21 Best Answers To “What Is Your Biggest Fear?” At Interview

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When the interviewer asks “What is your biggest fear?”, they wish to find your weaknesses.

Since they see you as a confident person throughout the interview.

And, now they want to test your honesty.

You don’t want to waste this chance by giving any weak answers. It can change their perspective of you. 

But you also have the challenge of sharing answers, that keep the trust in you.

Also, you should avoid saying that ‘I have no fear, at all.’

This makes no sense if you ask.

You need to be careful of what to say when the interviewer asks you about your greatest fear. 

For your help, here we’ve listed a few examples of answers if this question often stumps you.


How to Answer To ‘What Is Your Biggest Fear?’ – Interview Question?

Well, there’s no need to feel shy away from mentioning your fear, when asked. 

But as you’re at the job interview, your answers have to be something that proves you’re an honest and confident candidate. 

If you’re preparing for a job interview or looking for the right response ideas, here are the best answers to give next time on asking about your biggest fear. 

How to Answer To What Is Your Biggest Fear Interview Question

1. “To be honest, my greatest fear revolves around terrible mistakes.”

This answer can be viewed in two ways, you’re afraid of making decisions.

And second, you care what if your decisions will fail. 

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2. “It’s public speaking. But I’m already working on it.”

Everyone has this common fear.

When you say it that’s fine, but also show you do something to overcome this fear. 

Give answers, to inform you don’t let this fear stop you, your career needs you to take action on it.

3. “My fear at the workplace is to deal with unhealthy competition.” 

Because you’ve already experienced how it affects your work motivation and passion.

Now, you want to avoid it. Such a mindful answer you can say to ‘your biggest fear’ question for a new job interview.

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4. “The most fearful part for me is not getting paid for the hard work I provide.” 

You’re insecure and uncomfortable.

But with this answer, you say you want a job that appreciates your talent.

Certainly, you don’t want anyone to undervalue you again.

5. “I fear starting something new without any help.”

That means, you always need some help to start something fresh.

That’s fine, if this company offers a supportive team environment, they assure you that you don’t have to deal with it here anymore. 

6. “Something that bothers me a lot is being judged and doubted.”

You don’t want everyone to judge you on everything, but sometimes they do.

Secretly you wish that confidence to say ‘Sorry, that’s not my job‘ to deny work beyond your reach or responsibility.

It’s just hard for you to focus on your work when someone always micromanages you. 

You work the best when given freedom and trust.

And, no interruption. 

7. “Failing to cope with change is my greatest fear in my career.”

Having such kind of fear in rapidly growing industries and competition is acceptable.

This shows your concern about not being able to match with the growth of technological change or else.

The good part is, this fear keeps you up for any new thing.

8. “My secret fear is that I try to be perfect in everything and get lost.”

It just comes naturally to you. you can’t leave something on average.

This could either go the right way or the wrong way, but you have to be perfect.

This answer said so.

9. “I feel scared of being unsupported and ignored at work.”

When you give this answer in response to the ‘What is your biggest fear’ question in an interview, you expect full guidance and support at this new place. 

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10. “It’s always fearful for me to not give my best.”

You want to give your best to whatever task you’re given.

And it’s the fear that gives you the motivation to do the best you can do.

Hopefully, your interviewer sees this answer the right way.

11. “The greatest fear is having to deal with office politics.”

You’re giving this answer with the hope that you get a sound environment and friendly people to work with.

You’re ready for work challenges… But politics at a workplace that you want to avoid as much as possible. 

What is your greatest fear Interview question

12. “The dark side of corporate culture- is my nightmare.”

Maybe that’s why you’ve been working for startups and growing companies so far.

This is a good answer when questioned about your track record.

Also, why you haven’t worked with any corporate company yet?

13. “I don’t want to be overlooked and isolated from the team.” 

Of course, you love working with the team.

But handling the ignorance and silent treatment from your team is just your biggest fear at the workplace. 

14. “I fear not being able to get the job that will justify my passion.”

You don’t want to waste anyone’s time, particularly yours.

You know what your career calling is.

But the fear of not landing a job that matches your passion holds you back. 

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15. “For now, my fear was what if I get late for this interview.”

Just a fun response to the ‘What is your biggest fear’ interview questions.

When you’re on time or slightly late for this interview, this makes sense at least you admit it. 

16. “To start over again in life, it really scares me a lot.”

It’s a normal fear for those who work hard on something they are really passionate about.

You are just saying that you always give your best due to this fear. 

17. “I fear wasting my time on something that isn’t meant for me.” 

It’s a nightmare for anyone.

Nobody wants to give time and effort to something where there’s no meaning to it.

Especially when you’re in the early stage of your career, you can give this answer. 

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Then you better have some smart reasons for not attending an interview.

18. “I don’t want to be the same for the rest of my life, this fear is also my motivation.”

You really want to change your life and can’t stay still.

You are a motivated person, but also have a fear of being average forever.

Such a good answer for a company that looking for a driven candidate. 

19. “Getting stuck in boring work.”

No need to mention, that you easily get tired of doing the same things.

Also, you want to get assurance from this company if their work is justifying your work expectation or not. 

20. “My greatest fear is not giving enough credit for work I did.”

If you’re in the creative field and you always come up with new ideas, you deserve credit.

You don’t want to be used, that’s what this answer says to the hiring manager. 

21. “I fear what if I slipped any chance to level up my career.”

When you give this answer, it shows you’re actively looking for new opportunities that enhance your professional skills.

Despite your fear, you look for new chances and check if this company is offering the one. 

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Why Admitting That ‘I Have A Fear’ Is A Good Move?

It’s a no-brainer to show off that you’re fearless and nothing can scare you. 

Talking about your fear is itself letting your interviewer know that you are aware of your limits.

And for work, having such fear actually works as a challenge to get better. 

Why They Ask About Is Your Biggest Fear In Interview

The logic behind asking the ‘What is your biggest fear?’ – question at the interview is to find how honest you can be.

Because the hiring manager doesn’t want someone to be perfect for everything. 

They hope to hire someone who accepts his fear and knows how to overcome it. 

By giving some unique, positive, and personalized answers you can show that you’re the candidate they can look up to for honesty and confidence. 


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