24 (Smart &) Sweet Responses When Crush Says “I Love You”

  • February 22, 2024

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If you have a crush on someone, odds are you avoid every chance to express your love at the last moment. 

But what if the day comes when your crush comes to you and just says ‘I love you’.

Hard to believe, Right?

At first, this felt like a dream come true. 

But, if you’re lucky, this could happen (At least you can pray). 

Well, before that happens, you want your cute and sweet responses to ‘I love you’ Ready. 

The point is to inform your crush that she’s not alone, you’ve been in love, too. 


What To Say When Your Crush Says “I Love You”?

If this is already happening, confirm that this isn’t your dream. 

Whenever it finally happens, your reactions to it count more than ever.

And that would be a mix of happiness and surprise. 

Anyway, you don’t want your crush to wait any longer. 

Instead, you could give the nicest things to say to your crush after ‘I love you’.

What To Say When Your Crush Says I Love You

1. “Tell me this is just my dream.”

Thinking, Is it really your crush who is proposing to you?

You can’t believe it, still in shock.

2. “As a best friend, right?” 

Again, you have no idea what to say to your crush. 

You want to confirm what she means by ‘love you as a friend’ or else. 

And, if your crush falls for you really, she may flirtly say ‘No, I love you more than a friend.’

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3. “Since when?”

You try hard to be normal to your crush, admitting she loves you. 

Just unsure when this happened, and how could you not know about it?

4. “Nope, I’m the first who falls for you.”

She might think that she is the only one who has been crushing and expecting your love.

But, tell her that you, too, love her.

It’s just you who are great at keeping it secret. 

5. “Thanks, same here!”

No idea what your crush’s love means to you, she might say it in a friendly tone. 

Saying ‘same to you’ is a smart way to react to ‘I love you’ from a crush. 

6. “Can you say it again, Please?”

This is a surreal experience that you’ve been witnessing.  

But you had no idea this could happen so fast to you. 

7. “Please don’t make fun of my feelings.”

When a crush says I love you, you could say ‘Love you, too’. 

But, you’re still unsure how to express your feelings. 

So you just try these witty responses to make her stop playing with you. 

witty responses to I love you from crush

8. “I love you, too from the day we met.”

There was a mutual attraction.

Just, this wasn’t official yet. 

Now as your crush admits he loves you, you’re comfortable sharing it back. 

9. “I can’t believe this. All this time, you, too, have been crushing on me!”

To your partner, you can say ‘I love you too, honey’. 

But, it’s your crush, better tell her that you also carry the same feelings for her.

10. “Oops, I was going to say this to you today.”

You missed a chance but turned out to be great for you. 

So lucky are you that you have a crush, and your crush loves you equally. 

11. “And, I’m madly in love with you.”

As your crush approaches her feelings for you, you feel more confident about yours, too. 

12. “What, I never see this coming.”

Just like you, your crush also has been keeping her feelings within. 

Overall, you’re happy with it, but still in surprise as you reply this way.

13. “Aww, that’s so nice. Wait, Are you serious?”

Agree with you that you can’t believe what you just heard. 

First, you take it as cute as crush texts you ‘I love you, and makes you say ‘aww’.

But your crush indeed said he loves you. 

14. “But, I love you more than you even know.”

Tell your crush that it’s not only him, but you also love him back. 

You just waited for him to approach you patiently. 

Cute replies to I love you from crush

15. “You ease my frustration, thank you. Love you, too.”

You feel relaxed that finally, you know that your crush has feelings for you, too. 

You were right, she truly loves you. 

16. “I was planning the same thing.”

Well, things didn’t go as you planned. 

But even better now. 

You’ve no idea how to express it. So, you just experience this moment. 

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17. “Let me tell you that I am in love with you, too.”

 When you finally know that your crush loves you, it’s time to reveal the secret. 

This reply informs you that both are on the same love boat now. 

18. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You’re scared of what your crush will do when she knows your feelings. 

So, you need funny responses to try. 

What if she is trying to mess with you and saying ‘I love you’ jokingly? 

19. “So happy that you say it, I feel very uncomfortable saying it to you.”

She eases your pain. You’ve been confused for so long. 

You can’t decide the right time to express your feelings, but now everything is alright.

19. “Do you know that I’m also crazy about you?”

Well, she calls you crazy many times, while you two are having fun. 

But she has no idea that she allows you to be yourself. 

And this is the reason, that makes her fall for you. 

20. “What a great surprise. I, too. I mean, I love you, too.”

Accept this is, this is happening. 

Now no more hide-and-seek games, tell your crush how much you love him, too. 

Funny responses to I love you from crush

21. “Thank you so much, I was too afraid to say this to you.” 

You were so much in fear of losing him to someone else. 

Many times when you finally decided to say ‘I love you’, but you didn’t.

You almost have decided to keep it as a crush forever. 

But, now you’re so happy and thanking god for making it happen.

22. “Love you, too, Of course. But, I want to say it first.”

A cute reply to let your crush know that she stole your chance.

All these times you’ve been confused, not sure whether to tell him or not. 

But, your crush did what you should do for your future relationship.

23. “When did this happen, I don’t know.”

Of course, you are shocked to know when your crush says he/she loves you.

But you also want to know how long they have been carrying such feeling for you.

24. “I also love you, too the same way you do.”

Maybe she later explains that ‘…but, as a friend’, you can tell her that you mean exactly.

You’re playing smart here and tell your crush that you also feel the same.

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How To React To “I Love You” From Crush?

Imagine your crush says I love you, it is more like a dream to you. 

But you also have to be prepared for who knows this could happen to you. 

And, when this happens, there is a chance that you can’t hold your excitement, and it messes things up. 

Before reacting anyway, you need to confirm if your crush really loves you or is just joking.

If you feel not sure, try to keep it normal and remain friendly.

Always confirm before celebrating, this will save your connection. 


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