11 Positive Replies To “I Will Get Back To You”

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Whether it’s from your prospective clients or hiring company, getting ‘I will get back to you’ response is confusing also frustrating. 

Here they say ‘I will’.

But, never inform exactly ‘When’. 

There’s no point in being so impatient when you want a deal or job.

A clear feedback is what you expect.

If you often get similar feedback on your business proposal or interview follow-ups, this article has some possible and polite replies to ‘I will get back to you’ over mail or call. 


What To Say When Interviewer Says, “We Will Get Back To You”?

During it, you felt like your interview went great and there was a chance to get this job. 

Still, you don’t get any clear feedback, but this is- ‘We’ll get back to you via mail.’

After a few days, you call or mail them to get any update on the matter.

Again, the same reply.

If you’re not sure how to respond, next.

These are some good responses you can give.

What To Say When Interviewer Says We Will Get Back To You

1. “Thank you so much for your time. Okay, I’ll wait for it.”

After the interview, if you’re informed regarding your selection they’ll let you know, you can use this normal but positive reply. 

It will help you leave behind your good image. 

2. “Sure, I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

You don’t want to just say ‘Thank you’ and leave the interview in confusion. 

But, it’s also a good idea to leave an image that you’re interested in this job. 

This is the polite response to give.

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3. “Okay, Please feel free to update me… if more information is needed from my end.”

With this response to ‘I will get back to you’, you act supportive to the hiring employer. 

You express willingness to share more information if there’s some confusion. 

Also, you can do something to ease their evaluation process regarding your performance.

Such as submitting your certificates or proving your qualifications.

4. “It’s fine if you share the possible date of the second interview.”

Of course, you wait for enough time when they get back to you. 

Instead, you can ask them for the second interview date in advance. 

With that, you already have an idea of how long to wait and if you can be hopeful to get to hear from them actually or not.

5. “Sorry to say, but I need a job urgently. Can you please inform me when I’ll get the final status of my interview?”

You surely don’t want to stay there just waiting for them to call you for the next interview. 

And because you’re actively applying for jobs, you want them to inform you to provide clear feedback in a given timeframe. 

So that you can continue your job hunting if they don’t get back to you. 

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How To Respond When Prospective Client Says: “I Will Get Back To You.”?

Now, the case is you’ve pitched your services and projects to clients. 

Despite things going all well and you sound confident, too, the ‘I will update you’ stand in your way. 

You’re not sure what went wrong, but the prospect has nothing else to say but this.

To stay positive and professional, you can at least say ‘thanks for updating‘.

Else, you can try such responses when not sure how to reply to this most common excuse ‘I’ll get back to you’.

How To Respond When Client Says I Will Get Back To You

1. “And, when should I expect your next call?”

Of course, you’re looking forward to working with them and excited to offer them your services. 

But, you can’t leave confusion in your mind.

This is a clear response to ‘I will get back to you’ you can give to prospects. 

And they might be interested or excuse they have no time to respond. 

While you can ask for the exact time, and when.

2. “I’m fine to wait, but you better reply ASAP.”

Here first you understand that you can relate to their situation. 

But as a salesperson, you also have to be sure if there’s a chance. 

If your services or products offer some timely discount, this is how to reply to I will update you from clients. 

if they care about your offer, they might ask ‘Why’ after you say this.

3. “Is there any question you have regarding this proposal?”

You sense that your client seems a bit confused during the meeting. 

Maybe that’s why they let you know to get back as soon as possible. 

In such cases try a positive response like this to comfort them that you’re there to guide them. 

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4. “Okay, but Is it possible for you to finalize before next Thursday?”

When you get ‘I will get back to you’ you’re not sure when and whether they contact you or not. 

Basically, after a few days, they’ll forget to respond back. 

So, you ask them this to check if they are excited while answering or still excusing the same.

5. “How about I call you at the set time that you decide?”

You might appear a bit compelling here.

But that’s what you have to do.

There are some decisions you need to make. 

And it should be on assumptions and fake hopes. You want a clear response about the deal. 

If they’re interested, they will give the exact time and date when they finalize their decision.

Or they’ll tell you what’s their concern, actually. 

6. “I hope to hear from you before this month ends. In next, I won’t be able to give you the same price.”

Try to convince them to respond as early as they can. 

And when you reply like this, your prospect will have this point in mind. 

You’re also giving them a fixed time range to get back to you. 

Also, you try an urgency factor here.

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How To Reply To “I Will Get Back To You”?

We have discussed the two most common scenarios when you hear ‘I will get back to you’ from the interviewer or clients.

 In many cases, you want to respond professionally. 

But when it’s hard to remain patient, you have to reply more positively. 

How To Reply To I Will Get Back To You

Of course, you’re confused hearing this statement over and over again. 

But, it’s also a good move if you try to understand their end. 

Maybe they want to take more time to consider your proposal and understand it more closely.

If you can wait, that’s fine. 

If you do not, better let them know.


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