supportive responses can help them.

In this article, we’ll share the better ways you an respond to “Feel better” based on the situation they are coming out.


How To Respond To “Feel Better”?

When someone says they are feeling better now, you can normally say ‘That’s good to hear’.

As it is the usual response, you want to try some different responses. 

Well, based on the connection you have with someone, and the condition of someone, you can tweak the way you respond. 

Here are the better replies to “I’m feeling better now” for giving someone further support. 

How To Respond To Feel Better

1. “That makes me feel better, too.”

This response is for the person you have a close connection. 

It expresses the shared emotion as how they feel also impacts your mood, too. 

2. “Of course, you should. There’s nothing else to do.” 

Make someone feel empowered or encouraged with this reply.

Especially someone who has been in a rough situation. 

Here you want them to take care of themselves and feel good. 

3. “And, I can see that just by looking at your face.” 

There’s a natural glow on someone’s face when they feel so better. 

You share this response to make them feel confident and positive about their efforts. 

A good response is to encourage someone to keep smiling more. 

4. “I can’t tell how happy I am for you.” 

Someone really needs to know that there’s someone who cares how they feel. 

This is for your partner having a tough time or a friend who is recovering. 

In similar cases, this response expresses emotional support. 

5. “That’s great. Feel free to contact me. I’m here if you need any help.” 

Someone is still not fully recovered from the situation. 

But they are still saying that they are fine and feeling good. 

You don’t want to force them to tell the truth but can give this supportive response. 

6. “I told you, you gonna love it.” 

You know how someone is feeling in a hard situation. 

So to make them feel good, you invite them for some exciting plan. 

As they admit they feel better, you express that you think of them. 

Better Response To I'm Feeling Better

7. “Well, this is just the beginning, there’s more to come.” 

This person is slowly recovering from their situation. 

You know they are not still feeling as good as they need to. 

But with this positive response, you give them hope for better things. 

8. “Oh, why not? After all, you’re with the best person, me, Right?”

When a friend says they are feeling better, you ought to give this funny response. 

There’s no chance they feel bored, as they are with the most interesting person. 

A funny response works better for developing friendships. 

9. “I’m here to make your mood for the day.”

As your crush or partner tells you they are feeling better now, this one is a flirty response to share. 

You assure them that you are to support them and make their day.

10. “Now keep feeling that way, not any less. Okay?” 

Encourage this person to feel good, as you can’t be there for them always. 

After knowing that someone is in better condition, you can share this response before leaving the place. 

11. “And, you always have to feel this way. Promise me that.” 

This response is quite emotional.

So you can share it with someone having an intimate connection with.

You don’t want them to feel any less than good, and that’s what this response means. 

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12. “So, now you admit that I have given you the perfect advice.”

Here you playfully tease someone who denied your suggestion for the first. 

As they feel better now, you remind them of what you told them. 

You could tell them they might regret it if they didn’t follow you. 


What To Say When Someone Says “I Feel Better”?

It seems there’s nothing much to say when someone tells you that they are feeling better, than ‘that’s good’.

But based on the condition and your connection, you can say more encouraging things to someone in a tough time

As they are in the recovery stage, they need moral support. 

When Someone Says I Feel Better

Your positive and exciting responses are the way to show that there’s hope further. 

Here they need it the most to back to normal time.

Your positive words make them genuinely feel better. 

As they have the support and company of someone who cares about their condition. 

The shared responses are the better choice to make someone continue to feel better than on. 


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