4 (Funny Replies) When Coworkers Say “Just Be Yourself”

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Of course, for coworkers, it’s easy to say ‘Being yourself’.

But, you very well know how it is risky to ‘be you’ at work. 

So, how could you respond to the coworker or teammate who suggests you do it? 

Well, in this article we are sharing the possible responses to share when they tell you to ‘Be yourself’ at work.


What To Say When Coworkers Say “Just Be Yourself”?

It’s advice from your coworker, that they want you to be yourself. 

And at you’re at work, be mindful of how to follow it.

When it comes to responding to it, you can just tell them ‘Okay, I will’ and keep doing what suits you the best. 

What To Say When Coworkers Say Just Be Yourself

It just opens up a lighthearted conversation to grow a connection at a new job.

Let them be aware of the challenges of being yourself at work, in a comic tone.

Else, if you have a good connection with them, you can try these funny replies instead.

1. “I’m here because I acted myself in my previous job.”

A fun response to tell your coworker why you don’t open up too much. 

You have experience of what could happen when you are yourself at work. 

This will make them not to force you to be you again. 

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2. “Really? So, is this how you want me to get fired?”

The response to give a coworker who is competing with you. 

While they taunt you to be you and open up, you can share this response in a friendly tone. 

They very well know that it’s risky to be you. 

Or maybe that’s why they tell you to do so. 

Whatever, but this one is a lighthearted reply to share.

Funny Response To Just Be Yourself At Work

3. “If anything happens after that, I will blame you for that.”

You have no any problem just being yourself. 

Just, you are so well aware of the potential consequences for the same. 

Share this response in a direct and serious tone. 

Also, you make them aware that if anything goes wrong they have to take responsibility. 

Because it’s them who makes you be yourself.

4. “Thanks, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.” 

Actually, you wish you could be yourself at work. 

But you have to mind the professionalism and company norms. 

It’s not like you’re afraid, but you know how to adjust your behavior according to the situation and place you’re in. 

So, when a colleague tells you to be yourself, give this polite way to dismiss the suggestion. 

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What Does “Be Yourself” At Work Mean?

Knowing you’re reserved and not open enough, your coworker might tell you to ‘Just be yourself’. 

You just joined this company a week ago. 

Obviously, you are taking your time to settle in this place for now. 

But when your coworker says “Be yourself” that means they notice that you’re hesitant and facing challenges to act normal.

What Does Be Yourself At Work Mean

Well, take this advice and work on it slowly. 

And, there are also some problems with being at work. 

So it’s not a good idea to be completely you at your job, just be mindful of that.

Whereas, you can have some lighthearted conversation at work.

You could try the shared replies to tell them what stops you from being you at work.


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