7 Formal Ways To “Confirm Email Receipt”

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In formal business communication, it’s important to ‘Confirm email receipt’ on time. 

Especially when this is a work email with important information or an urgent matter to address.

Whether you get this mail from your internal department, client, vendor, or business associates, you should confirm their email before they have to remind you about it. 

In case, you missed it and they’re asking for the email confirmation. 

When that happens, this is how you can confirm the ‘email received’ from the sender. 


How To Reply To “Please Confirm The Receipt Of This Email”?

Well, if a client is asking for the confirmation of their previous mail receipt, it means they’re concerned about whether you get the mail or not. 

It could be some information, order details, documents, or payment receipts. 

Being professional, respond to ‘Please confirm email receipt’ promptly and formally. 

Depending on the connection with the sender and the urgent matter, you need to confirm that their mail is received, accordingly. 

Here are the professional ways you to respond to the same. 

How To Reply To Please Confirm The Receipt Of This Email

1. “Thank you for the follow-up. I confirm the receipt of your previous email.” 

When a client or customer asks for email confirmation, send a normal and effective response. 

It’s an ongoing conversation, and they might be worried if you received their message. 

But, your immediate response like these assures that you’ve their mail. 

2. “I’ve received your message. That I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.”

This is regarding some service request or order from the sender. 

If this job is taking time, you clearly let them know that it may take some time.

And you will share an update, as it’s done.  

Based on the type of mail, inform the sender that you’re working on their request. 

So they don’t have to worry anymore.

3. “I’ve checked your mail and verified the files you sent. I’ll contact you if I need more. For now, that’s what I need. Thanks.”  

When the email has an important document attached, or some bill along, the sender expects you to send a confirmation. 

In their mail, they’ve mentioned the documents they’ve attached. 

So, you’ve to check and confirm if you got those files correctly.  

Also, a proper response is to confirm the email receipt from the candidate who sent you their documents for the hiring process. 

4. “Noted that. Thanks for your mail.” 

While communicating over text, saying ‘Noted’, is the receipt of their message. 

And, that you can use while confirming the email receipt as well. 

It might be the short one, but sometimes it’s enough. 

Especially when the sender just wants to know if the email has reached you. 

5. “I hereby confirm receipt of your mail. Also, I’ll keep in mind the important points you mentioned.” 

When the boss or client sends some suggestions over mail, inform them, and you follow that. 

In that case, you along with the mail receipt can also confirm that you understand the message or recommendation they shared. 

You agree to their conditions, accepting the suggestions. 

Also, update them that you’re working on their demand.  

6. “I apologize for the delayed mail confirmation. But, don’t worry, I received it on time.

Sometimes, being so busy at work, you forget about sending email confirmation. 

So apologize for the late email response that they’ve asked you to confirm.

Maybe the mail was in a spam folder, but you’ve found it eventually.  

This one is a formal way to confirm mail receipt if there’s some delay for some reason.

7. “Your mail and payment have been received. I am also confirming to start your services within 2 hours.” 

Here is a client or vendor who has made the payment, sending you their confirmation receipt. 

It’s an important message and the client needs to be assured that their mail and payment reached you. 

When this is regarding some service request or product delivery, also confirm when it will be started or delivered to them. 

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What Does ‘Confirm Email Receipt’ Mean?

In formal correspondence, every message through the mail is important.

And so, it needs to be followed properly. 

Hence, the recipient must receive the mail, as intended.  

Maybe, the sender might have sent some urgent need, or request or provided information over mail.  

They want confirmation of the email receipt on time and it’s the right form. 

What Does Confirm Email Receipt Mean

The purpose of ‘Confirm email receipt’ is to assure the sender that their mail and message have been received on time. 

And you’re following the message accordingly. 

When it comes to important documents or payment or bills-related mail, be sure that you confirm email receipt as soon as you receive it. 

Professionally, it would be better if you confirm the receipt of an email in such an important case.

That you should do without the sender having to ask you for it. 


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