37 (Savage And) Respectful Comebacks For Your Parents

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Many times, you already have great comebacks for your parents when they’re scolding or advising you. 

But, you don’t want any trouble.

So, you choose to stay shut and just agree with them. 

But, when their mood is right or you have a bond with them, you can say what’s on your mind.

These honest responses don’t have to be savage always.

Sometimes, respectful replies for parents are the ones that you need.  


This Isn’t ‘Talking Back’. It’s Simply Good Replies When Parents Are Wrong.

It is advised that we shouldn’t talk back to our parents.

Sometimes parents can be wrong, too. 

In cases like, when parents say ‘You’re adopted’, as a joke.

Often, they don’t understand you or mostly they shut you up by saying “I’m your daddy (or mom)”. 

Well, when you have a valid point, you might want to share some effective responses to your parents’ comments on you. 

Because here, they’re being just too much. 

There you’ve two options: either be respectful or savagely logical with your replies. 


Respectful Comebacks For Your Parents

You know your parents love you, they do care for you.

And, you certainly don’t want to hurt their feelings, at all. 

These are some good comebacks to your parents. So this debate never goes on forever.

Respectful Comebacks For Your Parents

1. “Dear mom-dad, we’re nice people. We don’t do that.” 

2. “Do you know in the neighborhood everyone says you’re the best parents?”  

3. “Of course, I love you both. I’m just scared and worried about this version of yours.”

4. “I just wanted to be your proudest son. Not to hurt you anyway.”

5. “I do care for you. But this time you’re not understanding what I’m saying.” 

6. “Of course, I’m smarter now. After all, I was raised by great parents.”

7. “Due to such behavior, I’m giving you 1.5 stars as parents’ services.” 

8. “What you’re doing to me, I won’t do it to my kids. Actually, I couldn’t.”

9. “I’m going out at least with the hope of meeting someone to listen to me.” 

10. “How can you do this to me? I’m one of you.”

11. “So, you teach me to stay calm. While saying this in your highest pitch.”

12. “It’s you who are my parents. And, I know you know me more than myself.” 

13. “You taught me this and now you’re not accepting this.”

14. “I’m not saying that you’re old. It’s just that your generation has stopped learning.”

15. “It’s not like you won’t understand me, but you don’t want to understand me.”

16. “Don’t blame me, I didn’t get any chance to select you as parents, either.”

17. “I’m silent because you said never to talk back to elders. So I do what you taught me.”

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Savage Replies To Parents When They’re Too Much

Not every time you and your parents agree to the same.

That confusion raises arguments that will always be there. 

When your parents say the same thing or advise you repeatedly, these are some savage and funny responses to share. 

But, only when you and your parents are more like friends. And nobody is that sensitive or serious.

Hopefully, these responses will give everyone good laughs at home.

Savage roasts to say to your parents

1. “Come on, I’m not asking for advice or suggestions. I’m informing you.” 

2. “Okay, this is how I’m supposed to handle my children in the future.”

3. “You taught me to respect your elders, but you forget to follow the same.” 

4. “You blame our new generation. But, you’re the original version. We’re just an update.”

5. “Can we talk about this after the exam? This is really making me defocused.” 

6. “Don’t think that I’m arguing. No one can argue with you. You’re perfect!”

7. “Grandpa told us that at our age you’re even worse. Compared to you, I’m nothing.”

8. “Why am I asking for money? Because we don’t have money plants in our yard.”

9. “I’m not complaining. I’m just saying what you don’t know.”

10. “My friends say you have the coolest parents. This is how you’re.” 

11. “I’m going to complain about you to your parents. They’ll handle you better.” 

12. “I think it’s time to remind you of the lesson that you taught me.”

13. “For the last half an hour, I’ve been listening to you. I’m waiting for my turn.”

14. “Before saying anything to me, don’t forget I learned everything from you.” 

15. “Yeah, I do not understand. But at least I’m listening to you.”

16. “I would praise god, if he gave me a chance to pick parents.” 

17. “I’m not talking back. We’re debating on something. That’s how it works.”

18. “You can call me dumb. But don’t forget I was raised in this house and by you”. 

19. “I wish I had great parents like you. I mean to say, as you have.” 

20. “Wait a minute. Grandma…”

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So, these are some of the best comebacks for your parents with some care.

Share it only when they are in a fun mood. 

But, remember this is just for fun, we don’t want you to take any trouble in your relationship with your parents.

The generation gap and differences in understanding will be there.

But that doesn’t mean your parents will never understand you. 

Maybe they already did.

But they care for you more. You shouldn’t forget that. 


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