29 (Flirty And) Funny Things To Say After “Guess What?”

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No matter how creative or innovative you are, but when someone asks ‘Guess what?’, this question always stumps you.

And, our regular response is ‘What?’.

Because, at the time you’ve no idea what it is regarding and exactly what they want us to assume. 

Even though, you still guess, it’s not what they expected. 

So they want you to guess another time.

And, another.

If that confuses you or irritates you sometimes, here in this post, we’re sharing some better responses to give after ‘Guess what?’ from your sibling, friend, or crush. 


Funny Things To Say After “Guess What?”

You accept that you’re already bad at guessing games. 

But your friend still wants you to assume exactly what they have to share.

To play with them a bit, you can try some unexpected and humorous responses like these when a friend or someone asks you ‘Guess who’ or ‘What?’. 

Funny Things To Say After Guess What

1. “Sorry, I’m very bad at guessing. Can you tell what I guessed?”

 You don’t want to be part of the guessing game.

But they drag you into that. 

So you do the same back at them. 

2. “Whatever I guess that surprisingly happens in real life.”

This is scary, what if you guess something and that actually happened to them or the entire world? 

So you’d rather say ‘good luck’ before you share your guess. 

3. “Is it a girl or boy? Oh, wow, when did this happen?”

When your unmarried friend tells you to take a guess, excitedly, give them a humorous answer. 

4. “Okay, I have guessed it. Now, you guess what’s on my mind.” 

Play a bit of a game with them like they’re doing to you. 

Act like you’ve guessed and then tell them what you guessed. 

It will make them realize how difficult it is. 

5. “I’m not in a mood to play. Maybe we should do it some days.”

Not right now, you’re thinking about something. 

Your friend wants you to take a guess, but right now you only have bad things in mind.

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6. “That’s what you’re better at, I just don’t think.”  

They don’t do anything but only guess or dream about big things. 

And in real life, they don’t actually act accordingly. 

7. “I can but at this time, I need you to guess my mood.” 

If this is your friend, they better know your mood at the time, before playing a guessing game. 

8. “Don’t talk about ‘Gas’, that’s damn too pricey.” 

This shows you’re not in a good mood but worried about something. 

So you guess about nothing but the common issue that bothers you or everyone. 

9. “I can’t do it, my mind doesn’t work like you.” 

You can just act like ‘never mind’ you can share it or not, I’m okay with it.

A bit fun but a careless response to ‘guess what’ like you’re not equally excited as them. 

10. “Oh, not again. Please go play a guessing game with someone else.” 

This friend tells you to guess about something unexpectedly. 

And this is your witty response to say that you’re not going to guess anything. 

11. “What will you do if I don’t?” 

Well, you just have to be sure about the consequences that could happen. 

12. “Let me guess, is it something for you or me.” 

You could take a perfect guess.  

But first, you just need to know what is regarding and related to whom. 


Flirty Responses To “Guess What?”

You don’t dare to make fun of you’re a guy or girl for asking this silly question ‘Guess what?’. 

Because you have a secret crush on them. 

So you want to give some cute answer like you’re excited also just like them. 

Maybe they’ve something special to talk about or finally want to express their feelings, here are flirty things to try. 

Flirty Responses To Guess What

1. “I’m already guessing you and I are together.” 

While your crush says ‘Guess what’, in a sweet mood, you want to tell her that you always think about you both together. 

2. “No, I’m not guessing, but I can dream about our future.”

That’s what you’re planning with your crush or partner. 

And you don’t have to guess about it, because someday you’re about to make it happen, too. 

3. “Are you about to propose to me for marriage?”

If that’s the thing that you want them to ask about, just say it. 

At least they have a hint of what you expect from them in this relationship. 

4. “You have a crush on me, right? Same here.”

When your crush asks you to take a guess, you can try such a flirty response. 

5. “You have been in love with me from the very first day.”

Maybe you feel it or this is actually how you feel about them,

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Sarcastic Things To Say After “Guess What?”

This gets annoying that even after every failed guess, your sibling isn’t sharing what’s in their mind. 

But you’re losing patience and want to end this guessing game right now. 

So, at last, you’re going to give them such savage or sarcastic guesses like these. 

Sarcastic Answers To Guess What

1. “I was hoping. Now, I’m guessing that you’re not here.” 

Because you’re not in a guessing mood or don’t want to do it. 

So you wish this person to disappear, and you say it. 

2. “Why do you always have to create suspense?” 

With every small thing they have to talk about, they make you guess it. 

How can you know what they are up to? 

3. “You’re adopted and you just know it today. Am I right?” 

If they’re playing ‘guess what’ jokes on you, you’re also ready with your ‘adaptation joke’ to use as a response. 

4. “You finally got a job, Right?” 

It might be a sarcastic answer to a sibling who has nothing to do. 

Because they’re excitedly asking you to guess, maybe that’s what they want to share.

5. “So you will tell me what to do, huh!”

Say it in a straight face like you mean it. 

You’re just messing with this new friend in a group. 

This eventually sounds like ‘Take orders from elders, but never give them orders. 

6. “How dare you make me do something for you?”

Saying how dare you, will shock them, as it’s totally unexpected. 

Because they ask you to take a guess which is unexpected for you, too.

7. “Guess what? Your bright future?” 

You’ve no idea what to say after this ‘Guess what’ question. 

So you take a guess about something, which isn’t going to happen or is just impossible in this life. 

8. “Don’t waste my time, tell me what you have to share.” 

This person not only makes you take a guess but also makes you wait. 

Which gets quite frustrating and you’re an impatient guy for all of this. 

9. “You have won the lottery and you want to share it with me?” 

In this sarcastic tone, you ask them if your guess is correct will they share anything with you? 

Then why they’re asking you to take a guess? 

10. “Can I guess that you’re finally returning the money that you borrowed from me?” 

Because nothing makes you so happy than this. 

Give this sarcastic response to a friend who asks you for money but never returns. 

11. “Umm, you found something about me and your girlfriend?” 

That’s a bit of a risky joke you could tell to your friend. 

But fine, if you share it with someone who has no girlfriend. 

12. “So, It’s you who farted just five minutes ago, I know that.” 

And you don’t have to make a guess about it. 

Because you already know who is always responsible for creating such chaos.

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What To Say After “Guess What?”

Before you choose what to say and answer a guessing game, you must know why this person is asking you that.

Well, it’s confirmed that this person has something new to talk about. 

Or it could be that they’re happy and want to share good news with you. 

What To Say After Guess What

This is such a nice thing that they trust you, that’s why they’re asking you to take a guess. 

But it’s also a fact that when someone tells you to ‘Guess something’, it confuses you.

As they have not given you any hints to guess about. 

Before you choose to reply either funny or flirty, be mindful of what you say after ‘Guess what’.

Remember this person is excited to share something, in return you should express you’re feeling the same. 

So, just say something positive or nice things after ‘Guess what’, this shows you’re equally happy about them. 


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