(12 Sarcastic Responses) When A Friend Says “Sorry”

  • February 10, 2024

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When a friend apologizes for something they did, they might feel sorry (or not), but you’re not going to forgive them that easily. 

That’s shocking to you that a friend can ever do that to you. 

And, that broke your trust in friendship. 

If you’re not in the mood to forgive them but when you have to, with your responses give them hints that you’re not okay with it. 

In that case, you want to say something sarcastic for what they did to you. 

Well, this is to make them realize that you haven’t forgiven them truly. 


How To Reply When A Friend Says “Sorry”?

Well, when your friend genuinely expresses their apology for something, you can forgive them. 

Saying ‘It’s alright’ or ‘I’m fine’ is just enough to respond to your friend’s apologies. 

It’s to show that you get over that event. 

But sometimes a friend does or says something that impacts you deeply that you can’t forget easily. 

And, there’s no chance that you can even forgive them. 

Whether you’re teasing them for a while or showing you’re still upset with them, here are some clever and sarcastic responses to share when your friend says ‘Sorry’ to you. 

How To Reply When A Friend Says Sorry

1. “Fine, but this changed everything, my friend.” 

And, maybe you won’t see them as a friend you can trust. 

You might forgive them for saying ‘Sorry’, but in your heart, you’ll have that pain. 

2. “Make sure you don’t let it happen again.” 

What they did to you has already done the half damage to your friendship.

If it repeats, this could break your connection forever. 

3. “I think it’s me who made the mistake. So, better if I apologize.”

You realize that your friend might say sorry but they don’t mean it. 

So you tell them that it’s all your fault, not theirs, sarcastically.

4. “How easy is it for you to say that right?” 

Saying ‘sorry’ is easy for this friend. 

But only you know what’s going on in your life or mind

It’s not easy for you to forgive them, you make it clear. 

5. “No, you never did anything wrong. I just trusted the wrong person.”

You accept your mistake that you trusted them. 

Indeed, it’s a sarcastic reply to a friend asking for an apology. 

6. “You realize your mistake, that’s good, for now.” 

You don’t want to make it hard, so you just act like you accept an apology from a friend.  

If you’re still upset or not, this one is a good response. 

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7. “But, our connection won’t be the same. You better know that.” 

After such an event, your mindset and how you see this connection is no longer the same. 

You just want this friend to remember what changed everything in your friendship. 

Clever Response To Sorry From Friend

8. “It would be hard to get over this. But, I still forgive you.” 

Even after such an event you still forgive a friend. 

But you just tell them that deep inside you’re still hurt or shocked. 

9. “Yeah, what else can you do now?” 

What they have done or said is done, there’s no fix for it. 

Either you, they, or anyone can change something for the damage it costs.

So, you tell them that you’ve no other option but to forgive them.

10. “Do you have any idea how it impacted me?”

Probably it’s easier for them to say sorry after doing something wrong. 

But you just ask them if they have any concerns about your feelings. 

Further also ask ‘Do you have any idea what did you say to me?’.

Sarcastic Reply To Sorry From Friend

11. “But, Why do you always do something that you have to apologize for?” 

This is not the first time they do so. 

Many times, they do something wrong and get away by just saying sorry. 

You just tell them to either improve or change for good. 

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12. “I’ve no idea what to do with you.”

To a best friend who can’t keep or leave, this one is a clever reply. 

Well, you need them, but they’re the ones who often get you in trouble for any reason. 

That means you have no reason to stay mad at them still. 


When A Friend Apologizes (But, Isn’t Sorry)

Well, a friend makes fun of you and crosses their limits to do so, it hurts obviously. 

It’s fine if they apologize when they realize their mistake. 

But sometimes, they don’t say sorry until you show that something hurts you. 

If a friend later realizes that they should say ‘sorry’, this means they are just apologizing to fix things. 

Here they don’t feel sorry for.

When A Friend Apologizes But Isn't Sorry

In such a case, you better update them on how it affects you emotionally. 

If you easily forgive a friend, they won’t take the lesson and maybe repeat the mistake. 

So, you can use such sarcastic replies when a friend says ‘Sorry’, to make them realize that you might forgive them but that this event changed everything. 

If they will be careful with your feelings from now on, this proves they really value you. 

And then, you can forgive them like you mean it. 


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