17 Funny Replies To “Nothing Much” Over Text

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We can feel your frustration of getting ‘Nothing much’ text from them. 

But, it doesn’t always have to be like that. 

Especially to someone you have a good connection with, you better reply with ‘something more’ that starts an engaging conversation.  

Maybe this person is bored and wants something to do. 

So just as an attempt to ‘do something’ together, you could respond interestingly or humorously. 

Let’s find out what you can say to a text that leaves ‘Nothing’ to say in response. 


How To Respond To “Nothing Much” Text?

When you’re hoping to have some conversation with someone and they just reply like ‘nothing much’ is certainly a dry text response

Possible that they don’t want to talk about what they do or just do nothing. 

Well, don’t think that there’s nothing for you to say either.

Of course, you can say something clever, funny, or even flirty, based on your connection with that person.

But you just need to be mindful before you actually respond this way:

How To Respond To Nothing Much Text

1. “Yeah, me, too. But I’m texting with you.” 

Well, at least you’re doing something. 

This one is a simple but direct thing to say. 

Because she’s at least texting with you. 

2. “Then let’s catch up and do something.” 

Saying ‘nothing much’ also means ‘I’m doing nothing and available right now.’

If this reply is for your friend or crush, you can tell them to ‘Let’s meet up then’, if they want. 

3. “After some time you will be doing something with me.” 

Because as friends you’re not going to let them do anything alone. 

Whether they’re doing something or nothing, you’re there to accompany them. 

4. “Okay, I thought you were free? Text you later, Bye.” 

They tell you that they’re doing nothing much, which means they’re doing some ‘thing’. 

It’s a witty reply that you act like they’re busy and don’t want to disturb them. 

5. “I’m going to take a ride. Wanna join me?” 

When you text someone asking ‘Any plans for the weekend? 

And they replied, ‘Nothing much, what about you?’, it’s your chance to have some plan together.

You can invite them for a ride or do something they’re interested in. 

6. “Then at least, do something that makes your parents feel proud.”  

You’re telling this to a friend who always replies ‘Nothing much’ but this.

Use this as a savage response. 

Because it’s too boring to always do nothing. 

7. “Same as how you respect our friendship?”

You here try using sarcasm to break the boredom.

At least you might argue or talk about something after this witty response.

8. “That means you’re up to something very secret. I get it.” 

You must believe that if they tell you they’re doing nothing, it means they do something. 

Something very important or private, which they don’t want to share. 

Maybe they are on a date with some girl or just binge-watching their favorite show. 

Right now, they’re not interested in texting with you.  

Funny response to nothing much

9. “Nothing much but thinking about someone, Right?”

You can use this response on your crush, just like asking ‘Who’s your crush, then?’

Because you’ve some idea that it’s you, hopefully. 

10. “Can I join you to do ‘Nothing’?”

It’s clear that you and the person you’re texting are also bored.

That’s why you may have texted them, asking ‘What are you doing’ or something. 

If you respond this way, it shows that you are also doing nothing.

11. “Well I have done ‘nothing much’ many times, but not with you.” 

That means you just want to be with them and do whatever they do. 

You like to know how it feels like doing nothing with them. 

12. “I know that’s what you do all the time.” 

Whenever you ask them about something, you get the same response ‘Nothing’. 

So this time, you expected something new from them. 

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13. “If you want, I can give you something to work on.”  

On asking a colleague when they replied doing ‘nothing much’ means they’re doing the same regular job. 

Well, you need their help. 

So it’s the smart way to ask for it. 

14. “Doing ‘Nothing’ or ‘Much’ thing?” 

It’s confusing already when someone says ‘nothing much’ over text. 

So, you just want to ask them what they mean by that. 

15. “I’m not asking how much money you make.” 

When your friend says ‘nothing much’ to your previous text, share this fun response. 

It’s obvious you know that well.

You just asked them how’s work going or about life.

16. “Let me know when you have something to say.”

You asked them something and they replied nothing much.

Well, you can’t force the conversation so you leave it on them.

That to approach you when they are interested or have something to say.

17. “All the best, keep doing it then.”

They told you that they’re doing nothing much. 

It already sounds like this person isn’t in the mood.

So, you better not interrupt them with their boredom. 

Yeah, better if you just leave them to their situation. 

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When Someone Texts “Nothing”

When someone says ‘Nothing much’ in response to your question like- what do you think or do, it means they have nothing else to say, do or discuss with you. 

Accept it, as they are not in a mood right now. 

Also, this person is boring and does not want to share anything with you.

When Someone Texts Nothing

Generally, the right response to ‘Nothing much’ is to not reply at all. 

But if you want to get their reaction out, you can try being sarcastic, funny, or flirty while responding to ‘nothing much’ in a text. 

Hopefully, that could make them say ‘Something more’ then after.


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