23 (Funny &) Flirty Replies To “You’re Mine”

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Oftentimes, your romantic partner says, ‘You’re mine’, and this is not possessiveness or insecurity.

You know it well. So, it feels better when you hear it.

Here, they mean they are proud to have you in their lives.

And, they wish to spend the rest of their life together.

When your girlfriend or boyfriend calls you ‘Mine’ only, it’s the moment to feel special and that someone is happy to have you.

Think about the ways to make your conversation more romantic, flirty, funny and more.


Sassy Replies When He Says “You’re Mine!”

Over text, in person, your boyfriend just calls you ‘mine’ when in a romantic mood. 

If you’re also in the same mood or not, this is how you can reply. 

Sassy Replies When He Says You're Mine

1. “Hey, you can’t own me, that’s not legal still.”

We all are free, not slaves to anyone. That’s what you say here. 

Of course, you know what he means by it.

Here, you’re just teasing him. 

On asking, tell him, you two aren’t legally married, that’s what you mean. 

2. “I know that master well.”

You’re not his puppy, not his toys, not his property. 

But, he says so in a flirty way, and you’re deeply in love with each other.

This means it’s fine to please him a bit as you like to be his ‘one and only’. 

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3. “Please don’t trade me for your new PSP.”

He might be trying to be flirty with you now, this clever reply can turn him off. 

You want to be his top priority, but you know you’re not always. 

4. “I’m happy to be yours, Boss.” 

You like the way he calls you mine. 

There’s nothing to afraid of, he’s being flirty with you. 

You know that your boyfriend is hardworking and you will do anything to please him.  

5. “From when, who sold me to you?”

You’re not in a mood or fought with your boyfriend. 

Now, he tries to make up your mind and calls you mine. 

In response to that, this one is a witty response. 

6. “Not only me. But everyone knows that.”

They know your boyfriend is slightly protective. 

He hasn’t crossed his limits and controlled you. But he’s just worried about you.

All because he loves you. 

You and most of the people in your life, admit that. 

7. “I came with an expiry date, though.”

Let him know that you might be his, but everything comes with a due date. 

You and your relationship, too.

Here you expect him to be serious about your relationship from now on, if he wants to have you.

8. “You’re my only dearest and nearest person.”

Tell him how special he is to you.

He listens to your stories. Do crazy stuff just to make you smile.

And you’re happy to be with him or his.

9. “And you’re my everything.” 

With someone, you love and pledge to live forever, show how you two are perfect together.

If he seems unsure about if you leave him, tell him you’re not going to do it to her. 

You admit that he owns you for life with his love.

10. “Nope, I’m not. Don’t think about it before marriage.”

You’re being serious here and want things to be clear.

Your plan is to get married and start your life together. 

He might be a great guy, but you also want to know if he’s ready for marriage. 

11. “I’m happy to be yours forever.”

Express what you think of your connection and what you plan for your future. 

Admire him, and tell him, you want to be his for the rest of your life happily. 

12. “Well, I can’t be anyone’s, but yours only.”

Say it like you have no chance to get along with anyone but this person.

You both are so perfect together despite having imperfections.

And, you playfully accept to be theirs.

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Flirty Replies When She Says “You’re Mine!”

When your girlfriend calls you ‘mine’, means she wants you ready to love you that you won’t think of anyone else. But her only.

She might be possessive for a moment, and that’s what makes you a lucky guy. 

To comfort her or to express how you feel is owned by her, these are flirty responses for you.

Flirty Replies When She Says You're Mine

1. “And you’ve no idea how proud that is for me.”

A girl tries to control you and keep you with her only.

You don’t see it as a possession but as her love for you. 

So, this reply is fine, to show, you are happy with whatever she wishes. 

2. “Yes mam, I’m all yours.” 

Tell her you are ready to be her ‘only’. 

And she can ask for anything now.

Well, she calls you daddy often, but now she’s in charge.

This will ensure her that you’re not going anywhere besides her. 

3. “Only you can own me, not anyone else.”

Why because she makes you feel loved like no one else.

You accept to be only her. 

Assuring, no other girl can ever take you away from her. 

4. “You mean a gold mine?”

Share this response at your risk. 

It makes her believe, you see her as a ‘gold-digger’. 

But it’s a fun response when she knows you’re just kidding and not taunting her feelings. 

5. “I couldn’t be this happier to get owned.”

Everyone deserves to be free and live on their own. 

But you like your owner, your girlfriend, who says ‘you’re mine’. 

Tell her you belong only to her, and you’re happy to have her as your lady boss. 

6. “Thank you for adopting me, when my real parents have been abandoned me.”

This is the girl who never lets you feel alone.

Maybe you’re just kidding with the being adopted joke

But it’s fine, she’s not owning you, too.  

7. “Yes, my queen.”

Make her feel special in any way either to admire her or flirt with her. 

Show you respect her presence and like to be her. 

8. “And, I don’t want to be with anyone else, but you.”

Those other girls don’t deserve you.

You already have one who can control you and you can match with you so well. 

9. “So, what do you want me to be tonight.” 

Well, you’re both planning something special for this night. 

And while discussing your plan, you want to do anything to satisfy her. 

10. “I never tell that I’m someone else’s.”

When someone close tells you mine, this one is a sweet response to give.

It’s like an approval that you want to be theirs only.

Also, it’s an obvious thing and nothing surprising about this.

11. “I’m both scared and happy to hear that. I don’t know how to take it.”

It’s scary because she loves you but gets a controlling girlfriend. 

In other means, you’re also happy that you’ve someone too afraid to lose you. 

Here you’re just playing around which certainly makes her laugh for sure. 

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When Someone Says “You’re Mine

In the normal way, when someone says ‘mine to you’, means they own you and you belong to them now. 

But, if it’s from your loving partner, they try to have you for the rest of your life. 

To love you and spend a good time with you. 

When Someone Says You're Mine

They don’t want to leave you or to go away from them. 

See it as your girlfriend or boyfriend being romantic to you and saying ‘you’re mine’, reply with being flirty or sassy to show you’re happy to get owned by them.


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