(9 Smart Replies) When Someone Calls You “Shawty”

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A friend, crush, or stranger calls you ‘Shawty’ and it hits differently. 

Some say it because it rhymes with the word ‘cutie’ and you act like one.

At the same time, when someone calls you ‘Hey shawty’ to get your attention. 

And, some call you out of their habit of calling everyone shorter than them. 

But, when a friend calls you ‘Shawty’ instead of directing saying ‘shorty’, then you need separate comebacks on your short height to say as a backup. 

Further, if you can’t decide what someone means by that and how to respond to that, here are the best responses for the same. 


What To Reply When Someone Calls You “Shawty”?

We don’t know if you like being called ‘Shawty’ or not, with the tone and connection you’ve with a person, you can decide your reactions.

That could be funny, flirty, or clever responses.

If someone often uses it as your nickname or starts calling you by it lately, you can take it lightly or just ignore it like it doesn’t matter to you at all. 

Share the response that tells them if you like being called ‘Shawty’ or want them to stop it. 

What To Reply When Someone Calls You Shawty

1. “Hey Hottie, How’s your day?”

This is your boyfriend or partner who calls you Shawty. 

Because you’re a short and cute-looking girlfriend. 

Maybe he calls you the same more often or that’s your nickname now, this one is a flirty way to respond.

Instead of saying ‘hot’ you can also say ‘cutie’ or ‘sweetie’ to match the rhythm. 

2. “Well, that’s not my name. My name is… Forget it, Bye.”

Sometimes even strangers dare to call you ‘Shawty’ or ‘Shorty’ and you don’t like it. 

You feel no right the way they call you that. 

So, you do not want to have any further connection with this person.

In this case, this response is an effective one. 

3. “Don’t call me that. I hate being called by that name.”

You don’t like to be called Shorty or Shawty, because you won’t be taller than this. 

This person or friend says it in a comic tone.

But you already feel it as a sarcasm on you anyway.

You’ve heard enough and want them to stop calling it even as a joke.  

4. “I don’t have time for you, Pawty.”

You’re short in height that’s why they call you Shawty. 

They never say anything good about anyone, so you call them ‘pawty’ or ‘potty’. 

Just a clever response to give your annoying friend. 

5. “Excuse me, What did you just say to me?”

When you say that, you’re giving them a chance to change their sentences. 

Also, this is the way to remind them to never call you ‘Shawty’ or ‘Shorty’ again. 

Because you’re not even want to hear again from them. 

6. “Not sure why you call me that, but you’re Shawty, too”

This friend is the second shortest person in your group after you. 

Most of the time, others call him Shorty, when he gets a chance, this guy calls you ‘Shawty’ just to feel it.

You don’t feel offended, but express your confidence in the way you are.

7. “Stop it, you. Btw, I like it when you call me Shawty.”

When your crush calls you ‘Shawty’ and it feels more cute than anyone says it to you. 

Every time he calls you, it makes you smile

Over text or in person, you like to hear it more often from him ONLY. 

8. “Could you just call me with anything but this?”

You’re annoyed whenever that one friend calls you ‘Shawty’. 

Maybe they say it always.

Before other people in the group get that habit of calling you ‘shorty’ or ‘shawty’, you want to stop them in the first place.

9. “Remember, everyone is Shawty for someone.”

You might be shorter than this friend, but there’s someone taller than him. 

Instead of creating more drama or showing that it hurts you, try such clever replies. 

This is to remind them that someone could also call them Shawty sometimes. 

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What Does It Mean Of Being Called “Shawty”?

Most of the time, a guy calls a girl ‘Shawty’, either in a funny or special tone. 

The term is for a short and attractive girl.

Though, some girls also call a guy ‘Shawty’, when there’s a friendly connection within. 

What does shawty mean

When your friend or boyfriend says so, that means it sounds cute and carefully treated. 

It’s like ‘Hey Shawty, don’t worry I’m here for you’.

If that’s what he actually means, you just know. 

While in some cases, your guy friend calls you ‘Shawty’ or ‘Shorty’ to make fun of your heights. 

In exchange, you can ask ‘What’s your height?’ and after getting an answer, you can tell ‘That doesn’t make you the tallest person at all.’

Else, you can wait until another taller friend shows up to make them feel ‘shorty’.


In the end, it all depends on the way someone calls you ‘Shawty’ and your connection with them. 

A friend or crush could call it to make fun of you or normally, and your reply has to be likewise. 


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