15 Best Replies To “How Are You Holding Up?” (With Its Meaning)

  • February 21, 2024

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When someone asks ‘How are you holding up’ they know what you’re going through.    

This is an extremely challenging situation. It stresses you out. 

You can expect this question from someone close to you. 

Or, the one who is experiencing the same. 

The question shows their concern for your well-being.  

They ask so, to know how you handle yourself during this tough time.

In this post, we will discuss some positive replies to this question, as well as what’s the meaning of it.


How To Reply To “How Are You Holding Up”?

Your family or friends often check on you while you’re struggling in life.    

And, by asking this question they check how you feel or how you cope with this situation. 

They might be aware of the event or not, but they want you to stay strong. 

Based on how comfortable you’re with sharing your difficulties with someone, you can choose how to respond.  

For some idea, here are some sample replies you can share on asking ‘How are you holding up?’ from someone. 

How To Reply To How Are You Holding Up

1. “This time is really tough. But, glad you’re with me.” 

Someone who is aware of your tough situation and cares to ask, this is how to reply. 

This way you actually appreciate someone for being with you. 

They morally support you by asking you how you hold up. 

2. “I’m so lucky that I have friends and family like you who believe in me.” 

You’re going through some challenges in life that only the closest ones are aware of. 

They’re the ones who give you express their faith and confidence in you. 

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3. “I can’t lie, but I’m not okay at all. I don’t know what to do now.” 

To someone you trust, you can be honest about your situation. 

You can ask for help if you need it. 

It’s fine to share what you are feeling and thinking at the time. 

4. “Sorry but right now I don’t want to talk about that.”

This incident has a significant impact on your mind. 

You want to get rid of the impact on you. 

But when someone asks ‘How are you holding up?’ you politely tell them to talk about something else, other than this. 

5. “Everyone at home is all well. Thank you for caring for us.”

Your relatives and well-wishes ask ‘How are you and your family holding up?’, after some event. 

In response, you update them how’s everyone at home.

That you and your family are okay or adjusting

You all are trying to move on from such a challenging incident.  

6. “Things are slowly coming back to normal. And, I’m feeling better now.” 

After some event, you’re in a recovery period. 

Everything gets back to routine life. But it takes time.

A family, close friends, or someone is worried about you due to such an event. 

So being positive, you tell them that you’re holding up well, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Good Response To How Are You Holding Up

7. “I think I know how to adjust to this situation, I’ve nothing to complain about.” 

You’re not in a mood to complain about your job or toxic boss. 

Well, you might have some fixes for it, but for now, you’ve accepted it. 

Even more, you no longer think much of it, and you don’t take it too personally. 

8. “Please take care of yourself. Don’t worry about me. I’m all good.” 

Your parents and family are the most worried when something wrong happens to you. 

Whether you’re fine or not, you want them to stay calm and not to think about anything.

This response shows you are capable of handling yourself. 

That you don’t want them to feel stressed because of you. 

9. “I really need you with me. Can you please come here?” 

It’s getting tough that you can’t hold yourself up anymore. 

You need someone to be with you.

This is someone you trust the most, who asks you ‘How are you holding up?’ so you tell them what you want. 

10. “I learned the biggest lesson from this event. I no longer feel negative anymore.” 

Whatever happened, completely change the way you look at life. 

Maybe you learned an important lesson or got mature. 

But this reply shows that you’re getting better and becoming more positive about what you’re going through. 

11. “It’s always good to have you with me. Only you can understand me well.”  

Your best friend, who can relate to your situation, asks about how you hold up. 

In response, you show that their support means a lot to you. 

You truly appreciate everything they do for you.

You notice their presence in life and how they support you during tough times. 

12. “Holding up? What are you talking about?”

When a friend asks you how you’re holding up, this is a funny answer to share.

Maybe you get over with some incident, but they have no idea about it.

This shows that you really have no idea what they’re saying.

13. “I believe there must be some reason. So I’m hopeful and not stressed about it.” 

This shows your positive approach to the way you look at life. 

You don’t choose to complain.

But, you look at the bright side of the situation. 

This response conveys such hope which further makes someone feel relaxed as you’re holding up yourself right. 

14. “Well, I’m strong. So don’t worry about me.”

To someone who worries about you, you assure them that you’re feeling better.

You express your confidence and strength.

This further shows that you won’t let it affect your life any longer.

15. “I hold up as my belt does to my pent.”

No matter how the situation is, this response is a hilarious one.

This will release the tension.

Also, you tell them not to worry much, because you are doing fine.

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What Does “How Are You Holding Up” Meaning?

First, this question is a caring question and not a casual one. 

Someone who asks ‘How are you holding up?’ doesn’t mean to have casual small talk. 

What Does How Are You Holding Up Mean

They are aware of what’s happening with you and how you are feeling during such a tough time. 

While the ‘How are you?’ question comes casually and it has no meaning involved, the question ‘How are you holding up?’ is quite serious. 

And, it has an intention to talk about something.  

This question is a way to show moral support in a difficult phase. 

As well as it allows you to genuinely share how you are feeling at the time. 

While replying to ‘How are you holding up?’ from someone close, you also have to be careful that they won’t feel stressed more than you.

Especially your parents and family.

They care the most about you, you don’t want them to feel tense. 

In such a case, you have these positive replies to share to show that you’re holding up well. 


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