77 (Sarcastic &) Funny Things To Say To A Narcissist To Insult Them 

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We all know that narcissists are ‘unique’ creatures. 

Being with them is so exhausting.

They always have to talk about themselves. Even when no one asked them about anything. 

To tolerate such behavior, you might have some perfect (sarcastic, savage, or funny) things to say to a narcissist at the right time. 

Really, someone has to stop them. When they’re just too much. 

In this post, we’re sharing the best comebacks for a narcissist which could hurt their ego for good.

And, hopefully, this will make them realize that the world isn’t around them. 

But fine, if you have to do it. 

So that, no one has to deal with their self-absorbed nature anymore. 


Funny Things To Say To A Narcissist To Make Them Feel Bad 

If you want to joke about someone’s self-centered nature, you’ve to be careful. 

Because they’re so quick to react to it. 

Also, your joke could make them emotional, as they take such things too personally. 

When you can’t tolerate their egoist behavior and have to speak up, here are the funny comebacks you can say to a narcissist.

Funny Things To Say To A Narcissist To Make Them Feel Bad

1. “What is the greatest compliment that you gave to yourself?” 

2. “If I will be like you, I must be so ashamed of myself.” 

3. “Bro, you bring self-love to the next level. And that’s really scary.” 

4. “You always attempt to be the center of attraction but end up being the ‘center of joke’.”

5. “Do you have a boyfriend? Even if you have, he can’t love you enough.”

6. “You behave like you’re the only one in this world. So, we let you live alone.”

7. “Oh, you’re here, I thought you were busy staring at yourself in the mirror.” 

8. “That’s really good. When no one says nice things about you, you do it yourself.”

9. “Because you’re so much in love yourself, you’re not getting any love outside.” 

10. “Sorry, we can’t say nice things to you. You do it yourself perfectly.”

11. “Now I know where the center of this world is. It’s actually you.” 

12. “I’m not sure, you’re alone that’s why you’ve to love yourself. Or, you only love yourself that’s why you’re alone.” 

13. “Keep your opinion to yourself. I didn’t ask you about anything.”

14. “No-no, please don’t look around. Just focus on yourself, that’s the best thing for you.” 

15. “I’m sure your parents must be uncomfortable seeing you love yourself.” 

16. “Do you ever feel jealous of yourself looking so much better than ‘you’?”

17. “Please contact me only if you have something important to talk about other than ‘you’.” 

18. “Hats off to you for carrying so much ego, all alone by yourself.” 

19. “Whoever told you to be yourself is the second dumbest person (after you).” 


Sarcastic Things To Say To A Narcissist To Confuse Them 

Well, being confident about oneself and being self-centered are two different things. 

But a narcissist won’t understand the difference.

And, someone needs to inform them. 

So, if their behavior gets too much and that starts to hurt your confidence, you must have these sarcastic comebacks to give a narcissist’s comments. 

Sarcastic Things To Say To A Narcissist To Confuse Them

1. “Seeing you I realize that a beautiful face could be ugly sometimes.” 

2. “You’re the perfect example of the Beauty with ‘No-brain’.”

3. “I have never seen such a dumb person with such a handsome face before.”

4. “You’re such a miserable and self-absorbed person that no one wants to be with you.”

5. “What I learn from you the most is, to love yourself even when nobody does.”

6. “What do you do with all that beauty when you’re not mature enough for your age?”

7. “You can take part in a beauty competition. But a brain round could take you out.” 

8. “No doubt that you look amazing. But that does not make you great above all.” 

9. “When your parents look at you, they are even ashamed of what they made.” 

10. “Hold on! I know you’ve so much to say about you. but I don’t have time.”

11. “Instead of talking about you all the time, why don’t you publish a book about yourself?” 

12. “Have you ever felt that you should talk about anything but yourself?”

13. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. But someone has to be honest with you.” 

14. “Sorry we can’t love you the way you love yourself, it’s too exhausting.”

15. “You can have one planet all about yourself. And, we will call it ‘ego’.” 

16. “Have you ever listened to what others are talking behind you? Don’t listen, please.” 

17. “No doubt you’re perfect in your looks. But your intelligence, there’s more to do.” 

18. “You could be a supermodel. But just looking isn’t enough, personality matters.” 

19. “I don’t want to tell but you’re your biggest problem. And, only you can fix it.” 

20. “Well, I have so many things to say to you. But i think you’re not ready for anything.” 


