15 Funny Comebacks When Someone Calls You A Loser

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Even if you’re not, when someone calls you a loser, it affects you in some way.  

Most will give you advice on completely ignoring what others say to you. 

But when someone says so on your face, don’t just accept it like a loser. 

They attempt to put you down.

Be smart, show your confidence, and give these comebacks on being called ‘a loser’. 

Sometimes it becomes essential to say something powerful, to show not to mess with you ever. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You A Loser?

Either jokingly or during an argument, when someone says ‘You’re such a loser’, don’t let it affect you a bit. 

After all, why should you? 

First thing, who are they to define you, right? 

They’re just nobody.

But being called a loser quite a time, indeed hurt your confidence. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Loser

And especially when someone says it in front of others, that’s so disrespectful. 

But hey, you don’t have to tolerate such nonsense anymore. 

Have some clever and effective things to say, to defend your confidence. 

It would be better if you already have some comebacks on hand before anyone calls you a loser. 

Whether they call it seriously or out of a joke, you need to say something, or else they will keep calling you a loser from then on. 

1. “I might be a loser but I prefer to do something and aren’t afraid to lose.” 

They call you a loser because you tried something and failed. 

And, this response means you criticize them for doing nothing but making fun of you for your failure. 

2.“Haha, That’s the best you got?”

Show them that their insulting words do not affect you. 

They might call you a loser, but you know it’s them actually.

And, not you. 

3. “Yeah, I’m a loser, because I can’t be perfect like you in everything.” 

You give this sarcastic response to someone who thinks they’re the best. 

But actually, they are miserable people and everyone knows that. 

4. “Still this loser has more experience and knowledge than you.” 

It’s true because you work on something and never easily give up. 

But this person never does anything important. 

Maybe they are just scared to take action. 

5. “Is there any clue how I can be a winner like you?”

They call you a loser, which means they think of themselves as a winner. 

What a joke! 

And here, you sarcastically ask them for advice so you won’t be a loser anymore. 

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6. “Well, I accept being a loser. That’s better than being like you.”

When someone says anything to insult you, say something to insult them back. 

They think only they’re right. 

But with a clever comeback, you shut them down by showing them their level.  

Smart Comebacks for Loser

7. “Because I’m the real one!” 

You accept that you’re so dumb and not smart like them. 

Because you can’t trick others into believing in you. 

Whereas, you choose to be real and that’s what makes you a better person than them. 

8. “This means I’m better at one thing. But you… just look at you.” 

Share this smart response to annoy someone who calls you a loser. 

This will make them furious because you mean to say they are good at nothing. 

9. “Are you done? So, this loser can do some work.” 

Every loser has some work to do and they are not useless. 

They keep hustling even when they fail at something. 

So, you taunt this person for not doing anything but criticizing others who do something. 

10. “I wish I could be as lucky and cunning as you. But I accept being who I am.” 

That’s even better than having no respect and love from others. 

You don’t feel ashamed of yourself. 

Because you do nothing wrong to others. 

11. “Still, I’m not anywhere near you.”  

This is a sarcastic comeback to tell someone how a loser he is. 

Some people offer nothing good to others, they just criticize others who do something. 

With this thing to say you tell them that you are a loser but compared to them, you’re still nothing much compared to them.

12. “Because I followed everything you said to me.”

When a friend calls you a loser jokingly, this one is a fun response to give. 

Call him your guru, your inspiration, but you learned many things from them. 

And that’s why you lose, you can say that. 

Funny response to being called a loser jokingly

13. “What else?”

Someone who calls you a loser wants to hurt your confidence.

But with this response, you ask what else they have to say about you.

Instead of ignoring them, this is a better response.

14. “If I lose and you win, that’s my win actually!”

Well, your crush teased you by calling you a ‘loser’ as you lost the game against her.

This is a flirty comeback to show that you don’t mind losing when it’s her win.

15. “And, what do you think you are- ‘A winner’? Huh!”

For them, you are a loser, as they just told you. 

So you in return ask them, do they even know who they are. 

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When Someone Says “You’re A Loser”

It’s disrespectful when someone calls you a loser. 

And that hurts your self-esteem at a greater level. 

But think about why you should take their words to heart.  

When Someone Says You're A Loser

Why even allow them to define who are you, Are they even perfect in any way?

Nope, they are not even as good as you are.  

So, their words have no meaning. 

While someone is trying to push you down by calling you a loser, with these comebacks you take control and make them think of themself.  

If they call you a loser during an argument or friendly chat as a joke, with these smart things to say you show that ‘You’re the winner, actually’. 


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