9 Funny Responses To “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

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When someone like your friend asks ‘Tell me something I don’t know’ and if you’ve nothing to share, that’s bad! 

Definitely, they might be bored at the time.

So, they want to hear something interesting or new.

But if you’ve nothing cool to talk about, you could still respond interestingly.   

In this article, we are sharing some sarcastic and funny responses to share when someone asks you to tell them something.


How To Respond To “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”?

Whether over text or in person, when someone wants you to share something that they don’t know, it’s a challenge. 

Yes, challenge.

Because it comes unexpectedly. 

Maybe at the time, you might not be in your best mood to share anything interesting.  

How To Respond To Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

In other cases, someone asks so, when they want to know something new about you

Whatever it is, if you have nothing to share or don’t feel comfortable talking about yourself, here’s what you can say when someone asks ‘Tell me something I don’t know’. 

1. “You don’t know how to cook.” 

You know it well and maybe they don’t know about it for sure. 

Indeed, it’s a risky reply to share with your wife or girlfriend. 

But you can share with your roommate though. 

2. “There are many things you don’t know, like how to behave maturely, apologize, and…” 

You take a chance to tell your friend to be aware of something that they don’t know.

These are indeed important things they should know about it. 

It might be your way to roast a friend, but they will understand it right.  

3. “I don’t know what you know and what you don’t know.” 

It’s really a tricky question, how can you tell something which they know or not? 

The fact is, you don’t know much about them either. 

4. “Relax, you don’t have to know everything about me or anyone.”

This is a sarcastic response to your nosy people or friends who always have to question everything. 

You could tell them to calm down and to pressure their mind. 

Inform them it’s fine that you don’t know about everything. 

Sarcastic Responses To Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

5. “You know almost everything about me, nothing new.” 

You and your bestie know everything about each other. 

There’s nothing secret anymore.

So there’s nothing to talk about

But if your best friend still asks you to tell me something I don’t know, reply this way. 

6. “That’s all you want to know, nothing more than that.” 

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to not share everything with someone. 

Even if this person seems trustworthy, some things are better if not shared. 

Tell them what they need to know you already shared. 

7. “I want to know, why do you want to know everything?”

Like they are curious to know more, you also want to check why they ask such a question. 

You are already frustrated with their annoying behavior

And when you have to deal with some sneaky people again, you just say it clearly. 

8. “Your father. You don’t know that but I know it well.”

Share this one as a joke to a bestie who challenges you to share something they don’t know.

It’s even funnier when you deliver this response without wasting a second.

9. “Oh, I love that song, let me share it with you.”

You were actually listening to the song ‘Tell me something I Don’t Know’. 

Maybe they have no idea that this song exists.

So, you could share this song. 

Because they don’t know there’s a song with the same title. 

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What’s The Meaning Of It?

When someone asks ‘Tell me something I don’t know’, it’s not necessarily because they just want to discuss anything. 

It could mean that they want to discuss something about you that they don’t know.

Same, when you talk about the same thing over and over again, someone uses this phrase as a response.

Here, it means ‘Please, tell me something new, not this, I already know it’.

What's Meaning Of Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Next, when this is a developing connection, the phrase ‘Tell me something’ means they want some personal discussion with you. 

If you feel comfortable discussing things about yourself and want them to know about you, you can share something more. 

But if your friend asks so ‘Tell me something I don’t know’ as a joke, you take it that way. 

s they feel bored and want to hear something new.

If you have any jokes or mind blowing facts to share, tell them. 

Else, you can just try these funny and sarcastic responses to skip the question. 

Sometimes it’s better if there’s still something which they don’t know about you.


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