48 Best Ways To Thank Well-Wishers Over Message

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Your ‘Well-wishers’ genuinely support you in good and bad times.   

They could be your parents, loved ones, family and friends. 

As you’re so close to each other, you forget to thank them for their wishes and prayers for you.

That’s not good.

it’s good to show respectful gesture to show your appreciation for their presence and support in your life. 

Their wishes are genuine. So you show your genuine thankfulness. 

If you want to express your gratitude, in this post we have prepared some ways you can thank your well-wishers like you mean it. 


Respectful Ways To Say “Thanks For The Well Wishes” In Good Time

If your time is good, some people are equally happy for you. 

Your well-wishers, have been there for the entire process.

They’re truly as happy as you are and pray that you achieve more in life.  

To give them credit for their prayers and wishes, here is what you can say to thank your well-wisher through message. 

Because their wishes and prayers worked for you. 

Respectful Ways To Say Thanks For Well Wishes

1. “Thank you for your heartfelt wishes. I’m happy that I have people like you in my life.” 

2. “It’s always good to know you are on my side and actually happy about my achievement.” 

3. “Well, it’s only because of your prayers that I’m able to achieve such things in life.” 

4. “I express my sincere thanks for being with me and never let me lose.” 

5. “I know that you pray to God every day for my success. See it worked.” 

6. “Thank you so much for believing in me. Your support in the process helped me a lot.”

7. “I see myself as lucky to have you with me at the start. I could make it because of you.” 

8. “Only you know the ups and downs I have faced along. You never let me quit.” 

9. “You’re the most supportive person I have in my life. Without you, I couldn’t make it.” 

10. “Well, you might never have an idea of what I’m doing, and still you supported me so well.”

11. “Not everyone is fortunate enough to have genuine people like you.” 

12. “Your appreciation and motivation to do more helped me to get it done.” 

13. “I don’t think I can make it so far without your love and support.”

14. “With a friend like you, I always win every battle in life. Thank you so much for caring about me.”

15. “I can’t thank you enough for the support and encouragement that you’ve provided.” 

16. “You have my respect, thank you for always supporting me when I feel weak.”


Nice Ways To Thank Well-Wishers During The Trying Period

You’re in the transition period in life. You have no idea whether you become successful or not. 

But your family and friends believe in you and give you the confidence to keep trying. 

Sometimes it’s also possible that you might feel so down, but their ‘Good luck’ is what keeps you going. 

For giving you moral support, this is how you can thank your well-wishers while you’re still in the process.

Nice Ways To Thank Well-Wishers

1. “Dear friend, thanks for being here with me and guiding me on the right way.” 

2. “It’s only because of you, I feel so confident in myself that I feel relaxed.”  

3. “I will never forget how you helped me, let me know if you need something from me.”

4. “The time is quite challenging for me, but your presence makes me feel positive.” 

5. “Your presence does matter, I feel encouraged by the idea that you’re with me.”

6. “Thank you so much for your well-wishes, it gives me hope to keep going.” 

7. “What you’ve done for me, no one can do. Sorry, friend. I’m not kind like you.” 

8. “I feel so relaxed with your well-wishes, I will be thankful forever for that.”

9. “Thanks for always being with me when I’m confused and can’t make decisions.” 

10. “I will never forget that you’re the one who believed in me when no one else did.” 

11. “Happy to have you as my real friend, supporter, and personal motivator.” 

12. “It’s a pleasure to have you as my friend, who never gives up on me.” 

13. “The way you support me and believe in me, I would be thankful forever.” 

14. “I know this time will pass but I promise that I will remember only you who helped me.” 

15. “Having someone like you makes me feel more positive that I can do something.” 

16. “I appreciate everything about you, if you weren’t here I’m sure I wouldn’t do it.”


Sincere Ways To Say “Thanks For The Prayers” In Bad Time

You might have many people with you when your time is good. 

But your well-wisher, they are the only one who stays there with you when you’re going through hard times

During the tough time, you find who are your true friends and supporters. 

If you have people in life who never give up on you but give you hope to keep going, never forget to express your appreciation to well-wishers.

When you want to say ‘Thank you for the wishes and prayers’ that help you during a hard time, here is what you can say in text. 

Sincere Ways To Say Thanks For The Prayers In Bad Time

1. “No matter how many times I say thanks, it’s not enough for what you did for me.”

2. “Thank you for everything you do for me.”

3. “Thanks for taking your time and checking out how’s my day going.”

4. “I feel blessed, it seems like you’ve prayed for me sincerely.” 

5. “Thanks for giving me hope, I really need to hear this at this time.” 

6. “I will always remember how you stayed with me during this time of my life.” 

7. “Thank you so much for being with me, it was really hard to move on.” 

8. “Of course, this time is hard to bear. But I’m lucky that I’ve someone who prays for me.”

9. “I’m glad that you’re with me. Your presence really makes me feel confident.”

10. “You’re so kind and helpful. I will always be thankful for your support and wishes.” 

11. “In this world, it’s hard to find someone like you. That makes me feel lucky.” 

12. “You always make me feel better either with your wishes or just your presence.”

13. “Having you on my side gives me the confidence to tackle any difficulties.” 

14. “Thanks for wishing me well and always thinking good of me.” 

15. “You’re someone in my life that I can count on and look up to for some help.” 

16. “What you do for me I don’t think any friend ever can do. I’m so lucky to have you.” 

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How To Say “Thank You” To Your Well-Wishers?

Whether you’re in the best time of your life, going through a hard time, or in the transition period, you have prayers and wishes from someone close. 

It’s important to express your respect and thankfulness to your well-wishers. 

Be careful that you don’t want them to feel hurt. 

You need to choose your words wisely while thanking them. 

Possibly that they don’t like it when you thank them for doing you a huge favor. 

How To Say Thank You To Your Well-Wishers

Remember, your well-wishers genuinely want to help you. They don’t do anything just for a favor.

They want to see you succeed and keep checking how’s your life going.

Well, their wishes are pure ones. 

So, when you want to say thank you for well-wishes and prayers, you want to show that you appreciate their presence. 

Respect what they do for you, being your friend or family. 

Sometimes, it feels like you don’t need to express your gratitude.

But when you thank your well-wishers they feel valued for their efforts and feelings for you.


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