(26 Best Replies) When A Guy Says “See You Soon” After Date

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Whether a guy says ‘See you soon’ after a date or in text, know how to reply uniquely. 

The way you respond shows if you want to see him (or just don’t). 

Whatever it is, you have to be honest about what you think about your next meet-up. 

To help you out, this article will provide you with the best replies to share when he wants to see you soon. 

And it’s up to you to decide which way suits your mood perfectly. 


How To Respond When A Guy Says “See You Soon”?

Well, there’s nothing more to think when you hear “See you soon” from a guy. 

It just means that this meeting or chatting with you interests him and so he wants to see you again. 

Of course, he likes you and just wants to know more about you. 

As for you, maybe you want to see him personally or just don’t want another date.  

How To Respond When A Guy Says See You Soon

Based on your preferences, you can choose what to say next. 

To show your interest, better if you try some flirty responses. 

Whereas, funny and witty replies are to show your interest in the next plan. 

Otherwise, you can use the same when you don’t want to be direct and reject him for a date.  

Check out the best ways to respond to “see you soon” from a guy you chat or date with. 

1. “That’s what I’m about to say. See you then!”

You are excited to meet and see him on the next date. 

So when a guy says he’ll see you soon, this flirty response is a better choice.

Especially when he’s your soon-to-be boyfriend.

2. “Absolutely, this blind date thing doesn’t suit me well, either.” 

On the date, you both found the connection.

Also, you are interested in meeting him in the future.

And, this funny response adds humor to your chat.

3. “Yes, but only if you come on time.” 

He might stood you up, but his cuteness saved your date. 

And so, you should give him a second chance to see you again. 

4. “In your dreams only.”

You don’t want to meet him personally.

And you just see him as a friend, so this one is a friendly response to share. 

5. “Maybe in another universe.” 

A dramatic reply to show that you don’t see a match there. 

Maybe in another universe, you’re going to see each other. 

6. “So, is it going to be a date or just a meeting?” 

You ask it directly because you want to know what he is up to. 

A witty response to share to make it clear if he asks for a coffee or just a casual meeting. 

Witty Response When a guy says he wants to see you soon

7. “I can’t wait to see you again.” 

When you’re excited for the next date, show it as it is. 

A perfect response to give your boyfriend to express that you look forward for the next date.

8. “I’m ready for it whenever you are ready.” 

Express your anticipation for the next date. 

So after a date when a guy tells you ‘see you soon’, this flirty response shows that you’re fine as he plans for your date. 

9. “Whynot, we will meet soon.” 

You don’t want to sound too eager for the date. 

But you want to keep the connection, so this response is the right one. 

10. “Sounds great. Bye for now.” 

You see that he’s excited to see you in the next meeting or personally. 

And, in the text, you can show that you don’t mind being asked for the date. 

11. “Yeah, I’m also thinking of catching up.” 

This one is a flirty reply to tell him that you also want to see him, as well. 

Else, you can also just say ‘Let’s catch up later!’. 

Flirty reply when guy says see you soon after date

12. “Sure, let’s meet on this weekend! What do you say?”  

You’re ready for this meeting and feeling comfortable to open up. 

By sharing your schedule you show you’re ready to show up on the next date. 

13. “Yeah, sometimes maybe!” 

This is a witty reply to express that you’re also hoping to see him soon. 

But the fact is, you won’t have to have another date. 

14. “Let’s see when that’s possible.” 

When you don’t want to meet him or don’t see any point for another date, this is a clever reply to share.

It’s just a hint that you aren’t interested in him. 

15. “I think this Saturday works for me. What about you?”

You’re a bit excited about your meeting and tell him when he can see you again. 

A guy just said ‘soon’ but you confirm it with ‘when’. 

16. “How soon? Can we discuss it?” 

It seems you’re too excited about your next meet-up. 

But based on your connection, you feel comfort and then you can reply like this.

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17. “Nope, I think I know you enough.”

After a date, when a guy says ‘see you soon’, you just have to be clear with it. 

You don’t want him to keep waiting for you.

19. “Then, let’s decide when and where.” 

You aren’t shy away from being so straightforward. 

If you want to see him, you don’t leave it on ‘soon’, but will decide the exact time and place. 

This one is a bold and flirty response. 

20. “Tomorrow, at the same time.” 

In chat when a guy says ‘see you soon’ by habit, this is a fun response to share. 

It expresses your excitement for the chat.

21. “Sooner, but don’t make me wait!”

It’s just a casual response to show that you can’t wait to see him, too. 

21. “OK, I will let you know when it’s possible.” 

You just want a guy to not bother with another date request. 

So you can make him stop with this clever response. 

22. “But as friends, Okay!” 

This guy is fun and you enjoyed chatting with him.

So you expect it to be a friendly meeting and not a romantic date. 

Funny reply to see you soon

23. “What’s the point of meeting, our chat is already going well.” 

And, you don’t want to meet him personally for now. 

24. “Not before I know you more. Till then, we keep it this way.” 

You are interested in keeping the chat with a guy, 

But, you’re not ready for the date right now. 

25. “Sorry to say, but that is not going to happen.”

This might hurt his confidence but at least you say it honestly. 

After a date when a guy tells you he wants to see you soon, you share what you want.  

26. “Surely. And, thanks for this wonderful date.” 

When the date goes right, you can thank a guy for the great night. 

It shows that you are definitely up for another date. 

And, you also enjoyed this time with him.

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says “See You Soon”?

After a date, when parting, a guy says “See you soon” It just means, this date was good for him. 

He had a good time meeting with you. 

And, so he wants to see you again for the next date. 

Same while chatting, when a guy texts you “See you soon”, this shows he is excited to talk to you and eager to hear from you again. Mostly nearly soon.  

He enjoys chatting with you. He wants to end this chat on a positive note.

What Does See You Soon Mean From A Guy

Most guys are upfront with whether they want to see you again or not. 

And the way he says it, proves that. 

Next, the decision is yours if you want to show up or want to see him (or not). 

To make it loud and clear, you can pick the perfect ways to respond to “see you soon” from the above-shared replies. 


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