17 Funny Things To Say When Someone Interrupts You

  • February 15, 2024

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Agreed, interruptions are just mood killers.

No matter how excitedly you talk about something when someone interrupts you, that’s disrespectful.

But what you could, it’s their habit now.

Well, if that’s your friend or coworker, you could use your humor and try some witty and funny comebacks to the interrupter(s) who now getting irritating.


How To Respond When Someone Interrupts You?

No matter what you do/say, someone never believes that they are an intrupter. 

Well, you could try the polite response like ‘Let me finish it first’ or ‘Speak when it’s your turn’ when they interrupt you in the middle of your talk. 

But if that doesn’t work, you should try the next approach. 

And that is to roast that interrupter. 

Yes, just make fun of their habits. 

Especially to someone from your connection, you wish they no longer cut you in mid-conversation, you better try some witty roasts and comebacks on them. 

For your help, here are the funny things to say to interrupters who has no manner. 

How To Respond When Someone Interrupts You

1. “Don’t be so desperate, we all know you’re present here.”

A combined response to relax the interrupter who wants the spotlight. 

It seems they have a FOMO. 

But you tell them to calm down and not stress out.

2. “Can you please wait, I have limited things to say compared to you.”

You are all aware that this person always has something to say. 

This clever response taunts their talent to know about everything. 

3. “Relax, you will get a chance to speak. Trust me!”

As they interrupt you in the important discussion, you politely stop them. 

It’s like you assure them that they can talk later.

4. “Sorry, you can take over now. I have nothing else to say.” 

It’s certain that with the interrupter you won’t let you continue your speech. 

So, you should let them say everything they want to say, first!

5. “Okay, so everyone now the next part will be continued by ‘(name of the interrupter)’” 

As you say it, this will leave an interrupter in shock. 

Because they must not be ready for it. 

You let them complete your speech, and it will put them in embarrassment. 

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6. “This is not about you, but about me.” 

Some people interrupt because they want the attention. 

They won’t tolerate that you’re having it all. So by interrupting, they try to break your confidence. 

But with this witty comeback, you show interrupters their place. 

7. “No one is listening to you, so please be quiet.” 

Such a straightforward and sarcastic response to deal with a chronic interrupter. 

8. “You’re here to just listen, not to speak.” 

Maybe they are a little too excited to speak that they carelessly cut you in the middle. 

And, sometimes you have to clarify it. 

Funny Things To Say When Someone Interrupts You

9. “If you know so much about this, then why don’t you take my place.”

You want the interrupter to be at your place and finish the presentation. 

Indeed, you might have researched and prepared this research, but it seems that this person knows more than you. 

So better to let them speak instead. 

10. “I think you should complete it first. I’m sorry for the interruption. You go on.” 

Such a perfect and humourous response to give when someone interrupts you at work. 

You just waiting for someone to do your job and here you go.

11. “That’s the worst opinion ever. Don’t embarrass yourself.” 

You have noticed that everyone is so annoyed with this person. 

They have no sense of speaking. 

And, they keep interrupting not you, but everyone. 

12. “Is anyone has asked for your opinion? Then I think you should shut up.” 

In the friendly chat, when a friend interrupts you can try this response instead of ‘Who asked?’.

This comeback is effective and leaves them embarrassed.

13. “You have a valid point but your time is just so bad.”

You admit that this interrupter has put the right words here. 

But they just had no patience to wait to complete your speech. 

14. “So you think you know my life better than I am? That’s good!” 

You were talking about your experience with something. 

But this person who has no clue just took over the whole conversation from you. 

So you ask them this clever question. 

15. “So, you came here just to correct me, Is that right?” 

Anything you say, they just have to give feedback after.

So you may guess that they are working to correct your every sentence. 

A sarcastic response to let the interrupter know that they are getting annoying. 

16. “You’re good, but not that much that I will tolerate your interruption.” 

This is a clever approach to tell them that you feel annoyed with their habit.

You indeed appreciate and value them.

But as they become so interrupting, you have to make it clear to them.

17. “Let me know when you’re done. So I can continue after.” 

Interrupters are so impatient that they can’t wait for them to speak. 

So you give them an open place to speak as you have nothing else to say. 

This works well when it’s only two of you and that friend is interrupting you a lot. 

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What To Say To Someone Who Interrupts You?

Some people interrupt due to their habits, while some do so to hurt your confidence. 

Fine that they are excited or have something interesting to add. 

But still, interruption is such a bad thing. 

Even worse, when the interpreter has no idea that they are cutting someone off. 

What To Say To Someone Who Interrupts You

So when you politely tell them not to interrupt or talk in the middle, it’s no guarantee that could stop them. 

Well, the best thing you can do is to just make fun of them. 

Mostly when everyone is so annoyed with their habit of interrupting. 

So from now on, when someone interrupts you in any conversation, you can have these funny things to say to embarrass them for this bad habit. 

Who knows, they will no longer dare to cut anyone else after!


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