9 Best Answers To “How Was Your Interview?” From A Recruiter

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After attending a job interview, the recruitment company may call or email you to know your interview experience.

To gauge your interview performance, they need to know ‘How was your interview?’ actually.

Your response helps them to decide whether you have a chance to get selected for this job.

Also, they can help when you need more interview preparation. 

Well, you might have some concerns or confusion about your recent interview. 

Still, it’s a better idea to respond clearly and express it as a positive experience. 


How To Answer When Recruiter Asks, “How Your Interview Went”?

A recruiter agency guides and prepares you for the entire interview process. 

From getting you on an interview to updating you about the status, they keep you posted. 

When you went for an interview recently, after a few hours or the next day, the recruiter may ask you to share your interview experience with them. 

Your exciting reply and positive answers leave a good impression on the recruiter. 

And, here are the best examples of how to share your interview experience. 

When Recruiter Asks How Your Interview Went

1. “Hello, It was a great interview. Thanks for the recommendations.”

When you have no idea what to say, this is how to reply when a recruiter asks ‘How was your interview?’ over mail. 

Be positive and thankful for this opportunity. 

Because you also want to stay in touch with this agency to land a job. 

2. “For me, the interview experience was good. Can you please help me with the follow-up?”  

This was an average interview, you try your best. 

You can’t clearly say the interview went up to the mark, but you’re being hopeful here. 

Informing your recruiter to get back to you with feedback on your interview status, is a good idea instead of waiting for a call. 

3. “The interview was perfect. I’m waiting for a call-up for the next round.”

You’re so confident about your interview performance. 

Every question is on point and you give the best answer. 

It’s an exciting reply that expresses that you’re looking forward to working for this company.

4. “The interview went well. Thanks, your interview tips and preparation really helped me to crack it.”

You followed every guide and preparation from this recruiter agency, they trained you well.

The interview questions are perfect, as you’re well prepared.

All credit goes to the training from a recruiter, you appreciate their efforts, too.  

Now, you’re confident that you’re going to get selected for this role.

5. “I thought the interview went well but it wasn’t perfect.”

Generally, while sharing your interview experience you are supposed to be ‘positive’ only. 

But sometimes, if this wasn’t great as you thought, be clear with that. 

Maybe this post wasn’t for you or the hiring company picked their candidate already. 

Whatever this is, sometimes you reply to how your interview went honestly.

6. “The Interview was good, but this is for an entry-level role. Please suggest a job that meets my qualifications and experiences.”

Mistakes do happen from the recruiter agency, too. That’s fine. 

But, it’s better to inform them what type of roles you’re expecting clearly. 

This recruiter has to re-check your profile and needs to suggest a job that fits your search. 

Here, that’s what you’re explaining to a recruiter politely. 

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What To Reply When Someone Asks, “How’s Your Interview Today”?

Well, your family and friends are also excited to know about how your interview went today. 

Someone who knows you well, be honest, and share your experience as it is. 

Let them know how your interview went actually. 

Based on your reply, they might celebrate or support you. And here are some best replies. 

How To Reply To How Was Your Interview Today

1. “This Interview went great. I’m sure I’ll be called up for the next round.”

Tell your parents and family that you enjoyed the interview and are very positive about it. 

Your positive answer makes your family feel proud of you and they pray for you, too. 

This happens when they take an interest in your career choices.

2. “Good. But I don’t have any hope here.” 

Earlier, you were so excited about this interview, but this wasn’t up to the mark. 

Maybe the interviewers asked you challenging questions or the company environment doesn’t sound supportive. 

Such things might ruin your interview experience. 

 When asked ‘how was your interview?’ by someone close, you admit it didn’t go well.

3. “I’ve given the best I can give. Let’s see what happens.”

You try your best to prove that you’re an ideal candidate for this role.

The interview also went positively in your view. 

But, sometimes luck is also a matter.

And, you experienced that already. 

4. “It went as it came. What Do You Mean, How’s Your Interview?” 

Your best friend is asking about your job interview experience. 

The interview lasted so long and they made you wait even longer, that you feel tired at the end of the day. 

Try such a funny reply, to make the situation comfortable after a boring interview. 

5. “No idea, because I didn’t attend the interview.”

Because at the last moment, you found that this company culture is toxic or you just don’t want to work for this company whatsoever.

So, you provided valid reasons to not attend an interview with the recruiter already. 

Fine, at least you know which type of company you want to work for. 


What Does “How Was Your Interview” Mean?

The question ‘How’s your interview?’ mostly comes from a reciter who fixed your interview.

After your interview ends, they ask this to know your chances to get selected for this role. 

What Does How Was Your Interview Mean

If your interview went well and you seem excited in your response, a recruiter may recommend you in the selection process with a hiring manager.

But, if this interview didn’t go right, they know how to prepare you for new job opportunities. 

So the point here is your answers to ‘How was your interview?’ does really count. 

Be positive and professional with your reply that the recruiter can help you with the interview process and get the job that you are looking for.


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