16 Best Replies To “Have A Great Weekend” Wishes

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It’s a Friday evening, you seem excited, that smile of yours says ‘Weekend is here, (finally)!’ 

You’re about to leave work with your coworkers, they say ‘Have a great weekend’ with a ‘Bye’. 

After submitting the weekly report, the boss tells you to enjoy the weekend over email.

It’s just a usual wish.

But, it makes you more excited for the weekend.

So, if someone shares it, make your response even nicer and wish them a ‘Wonderful weekend’ back. 


How To Respond To “Have A Great Weekend”?

If you receive ‘happy weekend’ wishes on internal chat, email, or in person, simply thank them.

Even so, you better respond to such a ‘nice weekend’ message effectively or engagingly.

This also makes their weekend good. 

So, here are some best responses to give to your coworkers or boss. 

How To Respond To Have A Great Weekend

1. “Thank you. You, too, enjoy your weekend.”

Before getting into the car and moving, your coworker wishes you a ‘good weekend’.

You don’t want that wish to go ignored. 

 So you can try this normal reply. 

2. “I hope, the same for you, partner!”

There’s nothing much to say to ‘weekend wishes’. 

Or you have no time to discuss anything.

You’re in a hurry.

It’s fine just replying the ‘same to you’ to the coworker wishing you a happy weekend.

3. “My plan is to chill at home and spend time with myself.”

You won’t share your weekend plans until you know each other. 

Maybe that coworker asks about it or you might have the same perspective.

And, this is an informal response to weekend greetings. 

4. “For sure, Bye!”

You’re excited about the weekend and can’t wait to have fun. 

This might be a short reply to weekend wishes. 

But, at least you care to respond to them. 

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5. “We will meet on Monday with some interesting story then.”

Quite an interesting reply to share with a coworker who is your friend. 

You both have something to do this weekend.

And both hope to come on Monday to gossip about some new topics. 

6. “It’s like, I’ve been waiting for the weekend for years.”

The last one is such a long work week. 

And to you, it already felt like a month if not years. 

Such a funny reply to ‘Great weekend’ wishes, is sure to make your teammates laugh.

This response would be perfect for a quick chat after work.

Responses To happy weekend wishes reply

7. “Okay, see you on Monday, Bye!” 

This is such a good reply for any ‘weekend wish’ in person. 

What’s good about this one is it works perfectly as a formal and informal response.

8. “I’m going to meet my parents, it’s been a while.”

When you connect with your coworkers enough, you feel comfortable.

There’s no problem if you talk about your personal life with your colleagues when you trust each other equally. 

9. “Of course, this is going to be. I’m on a two-day trip.”

It’s so exciting you just share what you’re doing on the weekend. 

That’s fine if you feel their weekend wishes sound genuine. 

10. “Yeah, we need this break, before next week’s project.”

Even to prepare mentally, you need a relaxing weekend.

Because from next week, there’s a big project to take on. 

So you also hope that your coworkers, too, enjoy their weekend enough. 

And, this is a formal response to ‘Have a great weekend’ wish from your team leader or mates. 

11. “Yea, but to you, I’m going to a client meeting with my boss.”

You planned your ‘perfect weekend’, already.

But the boss had something for you, he’s taking you for some office reason.  

That you can’t deny. 

Let that coworker know that this isn’t going to be a great weekend for you. 

12. “Hope you’re right, I just want to relax.”

The weekend is already here, and you’re still unsure what you’ll do. 

You didn’t say that, but if you’d have any superpower to make it your way, you make it awesome.

But, this isn’t possible.

You want to relax at home, but someone already has fixed you with some plan.

13. “What weekend? The boss already gave me work to enjoy.”

This a sad reply to give your coworkers who aren’t aware that you will work on weekends as well.

If you respond seriously, they may laugh.

Or they might regret wishing you a ‘wonderful weekend’.

14. “Oh, this weekend is going to be awesome. I’ll tell you about it later, Bye.”

Well, there’s already something going on, and you don’t want to share it with your coworker now. 

Your coworker might ask about your plan, So you can give at least a hint. 

To make it fun, reply just like your client saying, ‘I’ll get back to you, ASAP’.

Tell them to relax, as you will share what’s special on Monday. 

How to reply to have a nice weekend email

15. “Thanks. What’s your plan for the weekend?”

It might be a good reply to a coworker you have a crush on.

As far as you both know each other and feel there’s something within, it’s fine to ask so. 

Of course, being at the office you both didn’t get time to spend together. 

And maybe, now, if they have nothing to do. 

16. “I’ve been waiting for this weekend for long. This is a special one.”

So there’s some advanced plan you have for the weekend.

Maybe right now you’re not going to share what’s this, but you will share it on the Monday.

But this one is an exciting reply to share for weekend greetings.

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To any ‘Have a great weekend’ just replying with ‘Thank you’ to colleagues, is an enough response. 

You’re excited about the weekend and have some plans to work on. 

When your coworkers or boss wish you ‘nice weekend’ wishes in person or over the mail, make sure you also wish them back excitedly.  

And to make it even a special response, you can respond to them with the above replies to make their week off even better.


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