Clever Things You Can Say To Insult A Narcissist

You don’t want to offend them, but because they start to insult you, you have to. 

In an attempt to look better than the rest, they don’t care about anyone’s feelings. 

When your self-centered friend starts to make fun of you, or anyone, with these witty comebacks you say what they need to hear. 

Clever Things You Can Say To Insult A Narcissist

1. “Did anyone of us ever tell you that you’re better than us? Then don’t act like one.” 

2. “Nobody is jealous of you, don’t think that. We don’t even know what to be jealous of.” 

3. “Man, every day your ego gets higher and your connection gets narrower.” 

4. “I admit that I can never be like you. Eventually, I never want to be like you.” 

5. “No one but you’re the one with the biggest challenge and problem in your life.” 

6. “Just because you love yourself so much, you left us no choice but to dislike you.”

7. “Thanks to you, I realize that when you talk too much about yourself, you lose respect.”

8. “I have never seen a person like you in my life. nor do I want to ever meet, too.” 

9. “Even your parents can’t be more proud of you than you are of yourself.” 

10. “Did you say something to me? I thought you were so busy talking to yourself.” 

11. “No one can love you the way you do to yourself. And, we can see you as an example.”

12. “Whatever you say, I can’t relate to anything. It’s all about you, I know.” 

13. “Instead of sharing everything about you, why don’t you share it online?” 

14. “You will never know that you’re so ugly. But we can not just see but feel it.” 

15. “Stop making everything about yourself. You’re not an important subject or object.” 

16. “Your level of self-centered behaviors makes me think about others before me.”

17. “One should ignore their life problems like we ignore when you talk about yourself.” 

18. “Your family, how are they doing? How can they breathe while you’re in the house?”

19. “Why do you always have to connect everything to you?” 


Savage Things To Say To A Narcissist To Shut Them Down 

You’ve heard enough, there’s no time to joke around anymore.

Someone has to be honest and tell that narcissist that they’re the actual problem in your connection. And, not anyone else. 

With these savage comebacks, you bring narcissists back to earth and show them their place. 

Savage Things To Say To A Narcissist To Shut Them Down

1. “I hope you meet someone who can love you more than you can do to yourself.” 

2. “No matter what you think about yourself, don’t think that you’re the best.”

3. “How can you be perfect in everything? You know and you can do everything.” 

4. “You know when I first met you, I liked you. Then now I realize that you like yourself more.” 

5. “As long as you don’t open your mouth, anyone can easily fall in love with you.” 

6. “I can’t relate to what you’re trying to say. Your topics are all around you.” 

7. “Because of you, I get to know that having a beautiful face isn’t everything.” 

8. “We are so sorry that you have to tolerate us. We are leaving you alone with you.”

9. “Look, you love yourself, that’s not a problem. But, don’t expect the same love from us.”

10. “What’s the matter with this good-looking face, when you’ve to beg for attention?”

11. “Instead of seeking anyone’s opinion. Why don’t you ask yourself? You’re a self-expert.” 

12. “Next time when someone compliments you, check if they are serious or joking.” 

13. “Do you have any idea what others are actually thinking about you?”

14. “I know you don’t care about anyone, but yourself. But we don’t care about you either.” 

15. “Oh, you come back now. I thought you were busy taking selfies.”

16. “It is not like we are jealous of you, but we no longer take you seriously.” 

17. “You’re very good, in making others look bad and being dumb in every way.”

18. “Please continue. And sorry that I interrupted you while you were loving yourself.”

19. “Sorry, I don’t have time to hear your story again. You can tell it to yourself.” 

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What To Say To A Narcissist To Shut Or Insult Them?

Most narcissists have higher opinions of themselves.

But, they’re too sensitive

This means they can’t hear anything negative about themselves. 

Even if that’s an honest opinion.

While these sarcastic and funny things to say to a narcissist, are all meant to make them realize that they aren’t perfect.

And, better than anyone.

You don’t mind if they love to talk about themselves. 

But in the process, they make you feel sorry for who you are. 

Such self-centered behavior needs to stop, when it hurts your feelings and confidence. 

Also, they’re so much about themselves that it’s hard to convince them about their mistakes. 

So you want your comebacks to be perfect.  

We hope this list of comebacks and the right things to say to a narcissist helps you to deal with them in the most honest way possible. 

But it’s a good idea that you choose your response mindfully. 

Because you’re the first person to tell them. 

So, it might easily offend a narcissist. Which isn’t a part of the plan.


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