8 Best Answers To “Any Update On This Matter” Email

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It happens that you might forget about those important emails that you should respond to on time.

Because there are already a lot on the table.

Whether it’s from a client or your boss, they send you mail that says ‘Any update on this matter’ as a reminder. 

And when they say so, they mean to get a quick update on their urgent request

To make your response more professional and to handle it properly, we’ve prepared the best answers you can share. 


How To Reply To “Any Update” Email?

If your boss, coworker, or client is asking for a quick update on anything ongoing, you need to share what’s happening in the particular case. 

Either you don’t have an update or you have a progress report to share.

And because it’s short mail, your answer needs to be concise and to the point. 

One thing you’ve to make sure that your response doesn’t have to sound more like you’re excusing or have no idea what’s going on. 

This could impact your professional image.

So, you must know the proper ways to answer the ‘quick update’ email from your boss or client. 

How To Reply To Any Update On This Matter Email

1. “I’m so sorry to keep you following. I’ll update you ASAP.”

If the sender has to wait for more time than it used to, apologize first for the delay.

And, if that’s possible to update them on the matters, make sure to do it as soon as possible

2. “Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot about that. I’ll update you soon.”

Your co-worker has asked for some information or details. 

And, because you’ve been so busy with other priorities, you simply forget to respond on time. 

You honestly admit that because you’ve no time, but you assure them to update soon. 

3. “Let me check it soon and respond within ten minutes max.” 

Giving a certain time limit, in which you’ll update them, sounds like a polite reply.

This is especially important when your client is facing some issue, and they ask you for ‘any update on this matter’ over mail. 

In that case, you should be attentive and address their matter personally.

4. “Sorry, I’m also waiting for an update from the department.” 

You wish you could update them on the time, they suggest. But you can’t. 

Because the decision process takes some essential approval from higher authorities.

But, you confirm the sender to keep in touch as you’re taking timely follow-up, too.  

5. “I’m happy to see that you’re still with us. But, right now we’re not interested in this offer, Sorry.” 

It’s a quick update, so your answer needs to be just direct.

Here at the moment, you’re not interested in the proposal. 

Maybe right now, but you can guarantee nothing.

6. “Please stay tuned, I will try my best to give you an update on this.” 

Maybe you’re not sure what’s going on in that matter. 

Because you haven’t got any response from your boss or manager. 

If there’s no confirmation, you can’t say anything to your client or customer who is waiting for some update.

But, good if you assure them that you’ll try your best in this matter.

7. “Don’t worry, if there’s an update someone will contact you.”

This is mail from the candidates who are asking for a quick update on their interview status. 

And, as a recruitment agency, you’ve no update from the hiring company at the time. 

By the way, to make it even more engaging, ask ‘how was the interview?’, to get feedback from them, as well. 

While you keep checking on the update from your employer.

Try to inform candidates that they’ll get a response as quickly as possible.

8. “At the moment, this is not possible for us. We will contact you when we reconsider these proposals.” 

Good thing you have an update for them. 

But, it’s bad that the offer didn’t come through. 

You still did a great that instead of letting them follow, at least you shared an honest update. 

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No matter if this mail is from your coworker, boss, or client when they ask “if there’s any update on this matter’, give a response that is simple, straightforward, and clear. 

This is no time for excuses or hiding something from them. 

If you do so, this approach might damage your connection.

Also, it impacts your company’s image.

Better to take this consideration seriously, try your best to get updates, and share it as it is. 

Whether the update is favorable for them or not, they will be more than happy that you shared the timely update instead of continuing to excuse them. 


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