17 Better Answers To “What Are You Doing?”

  • February 15, 2024

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You know even if you say ‘Nothing’, they will keep asking “What are you doing?”. 

So, it’s better if you end the useless discussion now. 

Whether someone asks you in person or while texting, you can try these smart and better responses to explain what you’re doing right now. 

Also, these are your answers for when you do not want to talk about it.


How To Cleverly Answer To “What Are You Doing”?

Indeed, it’s based on the connection and situation, you can tell something what you do now. 

Sometimes it’s necessary. But most of the time, it’s not. 

Sometimes, you’re in a mood to talk about it. 

In other cases, you just don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing now. 


If someone interrupts you, being nosy, and asks you “What are you doing”, and you wish they hadn’t asked you so, share the clever answers instead. 

It’s a hint for them not to disturb you again. 

As you’re busy or not in a good mood to talk about it. 

Take a look at these Clever responses to “What are you doing?”:

1. “It’s a top secret between me and myself. Can’t tell you.”

You suspect that this person is keeping an eye on you. 

So, you give them this secretive response. 

As you don’t want to give them any hint. 

2. “Minding my own business. What about you?”

This one is a smart approach to tell them that they’re annoying you

Share this with someone who invades your personal space.

3. “Take a guess and keep it to yourself.”

You want to keep them busy with something so they won’t bother you further. 

So, you give them a task to figure out what you’re doing.

4. “Wrong question at the wrong time, buddy.”

Humoursly dismiss the question, when you don’t want to waste a sec.

5. “I have no idea how to describe. So I’m not telling you.” 

Life puts you in a complex situation. 

And, you have no idea what you do and where it will take you to. 

6. “Give me some time and I will explain it to you.”

At work when a coworker often interrupts you asking what are you doing, you can give this polite response. 

Also, it’s a clue for them that you’re quite busy. 

7. “I will tell you when I know what am I doing here.” 

You’re stuck at what you are up to. 

And, you want your way out. 

So when you’ll figure out you will tell them.

8. “Why don’t we both find it together?” 

Because they seem so excited to know what you’re doing, you invite them to join. 

You already know they won’t participate. 

But this way you put them away from you for a while. 

So you can concentrate on your work or something you do.

9. “I’m doing something that you should do right now.”

To a friend or coworker who doesn’t work but wastes other’s time, this is the right response. 

A clever comeback to tell them to do something important in life.

10. “I can see you forwarded this message.” 

So, you guessed that this person asked the same of many other people. 

But the question is why they do so.

11. “Doing something that you will never think of doing in life.” 

And, that’s something meaningful and worthwhile. 

Which this person never cared to do. 

You tease a person with your cleverness, who needs to grow up.

12. “Sorry, but you don’t deserve to know that.” 

Here you avoid their question. 

Because you don’t want to put yourself in further discussion, explain what you’re doing there.

13. “Ask me something new?” 

You have given them the answers many times. 

And, now you wish they had changed their approach. 

14. “Do you really want to know or just asking?” 

You have multiple answers to explain ‘What are you doing?’. 

So you first confirm the context of them asking you about it.

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15. “Please don’t ask me, I’m just a boring person.”

This person is talkative and has nothing else to do. 

So when they ask about your work, this is how you can save your time. 

16. “I know what you want from me right now.” 

A witty comeback to tell them not to play games with you. 

Here you just want them to talk about why they are here.

17. “What will you do, knowing what I’m doing?” 

As they ask you a simple question, you ask another one. 

It’s a short but smart answer to stop them from asking about it again.



Well, now you’re ready with these great responses to give to “What are you doing?” question from someone. 

You can use this when you have no time to waste answering it. 

Especially to get rid of some annoying and nosy people, such clever and smart ways are the right choice. 

Also, when your friend or crush asks the same question you check out the other responses that discuss flirty replies and funny responses to the ‘What are you doing?’ over text.


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