34 (Witty And) Funny Answers To “Do You Have A Girlfriend?”

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It feels awkward when your crush asks you “Do you have a girlfriend?’.

There, you’re so confused, thinking know how to answer that.

But, wait a minute, if she asks you, Does it mean that she’s interested in you? 

Possible! But, we can’t be sure about that.

And yes, we are certain that our best answers will certainly make her laugh or blush when you tell her that you’re seeing her as your future girlfriend.


Funny Answers To “Do You Have A Girlfriend?”

When your friends ask if you’ve a girlfriend or not, they just ask.

Or they already know that you don’t have one but still ask for fun anyway.

In a friendly discussion, here are fun ways to answer that. 

Funny Answers To Do You Have A Girlfriend

1. “What do you think? Should I have one?”

This friend knows you as a person well. So, you ask them for their opinion.

You already know this friend is just joking, and you’re in a fun mood, too.

2. “I don’t have a girlfriend, but I have a wife. Do you want to meet her?

This girl is trying to get closure and wants to know if you have a girlfriend. 

But your answer will not only surprise her but shock her, too. 

3. “Not one, but I have four… in my dreams.”

You and your guys are forever alone, sadly. You all are what you got. 

This girlfriend matters don’t suit you, you’re still waiting for your dream girl.

4. “No, I do not want to have. They are too expensive.”

You’re a money-minded person, who wants to invest your money the right way. 

Whether you’ve experienced that or just idea, the maintenance to keeping a girlfriend is something that bothers you. 

5. “Yes, I have. But please don’t tell my wife.”

To make the situation humorous with your friend circle, try this response. 

Even if you don’t have a girlfriend or wife, this makes everyone laugh for sure. 

6. “It’s too hard to select the one from the available applications.”

You’ve already received so many applications for your girlfriend’s position. 

But you have no time to respond to every application. 

It’s too hard to select the perfect girlfriend for you. 

7. “Surprisingly my girlfriend only tolerates me for two weeks.”

This is a mystery and you don’t know why so. 

Well, if most of your them only last a few weeks, maybe there’s something wrong with you.

8. “Yes, but she has no idea that she’s my girlfriend.”

That’s a confusing and funny answer, because it’s a complicated relationship, too. 

You and that girl hang out often and go on a date, but neither of you two officially declared that you’re girlfriend and boyfriend. 

9. “First, tell me, do you have a boyfriend?”

Here you want to confirm if this girl is also in a relationship or not. 

Because based on that you decide your further answer. 

10. “Actually I don’t understand this concept.”

You’re not sure what to do with your girlfriend other than doing dance videos and pranks for social media. 

Your life is already interesting and colorful with or without a girlfriend. 

11. “No, but I can give you tips to get a girlfriend, though.”

Such a funny response to share with your guy friend asking about your girlfriend.

This friend is younger than you, so you just want to help them out.

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Witty Responses To “Do You Have A Girlfriend?”

When someone asks, if you have a girlfriend, the answer could be either Yes or No.

But, that’s pretty boring. 

Sometimes being creative and witty is the best way to respond to that.

Witty Responses To Do You Have A Girlfriend

1. “She just left me, so there’s a vacancy.”

Indirectly, you’re stating that your ex-girlfriend and you’ve moved on.

And now you’re looking for your next. 

If this is to your friends, they will give you some referrals. 

While the girl who is interested in it will look happy to hear that. 

2. “Well, I have never met a girlfriend-worthy girl.”

You’ve criteria for her to be your girlfriend.

And, you’re clear with that.

Just like girls, you also want to have a perfect girl to be in a relationship with. 

3. “I don’t have time for this girlfriend-boyfriend stuff.”

Just tell them that you’re a busy guy and you’re not into this game. 

Instead, you wait for the right girl to come into your life, till then you work on yourself. 

4. “I can’t have, because no girl could stand an honest guy.”

You’re the guy who is known to talk to the face.

And what you experience is most girls want to hear only nice things, but no facts.  

5. “It’s my job that never allows me to have a girlfriend.”

When someone from your office asks if you have a girlfriend or what, this is how to respond. 

Your work hours and busy lifestyle leave you with no chance to get a girlfriend. 

