9 Best Replies To “How Are Your Parents?”

On a random meeting with your relatives, they may ask “How are your parents?”.

Same, your friends who also ask so. 

Whether they know your parents closely or not, this expresses their politeness. 

If you are looking for some interesting replies to it, other than ‘Just fine’, this post will help. 

Here are the better ways to respond when someone asks about your parents’ well-being.


What To Reply To “How Are Your Parents”?

Well, depending on who is asking, you can give different replies. 

Also, if you want to be honest about your connection with your parents, you can share it. 

But in most cases, they don’t need to know about it. 

As it’s your private matter.

Someone who asks about your parents and family is being polite and doesn’t need to know much about what’s going on in your home. 

If you think what could be better answers to ‘How are your parents?’, here are some options:

What To Reply To How Are Your Parents

1. “Parents, they are perfectly fine. Thanks for asking.” 

A better alternative response to the standard ‘They are fine’ reply. 

You thank someone for asking about your parents. 

Because they are being polite here even though they don’t know your parents well. 

2. “I’m not living with them. But, I’m sure they are doing well.” 

Maybe you are so busy in your own life, that you have no spare time for your family. 

Or it’s been a long time since you haven’t talked with your parents.

But you’re so positive that your parents might be great.

3. “They are enjoying their retirement greatly.”

Your parents have just retired from their services and jobs recently or long ago. 

This response expresses your feel proud of your parents for everything they did for you.

4. “My parents are doing all well. How about yours?”

You update them about your parents and that they are all well. 

In return, you also be polite and ask them about their parents. 

To a friend who doesn’t know your parents, this is a good response.

5. “Great. They often ask me about you.” 

Your friend asks you about how your parents are doing. 

Because your parents know this friend, you tell them that your parents talk about them.

This nice response made that friend feel like part of your family.

Nice Reply To How Are Your Parents

6. “My home is nearby, why don’t you come and meet them?” 

When a relative asks about your parents, this is a good answer to share. 

You invite them to your place, as your home is nearby.

Such an inviting response to give your relatives, particularly. 

7. “I think they are doing fine.”

You think that means you do have not much idea how parents are doing. 

A bit of a funny response to share with friends who might know why you said so.

Your relationship with your parents isn’t normal, that is what this response shows. 

8. “They are getting older, but feeling younger than ever.” 

After meeting for a long time with a friend or your old connection, they also ask about your parents, too. 

This is a positive response that shows your parents are your inspiration. 

Seeing them happy in life, you also feel confident and positive. 

9. “As always they are enjoying life.” 

There’s no change in the way your parents are living life. 

To your connection who knows your friendly parents, this is a better response. 

Showing your parents are doing great.

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What Does “How Are Your Parents Doing” Mean?

Someone who asks about how your parents are doing, they care to know about their well-being. 

Not necessarily, they want to know how your relationship with your parents. 

They ask so casually. Also, because they know your parents well. 

So, keep that in mind you better limit your response to ‘Fine’ and ‘They are good’. 

What Does How Are Your Parents Doing Mean

Whereas if this person is aware of your connection with your parents, they ask to know more about it. 

Based on your comfort, you could be honest with them. 

If you don’t want to talk much, also to avoid any awkwardness, better if you try these responses when someone asks ‘How are your parents?’. 


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