12 Funny Answers To “Are You Serious, Bro?”

  • February 23, 2024

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Do you have that friend or someone who always asks ‘Are you serious, Bro?’.

They have to confirm everything.

Even if it’s a joke. 

It now becomes their habit to doubt (or double-check) everything, and this starts to annoy you all. 

But, you end up clarifying what exactly you mean.

Because after all, that’s your friend.

Well, if you want to try some sarcastic or funny responses just for fun, we have the best ways you can respond to ‘Seriously?’ question for next time. 


How To Answer “Are You Serious?”

First thing, when someone asks ‘Seriously, Bro?’ they are in some sort of confusion. 

They clearly don’t understand what you mean and the tone. 

So, they have to confirm what you are actually trying to say to them. 

How To Answer Are You Serious Right Now

Fine, if this person is a bit worried or confused, you can say ‘I’m serious, trust me’ to convince them. 

And when you’re not, just tell them that ‘Don’t worry, I’m just kidding’. 

But with friends or some annoying person who always makes you confirm, try to make the situation hilarious with such interesting responses. 

Next, here are sarcastic and witty ways to answer questions like ‘Are you serious?’. 

1. “What are you doubting me again? Seriously?” 

You’re mad at this person, or just act as if you’re. 

It’s not good to feel doubt. 

This hurts your feelings. 

So, you ask them in the same tone they asked you.

2. “No, I’m not serious. But I’m mysterious.” 

Try these clever comebacks to ‘seriously’ to make it sound more confusing.

Because you act mysteriously seriously and most people don’t know you well enough.

3. “Look at my face, Am I looking serious?”

Let them figure out if you’re just kidding or being serious. 

This one is a funny response to share with friends. 

Because you share something hilarious with a straight face.

Maybe that’s why they’ve to ask so. 

4. “Never take me seriously. That’s what I do to you.” 

This means you’re not serious right now, like always.

But, it makes clear that you also never take them seriously either.  

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5. “Sometimes, I’m serious or not. But, right now? You better figure that out.” 

You didn’t give them a clear answer, but you left them in confusion. 

They’re free to guess if right now you’re serious or not. 

6. “Have you ever cared to be serious?” 

Such a perfect reply you can give to a friend who is always in a joking mood and never serious with you. 

And, sometimes, you want them to be mindful.  

If you’re their easy target, be ready with such savage comebacks for your friends to win the next argument.

7. “If this hurts you, I’m joking. If you get my point then, I’m serious.” 

You might be serious or you’re not. 

But you don’t want any trouble being honest with them. 

So when you reply cleverly it can save you and your connection.  

Funny reply to seriously

8. “Well, you should hang out more with us to know that.” 

This friend is new to your group and everything you have to ask ‘Are you serious?’.

You tell them not to worry and just be with you more to get it. 

9. “You don’t believe your friends, Do you?” 

If they believe they don’t have to ask ‘seriously?’ every time. 

Sometimes it’s annoying and you feel doubt. 

So you just ask it right now. 

10. “Seriously, I still have to make it clear to you?” 

You’re confused actually, did you share some scientific jokes here? 

Which is too hard to understand.

With this clever reply, you tell them to get a life and explore new things. 

As it takes them time to understand some clues or humor. 

11. “Ask one more time, and I will make you serious.” 

That’s enough, you can’t take it anymore. 

Being savage, you tell them that whether you’re serious or not, you will make them. 

12. “But, why so serious, huh? It’s a joke. Chill, Bro.” 

We all have that friend who is so serious in life that never takes a joke anyways. 

Even while you’re joking, they start to believe it. 

No matter how crazy it sounds. 

You respond this way to tell them you’re not serious, but kidding. 

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When someone says ‘Are you serious right now, Bro?’ or ‘Seriously?’ They need the confirmation on what you share with them. 

Generally, we don’t have to make fun of someone’s confusion. 

So, you can make it clear to them, so they can understand what you mean. 

Sometimes you also have to understand that as you often joke around, they need to check if you are joking or being serious. 

If it’s again your prank or joke, make it clear to them, ‘Nope, ‘I’m jokingly serious.’ Or ‘Seriously joking.’


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