17 Good Comebacks For Being Called “Sensitive”

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Have that friend (or someone) who always accuses you of being too sensitive?

Well, you’re sensitive, that doesn’t make you weak.

So, you have nothing to fix about that. You better know that. 

It’s basically that person who is manipulative and gets under your skin by saying that on repeat. 

Of course, this is disrespectful and hurts you more.

But instead of taking it personally, you should have these clever comebacks to defend your sensitive nature as your strength, not weakness. 


How To Respond When Someone Says “You’re Too Sensitive”?

Being called “Sensitive” doesn’t feel good anyway. 

Some friends and annoying people know that and they say so all the time. 

First, they do something to hurt your feelings and then complain that ‘You take it too personally’ or ‘You are just too sensitive’. 

Well, you could just ignore what they say about you. 

How To Respond When Someone Says You’re Too Sensitive

Yeah, you don’t take it to the heart. 

Else, you can give some comebacks to let them know that you might be sensitive but smart enough to know exactly what game they are playing. 

So next time someone makes fun of you or criticizes you for being sensitive, here are the clever responses to give: 

1. “Of course, I am. And, I’m glad that at least I can feel things.” 

A response to show that you don’t see it as your weakness. 

But rather it’s your ability that you can connect with others’ feelings or things. 

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2. “I know that. And, you’re completely the opposite of me. Unkind.” 

They try to make fun of your soft side. 

So as a comeback, you tell them that they won’t understand how it feels. 

Because they are totally different than you are.

3. “If you think I’m so sensitive, then why not stop being so annoying.” 

A clever reply to tell the accuser to stop saying such annoying things to you. 

You were annoyed and got emotional.

But it’s them who do it in the first place. 

4. “At least I have feelings for others, unlike you.” 

Getting emotional and feeling about things is a positive quality.

You don’t see there’s any matter with you

But with that person who calls you sensitive is problematic. 

5. “That’s my softer side. You know nothing about me.” 

Because you have been so nice and sensitive, someone might think that you’re like that. 

But you hint to them that they haven’t known you enough. 

6. “Sorry, but I can’t be like you.” 

While this person calls you ‘sensitive’ and tells you it was just a joke, you can give this response.

This is to show that it’s not easy for you to be like them. 

You rather remain who you are actually. 

7. “I choose to be sensitive than like you uncaring to others’ feelings and time.” 

A friend who always stands you up has no respect for your feelings and time. 

They often make fun of you for being sensitive. 

But they need to know, that you do care for your connection and yourself.

8. “I’m sensitive because I have a heart in me.” 

So this clever comeback you mean to say, this person is heartless. 

Because they can’t feel anything or never care about anyone. 

Good Comebacks For Being Called Sensitive

9. You should be thankful that at least someone is taking care of you.” 

They often accuse you of being sensitive and think of them. 

But as you give this response, you tell them they are lucky that you think and feel for them. 

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10. “Well, I don’t see it as a problem.” 

This person wants you to change your sensitiveness and tries to make you feel bad. 

But, you don’t see there’s anything to change or do. 

Feelings and emotions are part of humans and you see it as a good quality. 

11. “Let me ask you this, have you ever felt anything like good or bad?”

Like they are surprised at your overly sensitive behavior, you also raise your concern. You want to ask them if they can feel or relate to anything. 

12. “If you already know that I’m sensitive, then why doing this on repeat?”

You criticize their behavior or mean comments to get under your skin. 

This clever response is to give a bully person who does such a thing intentionally just to irritate you.

13. “My soft nature is not the point here, what you did we should discuss that part.”

A comeback to shift the focus from your sensitivity issue to their nonsense behavior. 

While they label you as a sensitive person, you mention the real problem here.

And, it’s them who should be ashamed of what they did or said to you.

14. “I wish I could be heartless like you, but I just can’t do it.” 

With this sarcastic reply, you acknowledge the accuser that they are heartless. 

So they can’t understand what you see or feel right now. 

15. “That’s right, but I am honest with how I feel and what I think.”

Having a sensitive nature is a good thing as you express how you feel

And of course, you’re not a liar who tricks others with their words or emotions.

16. “You might be right, but I’m also smart enough not to respond to you.” 

Being called sensitive is not a big deal to you. 

They tell you what you are. 

But you also want to clarify that you might be sensitive but also smart that you prefer not to waste your time on them. 

17. “No matter what, but I can’t be fake like you. So, you’re so right on it.” 

Your feelings, emotions, and expressions are not fake. 

What you say or feel, you let it out as it is. 

This comeback will make the accuser feel bad about themself for being so rude.

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When Someone Calls You “Too Sensitive”

You express how something hurts, and they will call you sensitive or weak. 

When you express nothing and they will call you boring or emotionless. 

It’s just people, they just have to say something about you. 

They won’t change nor do you have to (for them). 

Some friends know that you get emotional easily

But still, they make mean jokes about you and say anything to hurt your feelings. 

When Someone Calls You Too Sensitive

When you react to it, they will say ‘You’re too sensitive’ and then will try to calm you down by just ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you’ phrase. 

Well, when someone calls you ‘Too sensitive’  and you want them to stop calling you that again, the above clever comebacks are your best response. 

Even more, what you can do is, just ignore their comments and not take them to heart. 

Once they get no reaction from you, they will no longer find it fun to bother you. 


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