39 (Savage &) Sassy Answers To “Are You Seeing Anyone?”

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Of course, it’s annoying to attend family functions when nosy relatives are there to ask you “Are you seeing anyone?” and so on.

The same could happen anywhere. Even at your high school reunion.

So, you should be ready with how to respond to it.

If that makes you not attending such events, you should have the savage to sassy answers to “Are you dating someone?” to give to your relatives, family members, or friends.

You wish you could ignore this question, but you can’t.

So, it is better if you tackle it confidently.


When Someone Asks “Are You Seeing Anyone?” What Do They Mean?

First, you should also know why someone asks so, before reply it anyway.

Typically, when your relatives and especially ‘the aunty’ ask this, they have nothing to discuss other than this or want to peek into your relationship. 

Plus, your parents or grandparents ask this to know if you’ve a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Whereas, when your high school friend or college buddies ask if you’re seeing anyone that means if you’re dating someone right now. 

No matter from whom this question: “Are you seeing anyone?” comes, they are interested in knowing about your love life.

Also, to see if you are with someone or looking for a relationship.

When Someone Asks Are You Seeing Anyone (Meaning)

How Do You Answer: “Are You Seeing Anyone Else?”?

The next time you visit any parties or functions, make sure to have your comeback ready. 

For your help, these are some of the funny, clever, and sassy answers to ‘Are you seeing anyone?’ questions from annoying aunties, uncles, or that damn friend. 

When the same question comes frequently, especially from the same person, you should give an answer that makes them regret asking. 

Here, shared answers are funny to savage, and you better know which one to give and when.


Sarcastic and Savage Answers To ‘Are You Seeing Anyone?’

Well, these are some powerful comebacks to shut them down permanently. 

Sarcastic and Savage Answers To Are You Seeing Anyone

1. “Are you just asking or have you already found a person to introduce me to?”

You’re exposing your relative, who wants to fix you up with some random guy in their connection.

2. “Do you know, I already have a boyfriend? But don’t tell anyone in my family, because they also know.”

Give that relative some topic so that they won’t bother you or your family.  

Well, check out these funny responses to ‘How are you?’ to make someone’s day.

3. “Who told you that? My mom or granny?”

Based on the response, you have separate answers, that’s why.

4. “Yeah, but he’s seeing your daughter. Do you know that?”

Let your relatives be aware of what’s happening at their house. 

With such a savage answer you make that sneaky relative keep an eye on their business only. 

5. “Yeah, I’m looking for someone to clean my office.”

This a perfect answer for someone who is in a relationship but has no work to do. 

While you’re the complete opposite.

6. “Indeed, I’m waiting for him to meet me when you leave.”

Hopefully, now unwanted guests can leave with this savage response.

7. “Not just one, I’m making an entire team.”

You’re an ambitious person who has no time for a relationship, but money.

8. “Do you think I should start seeing anyone?”

Maybe you already began searching, but as your relatives are asking this you’re being innocent here. 

We’re sure, you also need even better comebacks to unsolicited advice from your relatives.

9. “Yes, my grandma already told me to do so, I do it for them.”

Such an obedient child you are. 

So respectful, this is just to get a blessing that you get one sooner.

10. “I’m happy alone and I think you have a problem with that, right?”

They just can’t tolerate how you could enjoy being alone while they’re miserable in love.

11. “I’m seeing someone who is not from here. With whom I can leave this city or country as soon as I can.”

P.S: So that I no longer have to deal with people like you.

12 “Oh, I just showed someone. Wait a minute I just came back. “

Act as if you are already seeing someone, and now you’re going after them.

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Clever Answers To “Are You Dating Someone?”

When your family members or parents ask you, if you’re dating anyone, these are some clever and good ways to respond. 

Clever Answers To Are You Dating Someone

1. “Right now, I’m only seeing myself. I need a lot of work before I begin my search.”

With this answer, you’re being honest that you’re seeing someone also getting ready for them.

2. “I’ve been seeing someone. I’m right now on a short break.”

Either you’re tired or already found one, but keep it a secret. 

3. “I already began my search, but I only ended up dating someone desperate for marriage.”

While you just want a casual or one-night stand, right?

4. “The answer is no. But, what if I tell you that someone is seeing me? You can consider that.”

Nothing you’re just flexing here.

