24 (Funny &) Savage Comebacks For Siblings Who Annoy You

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Generally, a sibling either annoys you with ‘parents love me more than you’ or ‘I’m older so I get more privileges’.

This leaves you with no choice. 

But, now is the time to strike back. 

Enough tolerating your annoying siblings. Wish you could stop them somehow.

So here, we’ve got clever roasts and savage comebacks for siblings to win the next argument(s).

Whether you’re older or younger, with a rapid response like these, you take back your power and stop your sibling from winning over you.


Best Comebacks For Your Annoying Siblings

Most often, after a heavy argument with siblings especially, you realize you have something to add or wish you had said something differently. 

In the urge to say something, you might not think of that at the time. 

Since you and your siblings fight frequently, why not prepare your guards in advance?

For the next round, you can have these comebacks for siblings to annoy them, before they do. 

1. “Call me stupid or laugh at my face. But, don’t forget we’re twins.”

Before you replied, they were making fun of your looks… Now they accept it as fact.

2. “I have a challenge for you. For the next four days, you will not say a word.”

For a few days, you wish your younger brother or sister would stop talking at home.

You want to experience what it is like to live in a peaceful house.

3. “How can you be so annoyed and still get praise from our family?”

You know how obnoxious and mean your siblings can be.

Your family might be tricked into believing in them, but not you.

Because you know them well.

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4. “I have so many things to say about you, as well. But, you aren’t mature enough to understand that.”

Tell your siblings that he/she is still a kid without telling them he/she is a kid.

Such a direct and savage roast to give your sibling.

5. “Do whatever you can, but I was here even before you.”

This is a classic comeback to share being older siblings with younger ones.

It tells them you’re not just the first but the original for sure. 

Savage Comebacks For Annoying Siblings

6. “Do you think taking a long shower will wash away your wrong deeds? ”

Else, you could also say siblings that staying in the bathroom longer won’t fix their idiot faces, either.

7. “Shut up. I also believe that our parents should have stopped after one.”

Well, you wanted a savage comeback to tell your sibling, here you have it.

By accident, your parents said so, while scolding you and your sibling last time.

8. “Let me guess… you didn’t get the food, right? Because now, you’re eating my brain.”

Your sibling goes mad when their stomach isn’t filled with food on time. 

As you are minding your own business at home, your sibling keeps annoying you, so you respond in this way.

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9. “I forgot to tell you that a cute girl was asking me about you. But as you annoy me, I’m not going to tell you anything.”

If you want your sibling to stay nice to you and stop bothering you, let them know that you have something of interest.

Maybe you will get more respect this way.

10. “I’m not sure how your friends are still calling you a friend.”

That is to say: ‘Whereas I secretly wish you weren’t my brother.’ 

Maybe this is the time to tell them ‘I know, what’s wrong with you‘, just to mess.

11. “No, I don’t have time for you right now or later on, FYI.”

The younger sibling always irritates you and makes you bored with his nonsense jokes.

Get rid of annoying siblings with such savage responses like this.

12. “No, no-no… I’m thinking about me, that I was born in the wrong house.”

This isn’t your sibling’s fault, but your family’s.

First, they took you into the family, and now forced you to deal with an annoying sibling.

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13. “Our parents love you more. Hence, proved… you’re adopted!” 

Since this is a backhanded compliment, it will confuse your younger sibling.

Especially when your sibling isn’t smart it may take them some time to think about what you meant by it. 

14. “Go change this, you make me ashamed to call you one of us.”

As you prepare for a family function, your sibling’s unique dressing sense or makeup makes your entire family feel insecure. 

If this is the case, roast your sibling for their appearance, being real with them.

15. “Our parents already know you won’t be good enough. So, they have to bring me here.”

Well, if you end up being targeted by adoption jokes, have this as your savage comeback.

You can share this with your older sibling who tries to disturb you. 

Sarcastic Comebacks For Siblings

16. “I don’t want to hate you, but I can’t do any further than that.”

You could do any more, but you’re more mature. So, you have accepted the reality. 

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17. “I had a wrong impression of the small kids. Because of you only.”

Because your own younger brother or sister annoys you the most, you easily get irritated around children.

Now, you believe that all kids are the same. 

18. “I wish I could disrespect you so hard, but you’re one of us.”

It’s a fact. Anything you say about his family is upon you.

This one certainly adds to the humor of the situation.

Even your sibling can’t stop laughing at it.

19. “Right now, I’m regretting when I found you. Hope, you were lost there.”

To even roast your sibling, add further, “Did you remember the last time I and Dad left you in the zoo?” “Yes”. “Actually, that wasn’t a mistake.

We left you there intentionally.” This might help you get rid of your siblings, but they now bother your father.

20. “Don’t try to be cool. You can never just like me.”

You can also call your sibling a copycat if they often try to be like you.

And let them know how weird they look doing so.

21. “Do you know why we often visit the zoo? So your family can see that you’re in better condition.”

With this response, you’re showing your sibling their place.

And, where they belong.

22. “You’re grown-up but only physically, not mentally.”

Remind your younger sibling, seeing them growing up so fast was a scary experience.

From an early stage, you realize how difficult they’re going to be in the future.

23. “So, apart from taking selfies with that stupid face, what did you do today? ”

A perfect roast for siblings with no real job except being on the phone and making videos for TikTok or Instagram. 

24. “That’s why no one wants to be your friend, know that.”

Often, you find your siblings’ behavior annoying. 

To be a good family member and have more friends outside, you want him/her to change.

With an honest response, you tell them this because you do care for them.

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How To Roast Your Siblings?

Well, the savage comebacks for siblings we shared here aren’t to hurt their feelings. 

These ideas are just to make an argument equally when your sibling is better than you or is the older one. 

Having such comebacks on hand gives you an advantage in the argument. 

It’s also necessary for your sibling not to be offended by this.

You both playfully tease each other and don’t take each other seriously. 

Also,  when you two are bored, this is to keep you two and the whole family entertained.

Just be sure not to cross limits while roasting your sibling!


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