26 Best Responses To “How Was Your Day?”

  • February 21, 2024

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After a long day, your chat with someone starts with ‘So, How was your day?’.

It’s a normal question you get over text or in conversation. 

But why to respond it with the normal responses like ‘Good one’ or so?

If you get this question genuinely from your partner, friend, or crush, you should try out something different, means the better answer for the same. 


How To Respond To “How Was Your Day”?

Well, mostly we don’t care how we sound when answering ‘How was your day?’. 

But depending on your connection, someone genuinely wants to know how your day actually went. 

And so, sometimes try honest or interesting answers for the same. 

That makes your conversation and connection meaningful. 

If you need some ideas regarding how you can answer someone asks about your day, here are some best ideas for you. 

How To Respond To How Was Your Day

1. “It was the best day of this week. Let me tell you what happened.” 

An exciting response to give your partner or crush asks about your day. 

You get their attention because you have something new to talk about. 

2. “If I tell you, you won’t believe it.” 

On this day something really good or bad happens to you. 

And before you share it, you want to increase their interest.

3. “It has been a great day for me. What about you?” 

If you have the best day, but are not interested in talking more about it, this is a good answer. 

By asking them the same question, you let them share their experience. 

4. “If you were with me, this would be a great day for sure.” 

Whether you traveled far or alone at home, this is a special response to give. 

It shows that you missed your partner.

That you think you would have more fun if they were with you, too. 

5. “My day wasn’t any good. But talking to you now, I feel better now.” 

Your lover or crush who genuinely asks how your day was, this is a flirty answer to share.

Flirty Reply To How Was Your Day To Crush 

6. “Nothing new to complain about, it’s the same old.” 

When your friend at work asks about your day at work, this is the better reply to give. 

You are not in a mood to talk the same thing which isn’t going to change. 

7. “It was not a day for me. But chatting with you makes me get over with it.” 

A respectful response to show your partner or family that talking to them makes you feel better

8. “I’m just tired of having the same day over and over again.”

And so you hope the next day brings something new to you. 

Or you wish that some magical things to happen in your life. 

9. “The first half was the great one, but as it passes the day gets worse.” 

Just because of one event you don’t think that your entire day was bad. 

This is also a good response to express that this was a dramatic day for you.

10. “Not too bad, It was just a normal day for me.” 

So, you have an average day or don’t think much about it. 

But you are positive here that it could be the worst day, but it’s not. 

11. “Did nothing at all. I had just let it go.”

A funny response to tell your friend that this day you did nothing. 

Maybe you lay down or stay busy on your phone on the weekend.

Funny Response To How Was Your Day To Friend

12. “Please don’t ask, it was a horrible day.” 

Probably the worst day you can say it was for you. 

To your friends or family, you can give this answer, because they will ask ‘What happened?’. 

And eventually, you are going to share it all. 

13. “So bad, that I’m glad that this day is finally over now.” 

You wished this day would end somehow. 

It was that bad day and you are not going to think of it again. 

14. “It’s the same old day like every day.” 

This day isn’t any special compared to how most went. 

15. “I hoped that this would be better, but it wasn’t.” 

But you are okay with it and you will look for another day. 

16. “Normal as always. Do you have anything new to share?”

You have nothing new or exciting to talk about, so you ask them ‘What’s new?’. 

17. “It wasn’t a perfect day. But I still enjoyed it, though!” 

This response presents you as a fighter, who doesn’t complain. 

18. “Well, I have survived this day, that’s most important for me.” 

This is a witty reply to express that it wasn’t a good day for you at all. 

Because it was a bad day that you couldn’t take it. 

19. “Enjoyed every moment of this day. I feel like I have lived this day.” 

On this day, very special and good things happen to you. 

And, you are excited to share it all with someone who genuinely asks ‘How was your day?’.

20. “It was a busy day like it had to be.”

When your boss or coworker asks about how your day was, this is a formal answer to give. 

Formal Answer To How Was Your Day

21. “I don’t want to think much about it. Can we discuss something else?” 

Your partner or friend asks about your day, and you be direct with them here. 

And, they will understand your point. 

22. “Not sure this day was bad, or I just have bad luck.” 

This is a complaining nature, but to a friend, you are being honest.

Because that’s what you believe now. 

23. “I thought it was to be a good day, but it turned into a great one.” 

Such a great response to show that you had not a good but a great day. 

Because something new happened and you can’t wait to share it with them. 

24. “My day was not that great, but you can end it perfectly.” 

A flirty response to share with your partner asking about your day. 

They will know what you mean by it, and they may help you with that.

25. “As I talked with you, I forgot about this day.”

This is a cute response to tell your crush that chatting with him makes your day a great one.

26. “I have something to talk about this day. Are you free to meet up?”

It could be something very good or bad, but you approach your friend or crush to meet up. 

Instead of chatting with them, you want to have one conversation. 

And if they care or have time, they will be ready for it.


When Someone Asks “How Was Your Day?”

In the evening talk with family or friends, or late-night chat with a partner, your conversation starts with ‘How was your day?’. 

They want to know about it and hope you have a great day today. 

More than that, they also expect you to say something new. 

And, not just give another boring response. 

When Someone Asks How Was Your Day

No matter how today went for you, be honest with them, if you feel comfortable with them. 

Talking about good or bad day experiences, helps you feel better. 

Also, if this was another boring day, with interesting and better responses to ‘How was your day?’ like in this post, you make your conversation interesting and lively. 


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