23 Savage Answers To “Are We Friends?”

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Friendship happens naturally. There’s no need to do any formality. 

Hence, whenever someone asks “Are we friends?” that’s more annoying than confusing. 

Not sure what made them ask this. Also, what to answer next. 

Well, if you want to tease a friend for asking this stupid question, we have prepared the best answers you can give. 

Of course, these are savage and funny to make them feel an idiot. 


How To Answer To “Are We Friends”?

At first, this feels like a normal question like ‘Can we be friends?’. 

But it’s not that. 

Before you respond (and resolve) their confusion about whether you are friends or not, you be aware of the reason behind it. 

Also, how you look at this connection is important here. 

How To Answer To Are We Friends

If they feel hesitant, you can just say ‘Of course, we are friends’. 

But, if even being together for a long time and getting along so well, they have to confirm that, then they deserve next-level responses. 

And here are the funny and savage answers to give when someone asks if you are friends (, still!). 

1. “Then what do you think we are?”

A direct response to someone you’ve been seeing as your bestie. 

2. “We could be friends, but you don’t deserve it.”

This might be the bold response.

But it works like a comeback to their nonsense inquiry.  

3. “Seriously, you have to ask me that?” 

Show how shocked you are at this question. 

You can’t be sure if they are seriously asking this like they have no idea. 

4. “Do you think we should be friends?”  

You have to ask them this straight question to know what their view on your connection is. 

5. “Absolutely not. We aren’t friends, we can never be friends.” 

Because you can’t accept someone as your friend who has to ask this as a formality. 

6. “I thought we were friends, but now we are not.” 

You might have seen them as your friends. 

But as they are acting weird or stupid, you respond roughly and tell them that you are no longer friends.

7. “No, you are my ex-friend that I can’t get rid of.”

The answer expresses your clear frustration over this friendship or this question. 

It’s a perfect comeback to give to your ex-best friend, who thinks you could be friends again. 

8. “Do you know my favorite food or color? Then you’re not my friend.” 

As they ask if there’s a friendship between you two, you give them an answer with just one test question. 

9. “Sorry, but I didn’t see you that way.” 

This response shows you’re not even putting them in a friend-zoned, too. 

Somehow you see there’s no match between you two. 

10. “We are not friends, instead, we are best friends.” 

Such a sweet response to assure someone that you are more than friends for sure. 

11. “Nah, I think we are doing fine as strangers.” 

You have no intention to get closure and develop this friendship. 

Savage Answer To Are We Friends

12. “Relax, you are not that lucky to be my friend.” 

Tease a friend who is already your friend, but they have to confirm your friendship. 

13. “Nobody is my friend. And you’re nobody to me, so you are my friend.”

If you are confused by their question, you want to answer that confuse them back.  

14. “I think I know you enough and now I don’t want to be your friend.” 

You tested this person as a friend, and they don’t fit it

This is a savage and honest response to show that you are not friends. 

15. “Just because we don’t talk too much doesn’t mean we are not friends anymore.” 

This friend seems to have low self-esteem. 

You assure them that you are friends still. 

And there’s no need for constant acceptance to prove a connection. 

16. “Don’t you know what you said to me? Ever heard one friend saying such things to another friend?”

You two had a big argument recently and now they ask if you are still friends.  

They feel ashamed, and they think about starting a friendship again. 

But you have decided what to do with this connection

17. “We could still be friends. But things won’t be the same as they used to be.” 

Whatever happens between you two, has changed the whole connection. 

You are ready for friendship.

But tell them not to expect much from you. 

18. “I’m fine with the friendship, but don’t think any further than that.” 

You can feel it when this person goes with their approach. 

It might be an early response, but to avoid any confusion, you have to be very clear with this. 

19. “What? Why are you asking this?” 

Let your reaction tell them how irritated you feel at their question. 

You also want to know their reason behind asking so. 

20. “You’re not qualified to be my friend, Sorry!” 

In several stages, you have tested their ability to remain friends. 

And now you make it clear to them that the friendship isn’t happening. 

21. “We can’t be friends, but there can be more than that.”

They were asking for a friendship, but you have an even deeper relationship in mind. 

A flirty response to give your crush to show how you think about them

22. “Have you sent your application for that? I didn’t receive any.” 

Remind them that to be your friend, there’s an online process that they need to follow. 

This isn’t that easy, as you pick qualified friends. 

23. “We are friends and we will, until you ask me for some money.” 

This is your smart and savage answer to make it clear not to ask me for money.

If they want to keep a friendship with you, this is the condition. 

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When Someone Asks “Are We Friends?”

Normally, there’s no confirmation required when there’s a friendship. 

But when someone has to ask you if you are friends, (now or still after a fight, you could tell them how you feel about your connection. 

Be honest and answer if you want to remain their friend or not. 

When Someone Asks Are We friends

Well, this question feels weird from someone you already see as your friend. 

If you are annoyed at them for asking obvious questions like this, don’t hesitate to give them funny and savage responses for the same. 

This shows you are comfortable being savage with them.

Because, indeed you see them as your friend after all. 


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