Well, also be prepared with these funny responses to ‘when are you getting married?’ from your neighbors or relatives.

5. “Umm, I’m seeing someone but ‘we’re just friends!’, Yeah!”

It’s complicated, you know that.

6. “Not for the long term. I enjoy seeing new people every week or month.”

That’s the right time for it. Give a clever answer, there is nothing to hide. 

7. “Nope, not at all. I’m busy working on something. By the way, you can see anyone for me.”

Don’t take pressure from anyone, just pass it to the same person.

But, this makes the perfect answer to give your parents who check if you see anyone. 

8. “Yeah, I think the same, too. That’s why I adopted a dog already.”

Your parents or grandma trying to talk about your relationship, with this clever answer changes the topic.

9. “Of course, I can see everyone. Aren’t you seeing anyone?”

If your grandma asks if you see anyone?

Take her to an eye checkup. She can’t see properly.

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Funny Answers To “Are You Seeing Someone?”

If you’re still single or recently broke up and someone from your friend circle asks if you’re dating someone else, these are some quirky and fun replies to share.

Funny Answers To Are You Seeing Someone

1. “Yeah, but only one.”

You’re taunting this person, hope they won’t feel offended.

2. “I’m seeing someone but they’re still far away. Can I have your binoculars?”

Give such a funny answer to ‘Are you seeing someone?’ question from your friend during the party.

3. “You’re my best friend, you should know that.”

If they’re unaware they’re not your bestie anymore.

Maybe you’re waiting for someone to say yes to a marriage proposal.

4. “Do you have anyone? Is he an electrician, plumber, mechanic, car washer, or anyone?”

Because you’re not desperate for a relationship. 

But looking for someone to help you with the setup of your new home.

5. “Not anyone? I’m just seeing anything on the internet.”

Youtube, TikTok, Netflix,… everyone’s favorite hub, and lots of things you see, but not anyone.

6. “I’m confused, are you asking me about my love life or do you want me to find someone for you?”

Maybe this friend or relative wishes that if you dump someone, you share contact with them. 

7. “Actually, I need someone to join me on my next trip, but not you, please.”

Let your friend know that you have a high standard. 

8. “Thinking to meet only one who is worthy to have me.”

Because you need someone who can handle you. 

9. “Well, I’m just waiting for your break up.”

And, his girlfriend or boyfriend is ready to make the move with you.

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Sassy Answers To “Are You Seeing Anyone Else?”

No need to hide, you just enjoy your company and not seeing anyone right now.

With these sassy responses, you show someone how happy you are in life and you don’t need anyone.

At least for now.

Sassy Answers To Are You Seeing Anyone Else

1. “Ummm, I’m looking for someone who is honest just like me and understandable unlike you.”

It might hit them hard, but it is what it is.

2. “Right now, I can only see you and nobody else. Let’s have another drink.”

When a friend asks if you’re seeing anyone, you suddenly think of your ex. 

Get another drink now, but make them pay for it this time for what they just did.

3. “I’m just seeing one for me. But I heard the rumor that you two are seeing the third, is that true?”

The ultimate comeback to give when you no longer want them to ask the same. 

4. “Yea, I’m seeing someone, but only someone who is equally hot as my celebrity crush.”

That means you don’t want any less. And you’re not seeing anyone, but someone. 

5. “Anyone? No, I have my standards clear, I must look for someone.”

Not fun here. You know what you want in someone. 

6. “I’m seeing a lot, but waiting for someone to remember my name.”

After the business they just forget your name, you just want someone like a real deal. 

7. “That’s not the topic here. What about your relationship? I heard you broke up with your boyfriend.”

Give them something similar to know how it feels. 

8. “Of course, I see him and he sees me. But we’re not seeing you.”

This person is just trying to come in between and block them. 

9. “Yes, It’s only you.”

You just want to give them a hint that you do have feelings for them.

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How To Answer “Are You Dating Someone?”?

We know a question such as this is enough to spoil your party mood and make you avoid going to such functions and gatherings again. 

That’s why we share some of the best answers to ‘Are you seeing anyone?’ in this post.  

How to answer are you dating someone

As long as you don’t give them a powerful response, they keep asking the same questions.

Of course, you don’t want to be rude.

But walking away is not enough for them. 

Such savage to sassy answers will make your aunts, friends, and someone never ask the same question again.

We’re sure about that!


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