11 Better Answers To “How Are You Feeling?” (When You’re Sick Or Not)

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Having people who genuinely ask you ‘How are you feeling?” helps you to heal.    

You should be grateful to have them. 

Sometimes you want to tell honestly how you really feel, when you need moral support. 

But also, you don’t want them to stress over your situation.  

So, you prefer to stay positive with your response. 

In any situation, when your family or someone nearest asks about how you feel, here are good example answers to make them feel at ease. 


How To Answer “How Are You Feeling”?

If you experienced an incident recently, feeling sick or on bed rest, everyone starts asking you ‘How are you feeling now (or today)?’. 

Here they ask about your physical and mental condition. 

They ask you to check if you feel recovered(-ing). 

Especially when you feel better, respond in a way that makes them feel relaxed, as well. 

This question is not that silly question like ‘Are you okay’, they really care for you.  

But, a serious concern from someone close. 

So, if you want to respond positively and honestly to ‘How are you feeling?’ question, here are the best example answers you can give.

How To Answer How Are You Feeling

1. “Feeling Fantastic!” 

Express your positive response to a family or friend who genuinely cares about you. 

This will make them feel relaxed and might improve their mood, too. 

2. “I’m all good. Please don’t ask me if I’m sick.” 

You give these fun answers to someone close who cares to ask how you feel today. 

It’s just a headache and you feel better now

So you want to assure them that you’re not sick. 

3. “I’m feeling much much better now.” 

When you are sick and on medication, your family, relatives, or friends frequently ask how you feel now.

To make them feel relaxed, share some positive answers like this. 

4. “Please, don’t worry about me. I’m feeling good today.”

To someone close you want them to calm down and not be stressed over your condition. 

5. “No, You first tell me, how are you feeling today?”

Say this to your nearest someone with whom you have experienced some incident.  

This response shows you care more about them than for yourself. 

Positive Answer To How Are You Feeling

6. “I’m feeling so tired today. I think a nap will be a good idea.” 

Your family asks you how you feel today, and you can share what you feel or think. 

It might just be fatigue due to a long work day. 

So you don’t make them think much about it. 

And, you’re sure that sleep is all you need to feel better now. 

7. “I wasn’t feeling any good, but as you’re here I’m feeling much better now.” 

Give this thoughtful response to someone you are happy to have during this time. 

They are your well-wisher who genuinely cares for you. 

Sometimes, with their presence alone, you feel better and forget what you’re going through. 

8. “I think if one more person asks me this, let me tell you, I may cry.” 

It’s surprising why everyone is asking you ‘How are you feeling today?’. 

So, this is a funny answer to share when you feel all normal. 

There’s nothing wrong with you, but you just feel annoyed with this question.

Funny Answer To How Are You Feeling

9. “I don’t know what to say, but I feel something off today.” 

Someone close to you knows something and they ask you about your feelings today.

Your mood is a bit off today. 

That you have no idea what you feel and what you are doing today. 

10. “Not good, absolutely not good at all.” 

You’re frustrated, annoyed, or depressed for some reason. 

To someone you can be honest, you share how you genuinely feel. 

11. “Today, I’m feeling so blessed.” 

Indeed, a positive answer to give your parents and family asking how you feel today.

Tell them that you’re happy, and feeling refreshed today. 

And, you feel blessed to have supportive people like them. 

Acknowledge their presence because you value them more now. 

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When Someone Asks “How Do You Feel?”

Well, this question: How are you feeling?’ may seem like a casual question. 

But it is also a genuine expression from someone who thinks of you and maybe worries about your situation. 

When Someone Asks How Do You Feel

Whether you get this question while you’re sick or on a normal day, you can give a normal answer like ‘I’m good’. 

But as someone who wants to know how you feel, be honest with your answer. 

Tell them what you feel, because they care for you and may help you out in some way. 

Based on your real condition and your connection with someone, you can answer to ‘How are you feeling today?’ in many different ways. 

Also, based on the context you can respond to it honestly or hilariously to make them feel better too.


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