39 Ways To Tell Your Parents That You Have A Girlfriend

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No matter how open-minded they are, telling your parents that you have a girlfriend is a real challenge. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a girlfriend while you’re studying. 

But the hesitation to inform your parents about your girlfriend is real.

(While she already knows how’s everyone at your home. And, she often asks you to introduce her.)

But, because of your strict parent, you feel hesitant to set up a meeting.

Here, you’re concerned more about how your parents will react or if they’ll accept her. 

In any case, you don’t have to be frustrated if you discuss it appropriately.

After considering the situation there and your parents’ mood, find the right time to tell your parents about your new girlfriend.


Best Ways To Say ‘I Have A Girlfriend’ To Parents

It is quite risky to bring your girlfriend home without informing your parents first.

That also could make you and your girlfriend uncomfortable. 

It’s better to inform your parents in advance before the first meeting with her. But, how?


How To Tell Your Strict Parents That You Have A Girlfriend?

There’s a chance that your mom might overreact or your dad will stop giving you money. It’s just a negative thought. 

First, be positive.

Look for the bright side that your parents will appreciate that you inform them, as you can also keep her a secret.

How to tell your strict parents you have a girlfriend

1. “Are you free this weekend? Because I want to introduce someone.” 

2. “Mom-dad, I want to tell you something really important. It’s about a girl I met recently.”

3. “So, I found a girl in my college. We both like each other and she wants to meet you.”

4. “Hey dad, I have a confession: I have a girlfriend, it’s been around four months.”

5. “I know this is a bit early. But I feel like I found the one I don’t want to miss anyhow.”

6. “Of course, this is the time for me to focus on studying. But, she’s cute though.”

7. “I don’t want to hide anything from you. So, I’m saying this: I love a girl at school.”

8. “Well, you always ask where your money went, right? Actually, I’m not alone anymore.”

9. “I could hide this from you. but I’m not raised that way. But, I’m in love with someone.”

10. “Instead of anyone saying, I would like to tell you that ‘Yes, I have a girlfriend’.”

11. “I’ve been focused on studying alone. But this girl caught my heart, she’s pretty.”

12. “I like a girl, don’t get me wrong, she helps me with my homework. She’s intelligent.”

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How To Introduce Your Girlfriend To Supportive Parents?

If you have a loving parent, they’re going to celebrate when you say that you got a girlfriend. 

But, still, there are some good ways to let your parents know about her. 

Introduce your girlfriend to parents

1. “You always wondered why I smile on the phone, right? That’s my girlfriend.”

2. “Hey Mom, I would like to meet you with someone special. She’s just like you. “

3. “I’ve never hidden anything from you. nor will I. This time I would like to say: I have a girlfriend.” 

4. “Dear Mom and Dad, I like to introduce a girl from my college. Yes, I like her and she’s coming home today.”

5. “I know no one in our family has ever had a girlfriend. But this girl is wifey-material!”

6. “At least you should be proud that I’m the one in the family who has a girlfriend this early.” 

7. “Hey Mom, how do you feel when you find out that your son got a girlfriend?”

8. “I could hide her from you guys. But I can’t do it, so I want you to meet her.”

9. “There’s a girl I’ve been seeing lately and she is really an amazing person.”

10. “Mom-dad, I have something really important to say. It’s about my new girlfriend.”

11. “Do you remember the last time I went on a date? That girl is coming home this evening.”

12. “You always tell me that I’m not serious, but I am and now I have a girlfriend, too.” 

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A Friendly Parent Asks About Your Girlfriend

Having a friendly parent has its perks that you don’t have to worry about anymore.  

Possibly, your supportive parents often ask you ‘Are you seeing anyone?’.

Well, the next time they ask, you have the answer ready.

That’s better if you follow some funny and special way you can tell them that you have a girlfriend now.

When Parents Ask About Your Girlfriend

1. “Mom-dad, I have a boyfriend. Just kidding, I’ve got a girlfriend! So, don’t worry.”

2. “Will you be happy to see that I have a girlfriend or just laugh at me?”

3. “I’m very excited to introduce my girlfriend to you, but she’s shy. Can you help?”

4. “So, do you remember the girl that you met at my school? Yes, I’m talking about her.”

5. “She’s caring and such a good person that I’ve never met before. And, I fall for her.”

6. “I’m so happy to announce that finally, your son get a girlfriend.”

7. “There’s a girl that I like to invite to your birthday. She bought a surprise for you.” 

8. “Please promise me that you won’t throw me out of a home if I say: I have a GF.”

9. “So, you know me and Sonia have been friends for a long time. But not anymore.”

10. “There’s a girl, I love her and I hope you meet her. Before we start our relationship.”

11. “Dad, I proposed to a girl on our last date and she said yes. I would like to introduce her.” 

12. “Hey, I want you to meet someone tonight. Can I bring her home?”

13. “You always ask if I like someone. Finally, I have found the one in my life.”

14. “No, you don’t have to worry about my marriage. I already have a girlfriend.” 

15. “So, there’s a girl in my life lately. We’re both in love. I met her family and now she wants to meet mine. Can I call her home this Saturday?”

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The first time you tell your parents about your girlfriend might feel awkward for you. 

When you’re serious about your relationship and you both are in love, sooner or later you have to tell your parents about her. 

But, there is something to consider first. 

Check that your parents are not mad at you for any reason, first and foremost. Or your family environment is good. 

How to introduce your girlfriend to your parents

And last, you feel it’s the right time to inform them. 

No matter how strict your parents are, when they care for you, they will agree to anything when they see you’re happy.

You could hide your relationship from them. 

However, you tell your parents that you have a girlfriend, which also means that you’re serious about this relationship.

Always look on the good side.

When the time is right, just say it. 


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