52 Best Responses To “I’m Proud Of You” From Someone Close

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Someone is proud of you, and that’s the most rewarding feeling. 

But, what would be the better way to respond to “I’m proud of you” other than saying ‘Thank you’ only.

Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

Simply thanking them is an immediate reaction to it.

But, when you want to make your responses feel more genuine and special, you need some unique things you can say.

Based on the situation and who says this, here’s a list of the best responses to share.


How To Respond To “I’m Proud Of You”?

How to respond to i'm proud of you

Yeah, ‘Thank you’ is not the only response.

There are some super special and engaging responses you can give when someone very close to you, says that they’re proud of you. 

We’ll cover some of the better responses you can give, like thanking them, making them feel special, or making them laugh. 

And, that nearest person could be your parents, partner, or friends.

Likewise, these are special, cute, and funny replies when someone says ‘I am proud of you’ and you don’t know how to respond next. 


When Parents Say “We’re Proud of You” (Good Responses)

If you’ve finally graduated or you’re the first one who got an A + in your entire family, your parents express how proud and happy you are.

And, here are the respectful replies to respond with:

When Parents Say We’re Proud of You

1. “Thank you, Mom and Dad, you’re the reason for this.”

2. “Wow, I’m so glad to hear that. Thank you so much.”

3. “Bless me that I keep doing bigger things than this.”

4. “That’s my life goal. Great to hear this.”

5. “Truly grateful to have such a loving family. Thank you all, too.”

6. “I don’t think that without your support I can make it.”

7. “It’s all because of your blessings and good luck wishes, I could make it happen.” 

8. “Keep believing in me, I will make you proud more and more.” 

9. “I wasn’t happy with this performance. But, seeing you’re proud of me, I’m fine.” 

10. “I’ve told you that, you’re going to feel proud of me.” 

11. “Yeah, if Grandpa was here, he would have said the same.”

12. “Glad that I keep our family tradition alive.” 

13. “I didn’t expect that this would mean so much for us. Happy I did it, finally!”

14. “Thank you so much for this great compliment.” 

15. “You’re the most amazing parents and thank you for believing in me.”

16. “I can make it possible only because you give me hope. So thank you, Mom and Dad!”

17. “Mom, dad, you’re my inspiration to work harder.”

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When Friends Say “So Proud Of You” (Funny Responses)

Especially when your best friend is saying ‘You make me proud’, they aren’t just complimenting you.

It may be a taunt from them to do something unusual. So you better know in which tone they’re saying so.

To reply to that right, here are the better and funny responses to ‘I am proud of you’ from your bestie.

Funny Responses to I Am Proud Of You From Friends

1. “What a surprise! I’m proud of myself, too.”

2. “We’re brothers, don’t you forget that!”

3. “Well, in that case, you should be proud of yourself, too.” 

4. “For what? Did I do anything extraordinary?”

5. “If you’re proud of me, buy me a pizza, then.”

6. “And I’m so ashamed of you. How come you didn’t come to watch this match?”

7. “Yeah, this means a lot to me. Thanks, buddy!”

8. “You’re like my elder sister or maybe even more than that.” 

9. “What, do you really? Oh, you’re one of my trusted supporters!”

10. “I wish everyone had a genuine friend like you.”

11. “Tell me something else, I’ve heard this at home. You’re my friend, not my parents!”

12. “You shouldn’t be. Because this was someone else’s idea.”

13. “Oh, thank you, friend. You’re the first person who is happy with it.”

14. “That’s the response I was expecting from you.” 

15. “I knew it, if no one was going to like this. You certainly will. Thanks.”

16. “Whatever I did, I just did it for our friendship, Bro.”

17. “What proud! You should be ashamed of yourself for not helping me out here.”

18. “I’m grateful to have such a supportive and trustworthy friend like you all.”

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When Your Loved Ones Say “I Am So Proud Of You”(Special Responses)

Your partner is really happy about the achievements that you have made in your life or career.

Plus, they also express how proud they are, when you do something special for them.

Don’t just thank them, you can reply with some cute responses to let them know that you’re proud the same as they are.

When Your Loved Ones Say I Am So Proud Of You, Special responses

1. “No, I am more proud of you, too. Dear!”

2. “Oh, really! I made it just for you.”

3. “I’m so happy to have you in my life, thanks!”

4. “I’ve been waiting for a long time to give you this surprise!”

5. “Thanks. But, the real credit goes to you and you only!”

6. “And, you are the best thing ever to happen to me.” 

7. “I love you, and always will be doing.” 

8. “Well, that truly makes my day. Thank you so much!”

9. “I was excited to see your reaction. So happy for us!”

10. “You will even fall in love with me again seeing the next surprise!”

11. “I’m so glad that you’re there to give me support.” 

12. “I think you deserve the credit for this all. Without you, I couldn’t do it.” 

13. “Dear, I’m very lucky to have you.”

14. “Thank you for always being such a supportive partner.”

15. “Thanks to you, as well for being such a caring and supportive partner.”

16. “I’m happy that you’re with me in good and bad times.”

17. “Let’s see where we can go with this. I’m excited, are you?”

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “I’m Proud Of You”?

Well, that means they’re impressed, happy, and overjoyed with what you did, achieved, or say something.

Especially when you get to hear this from your parents, it means they’re happy to see you grow up the way they raised you.

Also, they’re proud of you, when you do something like your family has been doing or you did something way greater or different than anyone in your family so far. 

Meaning Of When Someone Says I’m Proud Of You

Overall, seeing your parents, family, and loved ones are proud of you, is a great compliment.

It is an accomplishment that makes good memories in life.



When someone says ‘I’m very proud of you’, first of all thanking them is the common response we usually have.

And now, that you have the other responses to ‘I am proud of you’, you can share the same based on who’s saying this and after which event. 

So, if you’ve achieved something in your educational or professional field, and someone tells you that you make them feel proud, it means you did a great job there.

They are so happy about your achievement and celebrate this success genuinely. 

A compliment like this means a lot to us, seeing that we give our people a chance to be happy and proud because of us. 


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