11 Cute Answers To “How Romantic Are You?”

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When someone asks ‘How romantic are you?’ they ask so casually.

Or, they want to know it genuinely.  

A guy or girl who has an interest in you, may ask this to test you on a personal level. 

If this question comes to you out of nowhere, you’ve no time to answer it well. 

And as you fail to share anything interesting, they start to think that you’re unromantic. 

No matter what, you can’t let your crush feel the same about you. 

Always have something sweet and cute to say. 


What To Answer To “How Romantic Are You”?

You might consider yourself a romantic person, but this question gets you. 

First, you feel insecure as someone questions your romantic skills. 

But also, you can’t prove that you’re romantic right away. 

What To Answer To How Romantic Are You

Well, you don’t have to do anything at all. 

Handle this question cleverly and respond to it cutely. 

When a guy or girl asks you ‘How romantic are you?’ don’t feel offended or confused. 

As here, we’ve prepared some cute answers for you to try. 

1. “Just give me one chance and you will know how romantic I am.”

Your crush questions your romance and it hurts you. 

So, with this flirty response, you tell her that you can show them what kind of a romantic person you are.  

You only need their permission to proceed. 

2. “I don’t know what to say. But with the right partner, there’s no limit.”

You tell them it all takes the right partner to be fully romantic with. 

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3. “I could create a much better romantic scene than you ever see elsewhere.” 

Your new girlfriend asks how romantic you are and she wants to know it. 

Following that let her know that because you both have a real connection, your romance would be perfect.

4. “My romance is pure and genuine. It’s not from any movies or novels.”

But, it comes straight from your heart. 

You don’t have to refer to any other source to get romantic, you’re a born romantic person. 

5. “Even though I’m not a songwriter, I could write you a romantic song.” 

There’s no limit to how much you love your favorite person

You could do anything to romance with them. Just anything. 

6. I’m romantic enough to bring you to bed every night. And, bring you breakfast every morning.”

You know how to treat your partner right, whether it’s day or night. 

Flirty Response To How Romantic Are You

7. “I could be as romantic as you want me to.”  

This one is a funny response to share with your partner when they ask how romantic you are. 

You can add tastes, flavors, and levels as you want. 

It’s their choice. 

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8. “I don’t have any certifications to prove that, but I can show you LIVE.” 

You can’t just talk about romance over text only, but there’s more to do. 

You can show them how romantic a partner you could be. 

9. “You will feel loved the most. So don’t worry about it.” 

If your fiancé asks you how romantic a person you are, they seem quite worried. 

Relax them that they’ve chosen the right person who knows how to romance. 

10. “I’m so romantic that you will tell me to be serious in life later on.” 

Because when you start romancing, you will forget about anything in the world. 

Indeed, romance is not everything. 

But for you it’s everything.  

11. “If it’s with you, I could celebrate Valentine’s Day like every day.” 

You don’t have to wait for the perfect day for romance like most couples. 

Like your partner is special, you can romance them as if every day is a love day.

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When Someone Asks How Romantic You Are

The question is subjective and it has no definitive answer to share. 

Also, you want to share an answer based on who’s asking this.

When Someone Asks How Romantic Are You

When your friend or anyone asks, you can just avoid sharing it. That makes no difference. 

But when your crush or partner asks about it, take it to heart and answer it genuinely.  

Have something special to share in response when someone special asks ‘How romantic are you?’. 

You can’t be dull or unromantic toward that special someone.  

Mostly, when this question is being asked in a developing relationship, your replies matter a lot.


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