Also, this is a way to ditch personal questions at work.

6. “Yes and No. But what matters to you?”

When someone who barely knows, here a stranger asks you ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ you can give this clever answer. 

It’s a personal matter and you don’t want to share it with them.

7. “I was about to have one. But your boyfriend steals her from me.”

If that girl is smart enough she will realize that you’re talking about her.

Sad, you’re already late to propose and she’s also late to ask this.

8. “Where’s this question coming from?”

You both have been going on a ride somewhere and she suddenly asks you about your girlfriend. 

This is an off topic but you’re happy that finally, she started to take an interest in your romantically. 

9. “The answer may surprise you.”

This one is a witty answer when someone asks if you have a girlfriend or not. 

Whatever the answer is, this certainly makes them surprised and you’re sure why. 

10. “You’re a girl and my friend, Right? That means you’re my girlfriend.” 

Right now, you don’t want to give any answer, so just try this one.

This is simply a clever way to divert the conversation.

11. “Nope. But, I’m looking for one.”

When a girl you’re crushing on ask if you have a girlfriend, you can say this.

It shows you’re looking for someone and probably you’ll have her sooner.

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Flirty Replies To “Do You Have A Girlfriend?”

Sometimes, when a girl who asks you about your girlfriend asks for herself.

If you’re interested in her, show it in the cutest way possible. 

Try these flirty ways to tell your crush that you don’t have a GF, but she can be one. 

Flirty Replies To Do You Have A Girlfriend

1. “I’m more interested in having a wife than a girlfriend.”

This will make any girl say Awww, and also meaningful when shared with the right girl. 

A good response that shows you’re more into a long-term relationship and not into playing games. 

2. “I never have, could you be my girlfriend for one week?”

You never know what it’s like to have a girlfriend in reality. 

So, you just offer this girl who is curious to know about your girlfriend. 

3. “You can be if you want to.”

Well, you can share these bold but flirtiest answers to welcome her as a girlfriend. 

If she blushes after hearing your cute response, count it as a yes. 

4. “I’m available if you’re asking me to date.”

You know what she means exactly as she asks you this. 

Also, you’re not crazy that you miss such a chance, so you’re being direct here. 

Further you can also ask her to catch up sometimes, when she’s available.

5. “No idea what you are talking about? But you look cute while saying this.”

Try to act unaware that you’ve no clue what she means by it.

At the same time, it feels good inside because who asks you this. 

6. “The answer is no because I have never met you before.”

Well, this also means that you’ve been looking for the right girl to call a girlfriend.

Maybe this is your destiny that brings your future girlfriend to you at a random time. 

7. “Nope, but you look more like my future girlfriend.”

Such a sweet response to give a girl who seems interested in you equally. 

With this reply you’re telling her what you think about her, tell her will it be fine if you call her mine

8. “Don’t worry, you can propose to me if you want to.”

Calm down, she seems too desperate to be your girlfriend and might have a FOMO. 

When this is from your friend or crush, this one makes a flirty reply to give. 

9. “Yes, let me introduce you to her. (Showing her own picture)”

If you want to make your crush feel special, this is the best way to do it.

Else you can open a selfie camera and tell her ‘Meet my girlfriend.’

10. “I don’t have a girlfriend but ‘a crush’… on you!”

Of course, you’re interested in having a girlfriend, but waiting for her to accept your proposal

And, when your crush asks, you get a chance to tell her.

11. “I didn’t find someone like you.”

 This girl is so special to you and her nature is so unique.

You wish you could make your connection to the next step, and you do it at the right time. 

12. “Right now, no. Tomorrow, it’ll be a yes.”

Tell this friend that you’re going to express your feelings to a crush.

And, this is a flirty response, when it’s to the same girl you’re going to propose to,  

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Why Does She Want To Know If You Have A Girlfriend?

It’s not every time, but most, when a girl asks ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’, she’s more interested to check if she could be your girlfriend.

Well, if this is the case, you just know it. 

In other cases, when your friend just casually asks about your girlfriend, tell her if you’ve her or not. 

When responding directly feels no confidence, try better responses.

These witty, funny, and flirty responses are all that make the response feels unique, interesting, and special to whom you’re talking with. 


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